Top 6 Best Facial Recognition Search Engine

Face match or face recognition is one of the cores of every photo software. Face recognition is available with all the popular photo software which allows users to find a face from a group of people, match two faces, recognizing similar people and also finding faces from a photo. This technology is essential for today’s generation and people are more likely to use this technology in day to day life.

With the growing popularity of face recognition technology, now this is being implemented onto the online platform to give people a better way to access this technology. Gone are those days when you had to install a powerful software just to do some basic face search and not to forget that those Softwares are not free. Now there some awesome facial recognition search engine available which let you do almost all the task that you would do with a heavy and expensive photo software. Today I am going to list down 5 of the best face recognition search engine technology to do face match/face search online without installing any software. These face search engines are also free so no need to pay a single penny to do human face search.

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  • Top 5 Best Free Facial Recognition Search Engine to find Faces from photos.
    • Google Face Recognition
    • BetaFace
    • Kuznech Face Detection
  • Conclusion

Top 5 Best Free Facial Recognition Search Engine to find Faces from photos.

The search engines that I am going to list down are free and does all the jobs that you would expect from a typical face recognition search technology. It can find faces from a photo, match two faces, find similar people and lot other. No matter what your intention is, these free facial recognition online tools will help you.

Google Face Recognition

Google Face Recognition also known as Google Face Search is a part of Google reverse image search technology. With Google Image Reverse Technology you can search images by uploading a picture to the Google. Google has one of the largest databases of images, and this should be the first place to do face search. Google doesn’t use any particular face recognition technology to find faces, but its algorithm is so accurate that it can do your task very smoothly. To do image recognition search on Google, you have first to go to the Google image search page.

There you can see a little “camera” icon. Click on that and then upload a picture that you would like to search.

Once you upload the picture, it will show you the result based on your picture. Now to sort/filter only faces, you have to type “&imgtype=face” in the search bar and then hit enter.

This will narrow down your search to only faces.

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PicWiser is another great place to do facial recognition search for free. With this simple tool, you can do face search or match two faces very easily. Unlike Google Face search engine, the PicWiser uses real face recognition technology to find out and match faces from a photo. PicWiser uses the database from Google and other popular image sites to find out similar faces that match your photo. To do face match search you have first to upload a picture then select “Search Faces” from the drop down menu. By choosing “Search Faces,” you direct the PicWiser to scan the face in your photo and then by using their face match technology it finds out similar faces from the huge database of the internet.

PicWiser also works as a reverse image search engine where you can pull out similar pictures from the web. To do the reverse image search you have to select “Search Image” instead of face search. To use PicWiser, you have to sign up and log in to their site. PicWiser is a great tool if you are okay with sharing your details.

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Pictriev is the 3rd best facial search engine website that lets you scan a face in a picture and show some basic information about the face in the picture. It also tells you which celebrity looks similar to the face in the picture. Pictriev is not good for those who are looking for a tool to scan the whole internet to find similar faces. This face match website is definitely not for you if you are not in a mood to have fun. This tool is for fun and to find out which celebrity is look alike to your face.

With that being said let’s find out how you should use this facial recognition website. This provides two options to upload your photo. You can either upload a photo by clicking “Upload an Image” option or paste a URL of your picture in the URL bar. Once you upload your picture, it will scan your face in the picture and show you which celebrity’s face is similar to your face.


BetaFace is one of the most popular facial recognition developers which has developed some interesting software which works on face match technology. BetaFace is not a free; you have to pay a certain amount to get access to their premium software. They also have a demo area where you could check how their service works. This demo doesn’t have the best technology, but it is perfect for getting basic works done.

Using BetaFace is simple, all you have to do is upload a picture that you want to scan. Now BetaFace will study the face in your picture and provide you a list of details about the face. The details that BetaFace provides are huge. You will get a huge list of details like gender, age, expression, beard and mustache color, hair shape, chin size, glasses and a lot of other things. It also has some other options like “Compare Faces,” “Search Celebrities” and “Search Wikipedia” which are helpful if you want to gather more information about the face or picture.

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Kuznech Face Detection

This facial recognition search engine is still in beta version. It has a very small database of just 50 celebrities. But it works nicely. You may not find it handy at this moment, but I am sure you will love it when it is fully developed. It takes a very little moment to scan the face and provide you the name of that person. It has a simple web layout where you can either upload a picture or paste a URL of any celebrity and will start working on it.

Twins Or Not is a photo comparing tools that let you upload two different pictures and then it shows how similar both faces are. This face match tool is pretty accurate to tell you how both the pictures are similar by showing a percentage bar. The more the percentage is, the more similar faces are.

Working processes is pretty straight forward. You can see the place to upload two pictures. Once you complete uploading two pictures, it will do some processing work to tell you the similarities between that two faces. When it comes to comparing two faces, I only trust TwinsOrNot. This is the best facial recognition search website for this purpose.

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Checking similar faces or doing image recognition search is fun and sometimes it is our necessity. By using the above 6 facial recognition search tools you can search for similar faces or you can match two faces online at any given point. These tools are free, and it won’t charge you anything to find faces or doing basic facial recognition online.

Now it is you turn to use these free online tools to check if they work. And who knows there might be someone on this planet that looks very similar to you. Do use them and let us know if they are working in the comment section below. If you know any other good tools, then please share with us.

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