What Is Alexa Ranking System and How Does It Works?

Alexa is a web information company owned by a very reputed company Amazon. Alexa has its own priority in website world after Google PR. Many websites are judged by only its Alexa ranking, if a website or blog has low ranking then it’s considered as good on the other hand, if any website or blog has a high Alexa rank then it’s considered as poor. So every website or blog holder tries to boost up their Alexa ranking to create a good impression and also to earn some decent money. Today here in post I am going to tell you What is Alexa ranking system and how does it works. Best free responsive blogger templates 2015

What is alexa ranking system and how it works

What Is Alexa And How Does It Works?

Alexa is a web information company which gives a rank to a particular website according to the popularity in compared with other website. Alexa collects data from millions of the user who has installed Alexa toolbar in their browser and also from various other sources about a particular websites and mix them and gives rank to that website. Many people thinks that alexa rank calculation based on the pageview of that website, but it is wrong alexa only calculates that visit which are passed from their system. That means it calculates those visitors who have installed Alexa toolbar in their browser and then create an estimated data of a website popularity and gives a rink according to those data. 6 Killer tips to drive traffic from Facebook

Some Basic Tips To Boost Up Alexa Rank-


Some Basic Tips That may help to improve Your Website Alexa Rank

I am not an expert on this field. You can find a lot of blogger or SEO expert in this field who can guide you about How To Boost Up Alexa Rank? But yes, if you follow the below given tips, then it may help you to improve your Alexa rank. How to find CommentLuv blog

  • Fresh Contains– This is what you may listen most of time from pro blogger. It is really true if you update quality contains regularly, then your visit will increase and also it has some chance to increase your Alexa. Also try to update your blog regularly.
  • Comment on others Blog and Create Backlinks.
  • Share Your Post On Various Social Networking Sites Like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc.
  • Check responsiveness of a blog template/Theme
  • Install Alexa Toolbar In Your Browser and also suggest your reader to install Alexa toolbar in their browser in order improving your rank and also their website ranked (If they Have).
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  • Install Alexa widget to your Blog. Click here to know how to Install Alexa widget to your blog.
  • Write guest post on others blog. Try to write guest post on others blog and ask for some back links to your blog.
  • Write a review about Alexa And link it to Alexa.com. Writing a review about Alexa and link it to Alexa homepage may help to improve your rank. I am also currently doing through this article.

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Final Word

Alexa is not only helps to know your ranking, but also helps you to earn some decent money. Because now lots of advertisers looking for a good Alexa rank website to advertise their product on these sites. If you want to improve Alexa rank then install the Alexa toolbar on your browser and also attract blogger to your sure because almost all bloggers are already installed Alexa toolbar which will help you to increase your Alexa rank.

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