Top 5 Best Application To Lock SMS, Galley, Apps 2014 !!

In this growing modern world we all are very sensitive about our privacy. We always try to give more priority to our privacy in every case. Our Phone is one of them, we usually send lots of Massages, click a lots of Photos, shoot numbers of videos through our Smart Phone. Some of them are OK but some are personal which we don’t want to share with anyone. So we trays our best to keep them secrets in order to keep our privacy in safe.

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If you are an android user then you must find Thousands of applications on Play Store to secure your personal data. But the main problem is we don’t know which is good and safe to use. So today I made a list of 5 applications which are safe and easy to use and as well we as full with features. Recover Android Deleted file for free

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This is a very simple app which protect your SMS as well as your MMS. This application secures all your SMS and MMS with a pattern lock so that no one can able read your secret messages which you have sent or received, I will suggest you to give a try to this app. Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Stock Wallpaper for free


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02. Gallery Lock (Hide Pictuer)

This is a basic gallery lock Application which protects your all Photos and videos from unauthorized access. This application has some extra features like Stealth mode, Watch Dog Mode, Backup Mode etc. and the best part is all features are free!!!  How to Download Hotstar live app for MAC

What Is Stealth mode?

This mode helps you to hide the app From app launcher menu so that no one can know that your some picture and videos are hidden. To launch this app simple ho to your dialer pad and Dial *Password  and click call button. This will launch the application. (For Example- If my Password is 1234 then i will dial *1234 and then press call button) Best android rooting guide

What is Watch Dog Mode?

If some one tray to open this app, then it will click a picture of that man with your built-in front and rear camera.

After 3rd failed password attempt, built-in camera takes photos of the attacker. Best Media Player app for Android 2015

What Is Back Up Mode

You can backup all your Photos and video online by that you can feel free from the fear of being deleted.


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03. Smart App Protector

This application helps to lock a specific application by that no one can access that specific application which you don’t want to share with others. This application also offers you to lock the screen out in a specific application and also rotation lock which will also help you to set rotation for specific application. This application provides four types of lock screen. One of the best feature of this application is Remote Control, Which enable you to lock and unlock your phone via SMS which is quite good when you lost your phone. Android must have application 2015


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04. Smart Lock Free

This is another best application in this category. You can call this application as two in One application because it locks both application and media (Photos and Videos). This application has also some extra features such as Hide app and Fake Mode. Hide app Mode hide the application from the launcher menu. To launch this app you have to simply dial 3 and then your password (if my password is 1234 then I have to dial #1234 and then press call button). Fake Mode- If some one try to open the app from the launcher menu then it show a Error massage as Unfortunately this app stopped working. Best free racing game for Android


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05. NQ Vault


The last but not Least application Is my Favorite NQ Vault. This has a lot more features. You called this app as an all in one application. This can lock your gallery or media file, Facebook messages, applications, SMS and private contact. You can also get some extra features like Sleath Mode And Break in Attempt mode after converting to premium mode. You have to just download some application to convert it into Premium mode. Best Video Editing app for Android


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Now a days securing our personal file is one of big concern for all smartphone users. With these above 5 apps you lock your SMS, Gallery and specific app which is really an easy way to secure personal files.

So that’s all in this post. I hope you all enjoyed this post about 5 best apps to lock gallery, Applications and SMS.

Which one is your favorite app? Do let us know we will discuss in the comment section.

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