Top 5 Best Media Player for Android

Hello all, hope you all are doing well. Here is another article regarding best app for android. As you all know android is a most popular mobile OS platform, thus all app developers prefer to create android apps. You can find app for each category like games, productivity, image, social network,  media player, and much more from the store. Here today in this article I am going to share some popular media player android which can help you to play your videos and musics.


Android has its own media player app to play videos or to listen musics. But that is a basic app and its user experience is just ok. If you want some better music or video experience, then there is a lot more app on the store which you can download and use. If you search media player in the play store (Android official app store) then you can find some hundreds or thousand of apps, but some of them are really standing out of the crowd. So today i have decided to write an article about these best media player for android.

Best Android Media Player

#5. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer is a favorite media player app for a lot of android user with more 50,000 downloads. This media player is an easy to use app with a lot of cool features which really make it among the best. You can play video of every format as it supports almost every video formats.


MoboPlayer also supports subtitles of various formats like SRT, ASS, and SAA, which makes easier to watch movies of other languages. You can also watch multi languages movies or videos. Another great feature that i like most is the pop up video player. This feature enables you to watch videos while doing other work on your device.

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#4. mVideoPlayer

mVideoPlayer is another popular video player app for android to play media files. This is a good looking and easy to use app. Here all of your videos will arrange automatically and visible separately, which is really helpful to find any videos without any waste of time.

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This app supports some popular subtitles like srt, ssa, ass, sub/idx, mpl, smi, txt, sub, sami and also the inbuilt mkv subtitles. It can also automatically search for subtitles that is cool when you don’t have subtitle of any movie. mVideoPlayer is available on both free and paid versions. The paid version has some more features in comparison of free one.

#3. VLC for Android

Now we are in the top 3 of this list. At number 3 we have VLC, a popular media player among the computer users. This popular media player is now available for android with some cool features. This media player can support all major video, audio and subtitle formats.

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There are some other great feature of this app, including gesture to control brightness and volume, auto-rotation and auto adjust aspects.This app work better on tab or we can say it is a best media player for android tablet  This app is still under beta version for improvements, and all I can say it is improving by its every update.

#2. BSPlayer

BSPlayer is one of the popular media player apps for android. This is a highly customisable app with some cool themes. It is also a powerful media player that able to play any kind of video formats smoothly.

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You can also use BSPlayer as an online streaming app to stream any online videos. It has multi core hardware decoding for supported video formats which helps to smooth video playback and better battery life. There are also some other cool features like auto subtitle search, support multi audio and subtitles, pop out video player, gesture control to reduce or increase brightness and sounds, pinch to zoom in and zoom out and much more.

BSPlayer is available on both paid and free versions. The paid version has only one advantage that it is add free other than both has the same feature.

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#1. MX Player

MX player is a very popular app among the all Android users. This app is the biggest competition of all above mentioned media player. This is the best player and i personally use it to play my videos. MX player supports almost every format of videos and subtitles. The user interface is very clean and easy to use. It shows, videos according to your folder which is very handy to search any videos within some seconds.

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MX Player supports video formats including 3gp, avi, divx, f4v, flv, mkv, mp4, mpeg, mov, vob, wmv, webm, xvid, and much more. You can also choose decoder for them manually.

Some other cool feature is its guesture control. You can control the brightness and volumes by swiping up and down on the left side and right side respectively. You can also control the video by gestures. MX player is not able to play videos in pop up like Mobo Player, but yes, there is a feature to play videos in the background.


In the category of media player android there is also some paid app, but I don’t think that they are worth for paying money while we can get best feature in free app. Always download free media player, and if you found its worth, then go for paid one.

So this is in this article about Best media player for android. Now it’s your turn to share your thought with us about this article. Why not you help us by hitting the share button below, after all sharing is caring.

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