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The Internet is huge, and there is no doubt how useful the internet is for this generation. The Internet is the home of billions of useful information, documents, data, movies, music, games, software and lots of other stuff. A vast majority of internet users use to download large files like movies and games from the web, and most of them use torrent websites to download them. Torrent is best known for downloading large files like full HD movies, games, audio, videos, TV series and a lot more other stuff. Torrent is a P2P based file sharing network and needs torrent clients or torrent downloader software to download files from the sites.

In past years, the use of torrent sites increased dramatically and so as torrenting sites. The number of torrent download sites is increased, and now there are some thousands of top torrent sites available for downloading. The popularity of torrent websites can be imagined by the fact that more than 3.36% of world’s total internet bandwidth use to download torrent files only.

There is no doubt that the number of torrent download sites has been increased in past few years but this also true that most of the well known and safe best torrent sites are banned by the government due to piracy. Most of the free torrent sites are now involved in installing unwanted malware and other infected files on your system to harm your privacy. This is now becoming a major concern for everyone to choose the best torrent site to be on a safer side. Not all sites are harmful; there are also some other top torrent websites which are trusted and safe. Here I am sharing a list of 15+ best free torrent sites for the free movie, games, videos, software, eBook and lot other stuff downloading.


Before proceeding to the ultimate list of best torrenting sites, let me first explain what does torrent mean and some of its terms which you may need to know.

What is Torrent?

Torrent is nothing but files with .torrent extensions. This file is only supported via torrent downloader or torrent clients only. This torrent file contains all the information related to the downloading files. The download speed for your torrent files depends on seeders, leechers, and peers.

  • What are seeders?– Seeders are those people who uploaded the file to the server.
  • Leechers– Leechers are we who downloads the file from the server.
  • Peers– Peers refers to the downloading a file and sharing.

As I said, we need to have a torrent client or torrent downloader on our PC or smartphone to download files from the torrent. There are many best free torrent downloaders available, but BitTorrent and uTorrent are the most popular among all the torrent users.

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Now you know most of the things about the torrent. Now, this is the time for our list of best top torrenting sites 2017 to download free movies, Games, TV Shows, Videos, and Software.


Top 15 Best Torrent Sites 2019 – Free Safe Torrent Download Websites

I have tested almost all the torrent portals online before writing this guide. All the sites that I am going to list here are based on my personal experience. These free torrent sites are rich in terms of database and at the same time, they are safe too. So, here is my list of 15+ top torrenting sites for 2019.

1. KikAss Torrent (

KickAss Torrent is one of the old yet most trusted torrent download websites. It started back in 2008 and got massive popular among the internet users in some months. Initially, it was known as but later they were forced to change their name to due to the various piracy problem.

It has a huge database of movies, games, and computer software. KikAss Torrent is available in more than 30 international languages and gets millions of visits a day. KikAss Torrent is still blocked in some countries, but you can access them by using any reputed VPN or proxy server. Recently I have shared an article with a list of 50+ proxy server which you can use to open this website in blocked countries. There is no doubt that is the best torrent service, thanks to its large movie collection which makes this one of the best torrenting sites for movies.

2. The Pirate Bay (

The Pirate Bay is another among the top torrent sites 2019. The Pirate Bay is also known as the oldest torrent sites, started back in 2003 to share files between colleagues. Soon it got attentions from millions of internet users who started sharing movies, games and other useful stuff with the world.


The pirate bay has changed its name several times due to the piracy issue. It has a great collection of movies, games, and other software. The Pirate Bay is known as pirate king as you can find almost all the films, TV shows, Games, documents and other software for free. I would recommend this free torrent site to everyone who is looking to download free games or movies.


Torrentz is not a torrent directory where you can download anything. This is just a torrent search engine which crawl and index torrent files from all the popular torrent sites. It shows result according to your search result. It has two domain one is and another one is It doesn’t host any torrent files; instead, it redirects all the users to the respective sites. It works somewhat like Google.

It crawls more than 25 free torrenting websites and returns result based on your search query. This one is perfect if you are not able to find whatever you are searching for. Torrentz is the best torrent search engine that you should use to find torrent files without wasting much time.

4. Extra Torrent (

Extra Torrent is yet one more free torrent sites which feature latest movies, games, music and lot other stuff that one can download for free. It has tons of torrent files in its directory which are organized in various categories. It has a simple template with latest torrent files on the homepage.

Its health meter is one of the best features that you hardly see on other torrent websites. Health meter shows how healthy a torrent is before downloading. This helps you to determine if it is safe or not. Extra Torrent also has its own community where you can interact with other. Extra Torrent also changes its domain extension from to due to various banning issue. The is even blocked in some countries. But don’t worry, you can use any VPN to hide your identity.

5. YIFY (

YIFY torrent is considered as one of the most trusted and safe torrent sites on the internet. Started back in 2012 with the motto to help internet users. Soon it started gaining popularity among the movie freaks. This is probably the only torrent download website that is focused on movies only.

This best torrenting sites for movies offers a wide range of movies from all popular genres. It has an attractive web design with all the latest movies on the homepage. Here you can download movies from various resolution like 1080P, 720P, 480P and 3D movies as well. The quality of user safety and the quality of movies makes this torrenting sites get at the #5 spot on our list.

6. (

Next to this collection of BitTorrent download sites, I have YTS. A torrent website which was developed back in 2011. One of the best torrenting sites which provide free Hollywood movies in various qualities like 720P, 1080P, and 3D in a very smaller size. YTS also is known to provide virus-free torrent download to protect you from unknown malware. Some other popular feature of this website is Chat area, RSS Feed, data backup service and bookmark for logged in users.

7. EZTV (

EZTV is probably the only one torrent service which is focused on TV shows only. Yes, with EZTV you can download almost all of your favorite TV shows for free in high quality. EZTV was first introduced in 2005 as a TV show distribution torrent. They provide more than one links for each Tv shows to ensure you the get the best experience. I glad to call this torrent network as the best torrent sites for TV shows.

8. Sumo Torrent (

Sumo Torrent is another best torrent search engine where you can find almost all the torrent files at one place. Sumo Torrent use to index nearly all the top torrent sites which are listed in this article and returns result as per your search query. This is a one-stop destination to find any torrent files, movies, games, music or software without looking at other torrent download sites.

9. IsoHunt (

IsoHunt is another one of the best torrent sites where you can download most of your desired files for free. No hassle for login or registration. This torrent was launched in 2013, and soon the admin closed this website for various copyright issue. Then after a couple of months, the site was live and ready to serve all the internet users. User Experience is one of the key factors which gave this site so much popularity among the web users. It has some cool features, and this makes this site a way to my list of best torrent download sites.

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10. BitSnoop (

BitSnoop has one of the biggest databases of torrent files(in millions), and this has to be on my list of best torrenting sites 2019. BitSnoop is very strict about the security. Every torrent site goes through automated verification other than that they have a team who removes Trojan from the torrent files and removes those who upload trojan files. You can download anything here from movies to TV shows, music, videos, games from various devices, software, apps, eBook and lot more.

11. RARBG (

Rarbg is a popular torrent site in European countries. Unlike other torrenting sites, this site is can be found unblocked in European countries. This is the reason that site got so much popularity in a few years. With RARBG you can download torrent files for Movies, Games, Software, music, TV shows and eBook for free. The unblocked nature of this torrent service triggers me to add in #11 on this list of free torrent downloading sites 2019.

12. Torrent Downloads (

TorrentDownloads is undoubtedly one of the best torrent sites in 2019. TorrentDownload was introduced in 2011, and it started gaining attention right after its launch. offers torrent from various categories including TV shows, Movies, Music, Games, Software, Anime, and Books. It also shows some additional information like size, Seeders, leechers, and health along with each torrent files.

13. 1337X (

1337X is used to be a community where people share various information, and later it turned into popular torrenting sites. The community nature of this torrent site makes it one of the top torrent sites. You will not found any wrong or affected torrent here because users itself share all the torrent files. You can see various categories of torrent files on homepage including Movie, TV, Anime, Application, Documentary, Games, Music and others. 1337X is also featuring chat are for members to chat. A combination of all these above features makes it must for me to add here in the list of free torrent download sites for movies and games.

14. Lime Torrents (

Lime Torrents is another one of the best torrent search engines where millions of torrent files being download and uploaded. This is one of the old torrent directory founded in 2003. But it got its popularity in last 2-3 years. One of the very first reasons for its popularity is its concern about user security. Their moderator verifies all the torrent files before appearing on the site. You can find, Games, Movies, Music, Anime, Applications from this free torrent download sites for free.

15. Torrent Hound (

I am listing this best torrenting site in #15 doesn’t mean that it is bad or not popular. In fact, this is one of the largest torrent websites with a massive database. At the time of writing this line, it has more than 8.5 millions of file in its database and more than 200 millions of files have been downloaded from here. Torrent Hound has faced lots of banning in many countries including the USA. But still, people managed to access this free torrent site by using VPNs or other proxy servers.

Note– This article is for educational purpose only. Here at Tech Tricks Club, we don’t and won’t support piracy at all. It is advised to pay for every movie, music, software, games or video you like.


Torrent sites always help you to download large files for free. Be it the movie, music or software. Everything can be downloaded from top torrent sites. The best torrenting sites that I have shared are tested by myself, and they are found to be the best in their category. These free torrent download sites in 2019 are also wide regarding their database and they also offer high-speed torrents. Most of the sites don’t need login or registration to download anything from those top torrent sites.

Most of the above free torrent sites are found blocked in various countries due to piracy issue. But you can choose any VPN service to bypass those blocks and access to the torrent site 2019 easily. It is also advised to use VPN to download any torrent files from torrent download websites or from the best torrent search engine; it will help you to hide yourself from your ISP and government agencies.

So, this was my article about best torrent sites 2019 where I have shared my own choice of free torrenting sites where you can download movies, games, music, videos, software, apps, e-book, documents and lot other stuff. I hope you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment in the comment section and share this article with your friends and social circle to let me know about these sites.


  1. Hello Rabin,

    It is quite a good list of torrent sites. Currently I am Using Extra Torrent to download movies and games. I am quite satisfied with it. Hopefully others you share in post are working as good as Extra Torrent.

    Ovais Mirza

  2. Dheeraj Yadav says

    Hi Rabin

    I use kikass torrents actually its best in the list you provided. You can find any game on kikass its best for gamers.

  3. your list is really amazing and helpful to me. As per your suggestion i selected KickAssTorrents . But i want advertisement free torrent. can you suggest which is the best one??

    • To be honest, it is almost impossible to find ad free torrent sites. After all, they are making money from these ads only.
      For less ads you can go with Extratorrent.
      Thank You

  4. thanks so much ….i’m downloading different studying materials its most isefull for studying purposes thanx so much..!

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