Easily Transfer Files Between Android Phone and Computer Wirelessly with Web PC Suite App

Transferring files between our Android phone and computer or laptop is common. I usually use to connect my phone to PC at least two times a day. Mostly we use USB cable to connect our phone to PC. Sometime this creates some problem too, just imagine you need to transfer your important word document from your Android phone to the PC and suddenly you realize that you forgot to carry your USB cable. How would you feel? That would be the most irritating moment, right? USB cable also creates a mess on your desk and if you always use to connect your phone to the PC then it might look messy to have a cable connected to the PC 24/7.

There is a solution to this problem. Yes a wireless file transfer technology can help you to connect your phone to the PC and you don’t have to use any single cable. Isn’t cool? Google Play Store is full with hundreds of wireless file transfer apps. But only some of them work smoothly. The Web PC Suite is one of those wireless file transfer apps which is filled with some interesting features and you can enjoy this app for free.

Web PC Suite App Review

What’s Good in Web PC Suite?

Web PC Suite is a free app to transfer files between Android device and computer wirelessly. You can transfer files from the Android device to your computer and from computer to Android device with some click. You can even view your Android files, photos, videos and music wirelessly without touching a single cable. It has all the important as well as advance features to connect your phone and computer easily.

Some of its best features are discussed below.

Easy Connect

Whether you are with your phone or you are far from your phone you can easily transfer files. It offers different connection mode for different purposes.

If you are with your phone and you have a same Wi-Fi connection to both of your phone and computer, then you can simply connect your phone and PC by visiting an IP address given by the Web PC Suite. If you don’t have a common Wi-Fi, then also you can connect by creating a personal hotspot or by using your phone mobile data.

Connect to Web PC Suite Server

If your phone is not with you then also you can connect and transfer files from your Android. In this situation you need to login to the app from both Android phone and computer. The login process is simply simple. You can also use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account for easy and instant login.

Easy File Share with Easy Navigation

The web navigation is very simple. Its home page has all the important options like file and folder upload, Device name, Android version, memory space details and how many files you have in different categories.

Web PC Suite App Review

File sharing is also easy, you can find the upload link on the home page from where you can share files with your Android device. There is a file section in the sidebar to browse and download file from Android to Computer.

View Photos and Documents

If you look at the right side bar on your web browser, you can see bunch options there. You can view all the photos of your phone from the gallery option. All the photos will be organized in folder wise so that you can find your photo and view easily.

View Gallery

For documents, go to the document section. There all of your documents will be listed. You can view and manage your documents from there.

Stream Audio and Video

It is not only capable to find images and documents. You can even stream your audios and videos from your PC. This is an awesome feature; you don’t have to copy your video to your PC anymore to watch.

Manage your Contact, Messages and Calls

This feature is developed for me only 😛 Just kidding. This feature is available for everyone. This is a great feature. You can now manage your contacts, messages and calls directly from your computer without touching your phone.

There is an option in the sidebar named “Contacts”. When you click on that you can find 3 more options. One is Contacts, Messages and Recent Calls.

From Contact menu, you can actually view and manage your contacts directly on your computer screen. You can add Contacts, view all existing contacts, edit contacts, you send message to any contact and even you can make calls to any of your contacts from the screen.

View Contact on Web PC Suite

Now next is the message. In the message menu, you can find all the messages on your phone in an organized manner. Some of the message features are view message, reply to any message, delete message and even create and send a new message. You can even get notified when a new message arrives right on the computer screen.

View and Manage messages

Next is Recent Call. Here you can find all the call logs Incoming call, Outgoing call and missed call details. From here you can delete any number from the contact history, you can send messages and even you can make a call from here too. You will get notification of all incoming calls right on your computer screen. However, you can’t accept any call from here. I strongly feel that this feature should also be there.

manage, view and delete call logs

This is not all, there are some other features like an Apps section from where you can see all the installed apps on your phone. You can even create a backup of your apps from your computer screen. Its widget area lets you open any web address on your phone directly from the computer screen.

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Final Thought

The Web PC suite is an awesome app to transfer files between computer and Android easily. It’s not just a simple wireless PC suite, it is more. It has some outstanding features and the best part is it is free and you have to pay no extra cost for this app. This is a recommended app for those who always use to connect the phone to the PC for various reasons.


  1. Good screen shots to make us easily understand the step-by-step procedure to sync between Android phone and the PC. Thanks for posting this useful article.

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