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Anime is one of the very few things where age doesn’t matter. You might be an adult and can still love Anime. If you happen to be a Anime fan and looking for some best free anime download sites, then you must read this article. Anime is not like any other cartoon series that people watch on TV in many parts of the world. It is something different and the only who loves Anime know the real value of Anime series. Anime is a Japanese animation movie and TV series aimed at both Adults and kids. There are only a few things that discriminate Japnese Anime from animations from other parts of the words and those are its vibrant colors, beautiful themes, and the way they teach serious and meaningful things to the audience. Anime has able to capture a good amount of audiences from every part of the world. I might not be a huge fan of Anime, but I do like to watch Anime whenever I get time.

Watching Anime is hard, especially when you live in countries like India where there are very few sources where you can watch Anime. Once one of my friends who used to be a huge Anime fan asked me if I know any best website to download anime free. Then I realized that there are very few websites where one could download and watch any kind of Anime movie or series. I tried to use Google to find anime websites but after one hour of constant search I hardly I found a website with good content. That’s when I decided to write this article where I will basically list and share 10 best Anime download websites where anyone can download free anime online.

Top 10 Best Free Anime Downloads Sites 2019 to Download and Watch Anime for Free

As I said earlier, it is hard to find a good source on the internet to download free anime series. You might see some trailer of your favorite Anime on YouTube, Vimeo or social media but not the full episodes or anime movies. But now after reading this article, I am sure that you will find some good anime websites to download your favorite anime. The sites I am going to mention here are free and optimized for both computer and smartphones. You can access these from your computer, Android smartphones, iPhones, Macbook, iPad, Windows phone and even from a feature phone (if you have one 😛 ). So, without further ado, let us jump into this wonderful list of 10 excellent Anime download websites.

9Anime – The Best Anime Download Sites

I could not find anything better than to start this list. is one of the most popular websites among all the Anime fans where one can find, watch and download tons of Anime series for free. It has a huge database of Japnese animation series available for everyone. You don’t need to know Japnese in order to use this free anime downloads site as also provides dubbed Anime series. All the Anime are in high quality with at least 720p and 1080p resolution.

watch anime online website-9anime

I was surprised to see how organized this website is. Its menu area is a real gem. There are various options available like Genres, Newest, Recent Updated, Ongoing, Types, Most Watched, Upcoming, and Request. In the Genres menu, you can select from various genres according to your choice, and in the types menu, you can choose whether you like Anime movies or Anime series. The request option gives you the power to ask the team to upload an anime series that you want to see. is not just for downloading Anime shows but also a great place to watch Anime online for free. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that you have to first play that anime to see that download button. Other than that this is one of the best sites to download anime free without registration.


My next pick is the KissAnime. This is one of the best anime sites that I suggest everyone check once out. This free anime downloading site has a good list of latest Anime series, and they are constantly increasing their database. The website layout is simple and easy to navigate. This website features Anime download in various quality like you see on YouTube or Dailymotion. All the animation can be downloaded in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. KissAnime is well optimized for both computer and mobile devices. So if you have a computer like Windows PC or Mac you can access the site and if you have mobile devices like Android, Windows, iPhone or iPad you can still access the site.


Talking about the mobile device, it worth mentioning that this anime download site is running on Javascript and doesn’t work on mini browsers like Opera Mini and UC Mini. KissAnime is free, but you need to be a registered users to access the download button.

AnimeHaven is the next on this list for best Anime download sites. Here you can find high-quality Anime series and movies to download on both your computer and smartphones. It has an extensive database of Anime, Cartoons, and Anime songs and growing every day. It has been just 2 years since the site went live, but it is still able to capture a huge fan following, and I give all the credits to the team behind this site. They are doing some serious hard work to bring all the high-quality latest Anime on a regular basis.

You can download all the Anime available at AnimeHaven for free in high quality. If you prefer to watch Anime online instead of downloading, then you can do that too here. The quality and the quantity of Anime that you get here really justifies the name AnimeHaven.


Animetosho is another best place to download Anime online. It has a huge database of all kind of Anime series and movies from latest to some good old Anime from the 90s. Animetosho is not like any other anime sites it is different. Animetosho is an anime torrent sites where you can download anime in high quality. Unlike any other websites in this list, Animetosho provides you with torrent files which you put into any torrent client and download the original anime.

Apart from an anime torrenting sites, Animetosho also is a forum where you chat with other Anime fans to share thoughts and reviews. Animetosho is best for those who know how to use torrent and also a good option for those who want to download Anime in bulk.

Next is This is also a great place to find downloadable anime in high quality for free. It has a good number of latest and popular anime series which are worth watching. Animes can be sorted by Hot anime and latest anime. There also a to z and search bar to find any anime of your choice.


Nyaa is another anime download site which is based on the torrent model. Like Animetosho here also you get to download the torrent file first and then the real anime video by using any of the fastest torrent clients. It has a very good number of Anime and growing day by day. It is like a forum, so there is no particular way of finding anime other than the search bar. You can download dubbed anime if you want by just using the search feature. This is one of the best places to download Anime episodes in bulk.

Masteranime watch free english dubbed anime

Masteranime is also one of the most popular top best anime download sites where you can watch and download anime in 720p as well as 480p. Here you can find a whole series of any anime show with direct download links. You can even stream anime online in high quality if you wish to. There is a lot of filters you can apply to find the best anime which you might be interested in. Possibly the best feature of this great anime website is its “Schedule” menu. Here you can see all the ongoing anime series with an estimated date of next episode. This saves you a lot of time and effort you might waste on checking every other site for the next episode of your anime series.

Anime-Ulmite is another go-to site for all anime buff as it holds a huge number of full anime series from all generation. You name an anime series, and you can find it on this site. This anime downloading site allows users to download anime as high-quality mp4 videos. The only thing that you need is to be a registered user of the site which again is free and shouldn’t take more than a minute to create an account. You can download both original and dubbed anime series here. It is also a forum for all anime buff to have chat and share thoughts with other anime fans.

Watch Anime Online

Watch Anime Online is probably only one free best anime websites which offer ad-free premium experience. Yes, you heard that right. No annoying ads there, just pure anime. It is not just ad free it is also one of the very few sites with a huge anime collection. Here you can find anime as old as from 1950 to as new as 2019. All the anime are beautifully organized into categories for easy access. This is also worth mentioning that this site doesn’t have any download option, but if you are using any download manager on your computer, then you can pull the download link easily. Don’t worry if you are not aware of download managers. I already have written an article about best fastest download manager for computer. You must read that article.

Anime Torrent download sites

This is not a name of any anime download sites, but it is about peer to peer file sharing network. Torrent sites are one of the best places to download files for free. There are millions of files from all different category can be found on torrent sites. On torrent sites, you can find almost all kind of files including anime torrent. I already have mentioned about Animetosho and Nyaa those are torrent anime download sites which are mainly for anime. But there are other sites too that also offers high-quality anime. If you want to know about those torrent sites and how they work, then I suggest you check out this article- best torrenting sites 2019.


Finding Anime download sites is not that easy task especially when you don’t have hours to check one by one site on Google. All the sites I mentioned here are genuine, and as a anime fan, I personally use these sites to download and watch free anime series and movies. There is no doubt that I might have missed some other good sites, but I use these free sites to download anime, and I recommend them too. These anime sites are not just limited downloading or streaming anime, but most of these sites are a community. Where you can meet other anime fans, take part in competition, conduct poll and talk to other anime fans who shares the same interest with you.

So, that was it in this article for best free anime download sites 2019. Now it’s your turns to check all these sites and share your experience with us in the comment section. If you know any other good place to download anime for free, then share with us. So, what is your favorite Anime series or character? Let me know in the comment section.

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