Top 3 Best Free Cloud Storage Service Providers.

Cloud storage is a web based storage service which allows user to backup their data in cloud to keep them safe. Nowadays the using of cloud storage is increasing day by day. You can store all your important data in web storage like audio, videos, photos, office documents and many more. There are a number of cloud service available online which you can you use to store all your important data. So here I have listed Top3 best cloud storage service provider to backup your documents online. Best online movie streaming services 2015
Best 3 Cloud Storage Services free

Best 3 Cloud Storage Services free

Before moving to the list, let’s have a look at the advantages of using cloud storage to get a clear view of cloud storage and their importance in this digital world. How to unlock or Reset android pattern lock

Advantages Of Using Cloud Storage-

The followings are the some basic and important advantages of using cloud storage.

  • You can access all your backup data from any place remotely. It is just like an online pen drive which will be always with you.
  • No security risk while using cloud storage. You are not going to lose your data and no one can view your file without your permission.
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  • You don’t need to be panic about the maintenance, it will be the duty of the service provider.
  • You can access all your data anytime and how much time you want. There is no such restriction about the viewing of your document.
  • You can also share these uploaded files with anyone.
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Top 3 Best Cloud Storage Provider Free

OK, now I think you got the importance of using the cloud service, then let’s look at the some best cloud service provider which are listed below.

01. Google Drive.

First provider in this list is Google Drive, which was previously known as Google Docs. But now it’s called as Google drive. This is one the best cloud storage service  because it as being hosted by very well known web company Google.
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Key Features of Google Drive:

  • Easy to Sign-In, you need to create a Gmail Account to use this service.
  • Get 5GB storage, instant for free.
  • You can access this service from Gmail, Google+ or any Google service.
  • Create documents, online form, presentation with Google Drive.
  • Share your Uploaded file directly to Facebook, Google+, twitter.
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02. Sky Drive

The next cloud service is Sky Drive, it is a service of Microsoft. It is a very easy to use service with metro style look. It allows user 7Gb of free space to upload pictures, documents, presentation, excel sheets and much more. It comes with 3 default folder as Document, picture and public, but you can also create some more folders.
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 Key Features Of Sky Drive:

  • Very easy to sign up. You only need to have a Microsoft or Hot mail account.
  • It is part of Micro Soft so don’t need to worry about Security.
  • Get 7GB free space for upload file.
  • Directly share to Facebook, Twitter.
  • Giving link shortens facility to share links of uploaded file.
  • Embed document directly to a webpage or blog.
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03. Drop Box

The last but not the least Drop Box, another most usable cloud storage service. This is a free cloud service which gives 2GB of free space for data storing. You can also increase space by just referring your friends to join this service. You just need to invite your friends to join drop box by clicking your referral link.  things to look before buying an android phone

Key Features Of Drop Box:

  • Get 2GB Free Space.
  • Increase Space By Just Referring Friends.
  • You can also access your Drop Box Document When You are offline.
  • Easy To Use and Safe.
  • Supports Platform like Windows, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone etc.
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Final Word.

There are lots of cloud storage service available, which you can find on Google. But if you want to store your data online, then always choose the best, trusted and popular service. The above three are the best cloud service which you can trust and millions of internet user are using them. If you choose any untrusted service there may be a chance of loosing your data and privacy. They may shut down their service without giving a notification to you, so always use trusted cloud service. Do you know any other trusted free cloud service? Then share with us in the comment section.

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