What Are Teens Actually Doing Online? Know Using Parental Control App!

If you are like many other parents, you probably think you know what your teen is doing online. But do you really know? How can you tell if it’s time for parental control app to monitor Internet activity, block pornography, or filter Web content?

A recent McAfee study in the US found that 75 percent of parents trust and control their teen’s online behavior, although 66 percent of teens say their parents do not need to know what they do online. These adolescents spent an average of five hours online per day while their parents believed only two were passing.

On the other hand, 66% of adolescents interviewed stated that their parents do not need to know what they do when they are online; and 47% of teens do not tell their parents what they do on the Internet.

The discrepancy between parents’ perceptions about their teen’s online behavior and reality seems to be common. Parents around the world may be trying to monitor Internet activity and maintain control over their children when they are online, but these technically skilled youngsters can circumvent it.

The study also found that 71 percent of teens in the United States said they had taken steps to hide their online behavior, such as clearing browser history or hiding or deleting inappropriate videos. While 37% of adolescents interviewed said they know how to hide from their parents what they do on the Internet.

This is worrying because such behaviour can have dangerous consequences. For example, your child may be accessing illegal content, such as pirated music and movies, and even ending up with cops if caught. In addition, your teen may be watching pornography and other inappropriate content without your knowledge, and having potentially dangerous contacts with strangers.

Or they may be involved in cyberbullying, which, unfortunately, has become quite common. In fact, according to a recent global study, 42% of young people have already experienced cyberbullying.

Given these risks, it is important that parents monitor Internet activity and become more involved in the online life of their teenage children. Here are some tips to help keep kids safe online:

  • Talk to teenagers: Ask them how they use the Internet and what sites they go to. This is also a good opportunity to talk about potential risks and ways they can protect themselves by using privacy controls and avoiding risky websites.
  • Discuss appropriate online behaviours: An innocent joke for some may be bullying for others. Make sure your kids know the difference so they do not get caught up in some form of bullying. Have your teenagers know that if they experience some form of bullying or see someone suffering from cyberbullying, they should talk to their parents about it. Teach them to treat anything made available online as public information that will be available forever.
  • Install parental control app: This allows you to filter web content, block pornography, and set time limits on Internet use, as well as provide other forms of control. Parental control app, such as FamilyTime even allows you to monitor and block social networks apps and online games, as well as provide alerts and reports.
  • Follow technology: Stay ahead of teens by following the latest technologies to make it harder for them to circumvent parental control app. Although some parents feel intimidated by the rapid evolution of the online world, there are several blogs on family safety that can help you stay informed. A quick online search will help you discover a variety of information.

FamilyTime Parental Control App

Remember: Simple opening of communication channels helps you feel more comfortable about your teen’s online behaviour and lets you narrow the gap between what you know and what’s really going on. With that taking the assistance of FamilyTime parental control app helps parents ensure their kid’s safety in the online world.

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