Top 20+ Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2017 – Free Movie Websites for Streaming Free Movies Online

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Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

Watching movie is one of the best things you can do to entertain yourself. There was a time when we all had to go to the theater to watch high-quality movies, but now everything is changed. Now the internet has changed everything, you can now either download movies, or you can do online movie streaming. Movie streaming is getting popular nowadays, and the main reason behind the craziness of best online movie sites is its flexibility to watch movies anywhere. With online movies, you can watch your favorite movies on any device like your Computer, Laptop, Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and smartphone. This is a far better way than downloading movies. Here you don’t need to download anything to your device before watching which eliminates the time we waste on downloading.

When we say online movie streaming, we always think of sites like Netflix where we need to pay for the movie before watching. This article is not for you if you have no problem with paid movies. But if you are looking for free movie sites where you can do free movie streaming then you landed at the right place. The Internet is unlimited, and you can find pretty much everything here, and free movie streaming sites are no exception.

With the streaming free movies websites, you can watch free movies online without downloading at any place. We are now connected to the internet almost every place via our smartphone or other devices. With online movie sites, you can take advantages of the web to stream or watch movies at any place from any device like your smartphone or Laptop.


There are a numbers advantages of watching free movies online from top streaming sites. Here I am mentioning some of the best advantages of free movies online without downloading.

Pros of Watching Free Movies Online from Best Free Movie Websites

Watching free movies has some cool advantages and here I am mentioning some of them which make sense.

Flexibility: Online movie sites gives you the flexibility to watch-free movies online at any place and on any device. It doesn’t matter if you have a smartphone or computer. You can still use those sites for movie streaming. Most of the sites even have the smartphone app which makes it easier for you to watch movies.

Time Saving: Unlike the movie downloads websites, movie streaming sites are the time saver. Here you don’t have to download anything or have to wait for anything. Just visit any of the given free movie sites, and you are good to go. Most of the below-mentioned sites also don’t require you log in or sign up there. It is really a time saver method.

Save Money: These are free streaming websites that mean you can watch-movies online for free. You don’t have to pay anything neither you have to subscribe to anything. These are free and always will be.

Top 20 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2017 to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

As I said earlier, there are tons of free movie websites available, but most of them are not actually free. Some of those sites only claim to be free but actually asks you for the money before serving the movie. Some of the online movie streaming sites also not safe. They used to install some malware to your device to steal your private information. This is almost impossible to find a good working free and best movie streaming sites which are not only free but also safe. Don’t worry; we have completed a list of more than 20 free movies websites. These are completely free movie streaming service where you can watch movies for free online.


These free movies websites are straight forward and easy to use. All you have to do is pick any of the below-mentioned movie sites then choose one movie of your choice from that movie website and then start watching. Most of the movie sites don’t require login or sign up. So no more time waste on things that you don’t need.

Editor’s Choice for Free Movie Streaming

CrackleStreaming Free Movies and TV Shows

I personally prefer Crackle over other movie websites. This is one of the most trusted free streaming sites which is upon known for its quality movies and TV shows. Crackle is owned by Sony. We all know Sony as a brand of trust, and that’s what you can expect from Crackle. It is even one of the best free alternatives to the Netflix and Hulu. Here at Crackle you can find movies from all the different categories and watch them for free.

Crackle- Best quality Free Movies and TV Shows

Movies are not the only thing that you find here; it is also famous for its full-length TV shows. It has a good number of TV series available for your entertainment. Most of the TV shows available here are Crackle-Original that means those shows are only available on Crackle, and you will not find them anywhere else. This free movie website also comes with an option to login and register which is not mandatory. But by logging in you get some extra benefits like personalize recommendation and much more. I would suggest you to create an account to enjoy all the features and watch free movies online without downloading.

Crackle also support almost every device. It doesn’t matter whether you are on your smartphone or your smart TV you can watch your movie anytime. Crackle also has app for Android and iOS devices.

Top 20 Best Streaming Sites 2017 for Watching Free Movies Online

I think it’s enough of introduction 😛  Time to move on to our list of best movie sites 2017.

1. Watch Unlimited Free Hollywood Movies

Viewster is a popular streaming network headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. This is one of the best movie streaming sites with all high-quality movies and TV series. ViewSter was founded in 2007 and from that day it is providing free movies online to a wide range of audience. It has a handful of films, Original TV Shows, and Anime for free.

It is not like those bootleg movie sites; it is genuine, and all the movies are licensed. That means you are not breaking any rule by streaming free movies from Viewster. According to Wikipedia, it has more than 12, 000 movies across all the popular genres. Some of the most popular categories are Sci-Fi, Action, Horror, Comedy, and much more. Movies are not just the only thing you can find on this network. It also has a good number of Anime, Documentary films and TV series which anyone can access for free.

No login or sign up required to access this movie site. Though it has an option to signup which allows users to get some extra features, that is not mandatory. Viewster is supported by in-movie ads. That means you have to bear some friendly ads while watching a movie or TV show on Viewster.

Click here for Free Movie Downloads Sites

2. Watch Thousands of Movies and Shows

SnagFilm is one of my personal favorite movie streaming sites which features thousands of latest and old movies. According to SnagFilms, it holds more than 10, 000 of movies from all different genres, and generation. The best thing that I like about SnagFilms is its wide collection of genres that it supports. Comedy, Drama, Family, Kids, Documentary, Horror, Action, Sci-Fi are the name of few genres among all 34 genres.


Apart of genres, you can also filter your search by newly added, most reviewed and most popular filters. While browsing through this free movie website, I noticed that SnagFilms also holds a wide collection free TV shows which can be accessed by anyone for free.

This free streaming site also has free apps for almost all smartphones. With the help of this app, you can access the huge library of movies and TV shows for free from your portable devices. It doesn’t matter whether you own an Android, iOS or even Windows Phone (are you serious?) there is an app for every smartphone. SnagFilms is free but however to access the free content you have to sign into the site via your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter social profile. There is no doubt that the SnagFilms is of the best free movie sites to watch free movies online without downloading or paying anything.

3. YouTube Movies- The Best and Safe Movie Streaming Sites

YouTube is there for last 2-3 years, and it is mostly popular as video streaming sites where people watch and share videos. But if you use this platform wisely then you could also treat this as one of the best free streaming sites for free online movies. YouTube has a really huge collection of full-length movies that you can watch for free without downloading and/or login.

YouTube Movies- The Best and Safe Free Streaming Website

We all know that YouTube is a user-generated video site, and there are some channels like YouTube Movies which uploads almost all the latest original movies to watch for free. This is one of the ideal websites for you where you can watch free movies online without downloading or signing up. A simple search for “Full Length Movie” on YouTube would expose a wide range of full-length movies that you can watch online for free.

4. Popcornflix- Stream Free Movies

Popcornflix is one of the popular free movie sites for online movie streaming where you can watch free movies, and TV shows online free. They have a kind of interesting design where all the latest and popular movies featured on its home page. Popcornflix is known for its frequent update where you will get almost all the most recent movies for free streaming as soon as the movie hits to your nearest theater.

Popcornflix- Find Latest Movie Here

PopcornFlix was launched in 2011 with the motto to serve free online content like movies and Tv shows to the users from worldwide. Popcornflix is succeeded in its motto and now known as one of the best TV and movie websites. As I said earlier, Popcornflix updates its database very often and add movies from various categories including Action, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Romance, etc. PopcornFlix doesn’t make it bound for users to log in or sign up. That means you can watch free movies online without signing up and without downloading.

5. Watch Free Movies and Videos Online Free

Veoh is one of the best video watching platforms where you can watch millions of free videos and thousands of free movies online without paying any single penny. While other free movie websites let you watch both latest and old movies Veoh is only best to find old classic movies in different languages.


Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller are the name of the few movie genres that available at Veoh. Movies or videos can also be sorted by recent uploads, popularity, length and title for a better search result.

Movies and videos are not the only thing that available on Veoh. I also had a good time watching full-length TV shows for free. This popular streaming network doubles as both movie streaming website and video streaming site. While Veoh has a good number of movies to watch online but the quality of the movies are average. Most of the movies are in standard quality, and if you are lucky, enough you would get HD movies to watch.

 6. Free Online TV and Movie Guide

We have talked a lot about free movie streaming sites. Now let’s talk about free TV guide. It might sound irrelevant to this article, but this is very helpful. This free site is going to guide you to find the best free movies for you by showing review, story, and trailer. Here you can see all the available movies with expert review, user ratings and in most cases, you will see a streaming link for the movie.


Yidio is free, and the information it provides is awesome. It gets more than 15 million views from 180 different countries. This site is going to help you lot to select whether you should watch a movie from best free movie websites or not. Yidio also has the smartphone app for Android and iOS.

7. Online Free Movies Watching Site

Tubi TV is a free movie streaming website which has tens of thousands of movies and TV shows in their database. Most of the movies and TV shows that available at Tubi TV is free, but however, there are some movies which are paid. The number of free films is way more than the paid movies. Tubi TV is mostly popular for its update video/movie library. They update their database almost every week with new movies and TV series.


There are dozens of categories to choose from. You can find almost all the popular genres here including Action, Comedy, Adventure, Kids, horror, documentaries and lot more. You can also sort movies by different other means like Featured Movies, New Arrival, Movie Night and Trending. Watching a movie is easy here. You just have to pick a film and start watching.

All Movies are in high quality that will suit for watching on any device. Tubi TV is an ad-supported network. That means you have to watch ads for few minute before watching any content there. This is definitely the best website to watch online free movies without login and sign up.

8. Free Movie Search Engine for Free Movies in 2017

Alluc is known as one of the oldest free movie streaming websites where anyone can find movie streaming link according to their search input. But in real it is not like any other free movie websites listed here. It is more of like a movie search engine where it crawls and index movies of high quality from almost all popular free movie sites and provides movie links for the users.

Alluc- Free Movie Search Engine for Free Movies

Alluc makes finding top streaming sites easy. All you have to do is enter a keyword related to a movie or even any videos, and it will search for and provide free streaming links related to your search query. Alluc index more than 400 streaming websites which assure you to get the best streaming link for your movie.

9. Watch Free Old Classic Movies for Free

Classic Cinema is another great place to stream free movies. This free movie site lets you enjoy movies from all top rated genres. As its name says it is a library of old classic movies. If you are fan old movies, then I am sure you will love this website. It also houses some handful collection of silent movies if you are interested in.


Classic Cinema is just not a place for old classic movies; it also has a good number of new movies. All the movies that found on this free film website are stored in different genres for easy access. Some of the popular genres at Classic Movies are Animated, Comedy, Drama, Family, and Musical. I was also able to watch some serials there for free. No registration or download required just find a movie and start watching. You might face some ads there while watching your movie which is common with these free movie streaming sites.

Classic Movies is one of the best free movie portals to watch old classic movies.

10. Watch Free Documentary Movies

The popularity of documentary movies has increased a lot. Documentary movie is different from the movies that we generally watch in the theater. Documentary movies are based on some real people and incidents where it shows all the behind facts of any kind of big incidents like the 9/11 terror attack or something similar to this.

Top Documentary Films- Watch Top Documentary Movies

If you are looking for any documentary movies to get the brief behind the incident for any big incidents, then you should look into TopDocumentaryFilms is known as one of the best streaming places to get almost all kinds of documentary movies online for free.

Some More Best Free Movie Streaming Sites For Watching Latest Movies

We have discussed 10 of the best online free movie websites, but the internet is not limited to just 10 safe movie sites. There are some other online movie sites available where you can watch movies online free.

11. Movie Flixter- Free Movie and Tv Streaming

Movie Flixter might not be the best movie streaming site, but it does it works pretty well. At Movie Flixter, you can watch all the latest free movies and TV series as well as you will get all the useful information regarding any movies like movie duration, release date, director, storyline, movie ratings, reviews, all the cats, etc. There also you can see some free streaming links where you can watch free movies online without downloading. to watch free movies online

Movie Flixter doesn’t host any video by their own. Instead, it provides links to some genuine free streaming sites from where you can watch the movie for free. Movie Flixter crawls and saves movies in the best possible qualities like AVI, MPEG, etc. from genuine free movie sites like Movshare, Vodlocker, and many others.

You can also browse movies from the popular genres like Action, Animation, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi and many others. Even you can pick one from its homepage which features all the popular movies. The site Movie Flixter is completely free; however, you need to sign in for their free membership to gain access to all the movie for free.

12. Free Streaming with Free Download

There are hundreds of free movie streaming sites available for free online movies, but My Download Tube is quite different from these sites. It’s got everything for your online entertainment. It has everything, whether you want to free movies, downloading movies or playing online games. It is a complete package of entertainment.

My Download Tube- Download Full HD Movies Free

MyDownloadTube might sound like a movie downloading sites, but it is not just another free movie download site. It has both online streaming and downloading options. You can choose either or both depending on your preferences. MyDownloadTube has a good number of HD movies in their database. They are also adding movies on their daily basis.

13. Best Streaming Site with less ad

Wolowtube is one of the best websites to watch movies online-free. They have a huge collection of more than 35k movies, and most of them are in HD quality. You can find all the movies from all popular categories, language and countries.

WolowTube- Best Streaming Site with less ads

Its homepage contains all the popular movies for quick access. Wolowtube has almost all kinds of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood Europe, and many mothers. Wolowtube is also one of those few free streaming sites which contain almost zero pop-up ads.

14. Free New Release Movies

Watch New Movies Online is the next free online movie website to this list where we are sharing some useful online movie streaming sites. As it name suggests, this is a streaming site where you can find most of the latest movies and watch them for free. The Watch New Movie website features almost all the most recent movies in their database to stream online. Watch New Movies doesn’t host any movie by their own. Instead, they provide links to the some most reliable sources where you can watch full-length movies for free online.


They provide 10+ links for any particular movie so that you get the best link for your film. Apart from movie links, they also provide some other info about any movies like movie name, runtime, casts, rating and a short description. Here at Watch New Movies, you can find movies from all the popular categories like Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama and Fantasy. It doesn’t require login or sign up, just find your movie and start watching.

15. Watch Free Movies, TV Shows, and Movie Teaser

Next is Watch Movie Stream. It is a very good movie streaming site where you can watch and stream full movies and TV shows for free. This free movie site is not just limited to movies; it has some other free content like video clips, TV shows, web series, movie teaser, etc. The design of this free site is very attractive, and all the movies, videos and other contents are categorized for easy finding.

Watch Movie Stream- Watch Free Movies, TV Shows and Movie Teaser

Finding a movie on this free site is easy as all the movies are classified according to their genres, popularity, and year of release. Watch Movie Stream has a big collection of more than 17K movies for free streaming.

16. – Free Movies Online Streaming

Movies-Online is yet another popular free movies website which provides free movies online. Movies-Online is a one-stop destination to find your favorite movies to watch free without downloading. Movies are in categories like Top movies, latest movies, all movies, staff pick, A-Z movies and the year of release.

You can either browse movies by its popular genres like Action, Comedy, Biography, Horror, Mystery, etc. or browse cinemas according to the year of its release. All the free streaming are in high quality and available in different video format.

17. OZO Movies- Watch Free Movies Online in HD

The best movie site- OZOMovies .com is a quite popular movie streaming site where you will find a huge number of free HD movies to watch for free. No, sign up or download requires, just find a movie of your choice, click on the live streaming link and it will play the film for you.

OZO Movies- Watch free HD Movies Online

You will find all the latest movies on the homepage itself, which makes it easier to find any latest movie. This free streaming site also features an option to view popular movies according to the year of release in its menu bar. Moreover, you can search for any film using its search function.

18. Popular Among Movie Streaming Sites

Free Streaming Movies is another popular online streaming site that gives you the freedom to watch movies for free. For finding a movie of your choice you may browse through its categories or you may use the search bar for finding your movie.

They have a decent collection of HD movies. On the menu, you will find all movies in categories like top movies, latest movies, A-Z Movies, Random movies and movies based on the year of release.

19. Multi-Talented Site for Streaming Free Movies

Prime Ware is may not one of the popular free movie streaming sites. But it does it works pretty well. Primewire is a multi-talented site where you will find all the entertainment stuff in one place. Be it movies, TV series or music everything can be found on this site.

You will get all the information right on their homepage. PrimiWire requires free registration to access their online library. After that, you are ready to rock.

20. Watching Free Cinemas Online

VKFLIx is a popular site among people for free movie websites where you can stream and watch free movies in high quality. It has a good number of free films and television series which one can access without downloading. Sign up is not mandatory there. It has movies from all the popular categories like Action, Comedy, Drama, Adventure and much more.

All the latest free movies are listed on the homepage for easy access. Talking about the access, the VKFLIx has a very simple design. The web layout is so simple that anyone can access the site without any problem.

21. Movie Plus- Site for Streaming Free Full Cinema

Next is Movie Plus, this is one of the top streaming sites for watching movies on the internet. A simple website which features loads of movies on their database. It has films and shows from all the popular categories including Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Romance and lots other. The Movie Plus doesn’t host any video on their server. Instead, they provide some bunch of working direct streaming links for the movie that you want to stream.


This website is completely free and doesn’t ask for any login or signup. All the films are stored in various categories for easy access. Also, it provides some additional info about any movie with user review. This portal is not just limited to movies/Cinemas, but it also has a good number of TV/Web Series.

 22. Online Movies at Your Fingertips

Movies Tube Online is another best site to watch free movies and TV shows online. This site is known as one of the best film sites for streaming free movies in high quality. If you love new films, then this is the perfect place for you. Here you can find most of the new movies for free, and that’s too in HD. It provides some basic details like Genres, Release date, Director name, Lead Actors, Duration, and description. It also shows movie ratings which may help you to choose a cinema.


Movies Tube Plus has a simple web layout with some minimal option on the homepage. It has four main options; “Cinema Movies,” “A-Z Movies,” “New Movies” and “TV Shows.” It also has some popular movie categories on its website for better navigation. These menus help you to find your favorite movie in some minutes. There is no need for login/signup here, in fact, it doesn’t have any login option.

Movies Tube Online doesn’t host any movie or TV show on their server. Instead, they give you the direct link for the particular movies to some external sources like youTube, Dailymotion and some other. They make sure to find the best and free source for you on the internet and provides the direct link for you. There is no doubt that Movies Tube Online has free latest movies that you can watch online for free.

Disclaimer– I have been reported that some of the above movie streaming sites are started asking for Credit Card/Debit Card details. As it is impossible for me to contact every movie sites to make it sure, so I request you to all if you encounter any such site then mention in the comment section. I will get removed them. Also, I suggest you not to provide your financial details to any such websites.


So, I have covered a big list of almost 20+ free movie streaming sites that you may use to watch online movies for free.

Movies are always counted as the best source of entertainment when you have limited time. The time has gone when everyone used to rush to the nearest theater to catch a new movie; now everything has changed. With the above top 10 free online movie streaming sites, you can always catch the latest movies without leaving your home.

Time to wrap this article: I hope you have enjoyed this list of 20 free movie websites. Please use these free movie streaming sites and let us know how was your experience. If you enjoyed this article, then I would like to request you to share this with your friends by using the share buttons below. Also, let us know if you know any other good movie sites which you would like to see here.  Have a Great Day 😀


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  14. Hi guys for registration some sites are asking for card details.Is it safe to give the card detilas?does they charge if we give the details?

    • Never ever share your card details to any website. If they asking for your card details then simply avoid those sites.

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        I went to a couple of sites recommended in the article and after I clicked to watch a movie, it took me to jabirufun.Com and wanted cc info or I couldn’t watch.

        • The problem with these free sites is their frequent policy changes. I tested all the websites, and all of them were working perfectly at the time of writing this article. This is almost impossible for us to check every website regularly. If you find any website not working as mentioned, then you can comment here, and I will get removed them.

          Just one suggestion, never share your financial details with any website. If you do so then, it will be only you who will be responsible for this. We have 20+ websites listed here and in case one didn’t work then you can try another one.

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      Most of the time users don’t face any problems. But if you want to be 100% sure then it is better to confirm with your country’s law before using these sites.

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