Top 3 Best Budget Headphones for PC 2016

Any movie lovers over here? Of course, Out of 10, 7 people are movie lovers and it’s the same reason which made you come here. You may be searching for Best Budget Headphones for PC and landed over here. Yes, you have landed in correct place only. Today I am going to suggest you Best Headphones for PC, and you have got a tough choice of choosing which one to buy.

There are different types of people over here, who watch movies alone in the home, some who watch movies on very first day and some wait for days to pass on and watch the movie for free :p ( I come under all 3 types ).Moreover, If you are watching daily movies online, then we are suggesting you the best browser for mac or windows which will enhance your watching experience.

As many people watch the movie in the home, they prefer the Best headphones for watching the movies as there are many problems while hearing directly from the laptop or Television’s speaker, The voice spoke may not be clear and sometimes the special effects volume will be higher than the voice, and we can’t even hear a bit.


I think it’s enough of introduction, Let’s go to the list 😀

Top 3 Best Budget Headphones for PC 2016

1.Sennheiser HD 419 (Best Headphone)

Sennheiser is the best company which produce earphones majorly, and recently they started producing Best high-quality headphones. These headphones are best for watching movies and games. The sound quality through these headphones is just awesome, and I recommend you to buy this if you are movies and games lover.

It’s a single monitoring headphone. That means the wire is attached to only one side. And, it would avoid them to be tangled.


This is the best Budget headphone for PC which you get at very low rate. This product is lot cheaper than the below products.

According to you How much does it costs? 100$? 200$?

You are mistaken, these headphones cost just 49$ (equivalent to 3300 INR) and yeah it’s free shipping too 😀 .

You Can buy this product from here.

2. Panasonic RP-HTF600S (Recommended)

Panasonic is the best company which is producing electronic devices since 90’s. So it’s not a big wonder that Panasonic is placed on this list. Panasonic has launched every product from basic earphones to Ultra HD Televisions.

The Build quality of this product is too good, and even we can control the volume over ear cups itself and doesn’t need to worry about it.


Ear cups are over 0.5 cm in size, and its satisfies your comfort for sure. The single cord and single side monitoring system help us to deal with the cable effectively. Tangling wires will not worry you much.

Worrying about the cost? You need not worry about the cost at all. Same as the above product this also cost very low, and it’s very efficient to your budget too. These costs 55$ and free shipping is provided too.

You can buy this product from here.

3. Sony MDR-HW700 Wireless (Must Buy)

There is no gadget list without Sony Device on that list, same over here. Sony provide awesome products in the gadget history, and people mainly prefer Sony more than other products, so decided to add this product even though its high cost.

Sony MDR-HW700 Wireless

This is the best wireless headphones. This product has got the best build quality and no need to mention about the sound quality as the Sony speaks everything. But if you wanted wireless headphones under low budget then this product doesn’t satisfy your needs.

It’s the only item on this list that supports 9.1 surround sound system, and even HDMI throughput are available for 4K videos.

You can buy this product from here.


So, this is our picked List of Best Budget Headphones For PC. They are best if you are really a movie or game lover. All we know how sound is important while playing games or watching movies and in above headphones, we have suggested are made for this work only. That’s it, pick the one which suits you best and comment down for any queries.

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