Why Facebook Consider a Webste as Spam? And Its Solution!!

Facebook is one of the Best social networking sites in the world. Almost every internet user has a profile on Facebook, where we share our thoughts, status, upload photos, chat with new friends and much more. Currently Facebook has 1.28 billion users and the counts are increasing every hour. So this is very important for Facebook to keep all the profile safe and protected in order to prevent the privacy of the user. For this reason Facebook has launched a number of security updates like- Page Algorithm Updates, Anti-spamming and much more. Website URL spamming is one of them, which affecting people a lot. This is a security step taken by Facebook to ban such link which creates spam on Facebook. This is a very good step but sometimes it also bans some innocent website by wrongly. If you are one of them who suffering from this problem then you are at the right place, just go through this article to know why this happen and how to solve this problem? Best proxy sites list 2015 to browse internet securely
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Why Facebook Mark a Website as Spam?

Facebook mark a site as spam for several reasons, and most common causes are listed below-
  • Sharing a link Too much Time on Facebook.
  • Sharing the same link repeatedly on Facebook.
  • Some silly people had marked your website link as spam.
  • Scheduling an ink in more than 5 Page or group to be posted at the same time.
  • The link you are sharing has adult content and some user had reported it to Facebook.
  • Download torrent files with the help of IDM

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What you You Need To Note Before Sharing your link on Facebook?

Okay, now you got the reason, why Facebook spams a site. Now let’s check out what are the main point you need to keep in your mind before sharing a link on Facebook. According to the TOS (term of service) the below are the some important point to keep in your mind before sharing a link.   Best torrent sites 2015 to download movies online free
  • The website you are going to share must function properly on any Browser.
  • The website you are going to share may not have any downloading content when clicked.
  • The website you are going to share may not have pop-up ads.
  • Must be god Reputation On WOT (Web Of Trust)
  • Check more at Facebook’s TOS Page.

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What To Do When Facebook Mark Your Site As Spam?

Now I think you all understand my points about Why your site marked as spam and the rule that you should follow before sharing URL on Facebook. If you followed all TOS of Facebook and still your site is marked as spam, then follow the step below for removing the spam mark from your site.

1. Report It To Facebook.

If Facebook wrongly marked your site as spam, then you need to report it to Facebook. First of all visit this link to tell Facebook that your site is not spam. When you click the link you can see a form which you have to fill up. In the first box, type the Website URL which considers as spam on Facebook. Then choose the category from the below option (Choose Exact Option). Enter a brief description about why you think that Facebook consider this URL as spam wrongly and give them a good reason and then click send button. Solve Google Play Store error 927 on Android

02. Web Of Trust (WOT).

Web of trust is a third party Browser extension with whom Facebook has tied up. This extension is a website quality indicator, if some user found your website has poor quality and they have WOT installed on their browser then they can make your website as Poor. And if this happens several times, then Facebook will ban your site and make the URL spam. So what is to do? Ask your friends or relatives to install WOT in their browser and rate your site with High Trust (Green). To Install WOT Click Here.  Record iPad screen for free without MAC

03. Short The URL.

You are following all the rule of Facebook TOS and also follow the above steps, but still Facebook doesn’t remove spam mark for your website then follow this step. In this trick use any URL shortens website like bit.ly to short your URL which you are going to share on Facebook. There are a number of URL shortening website which you can also use to short your link.  Access Gmail when you are offline
Note– Use 3rd step only after using the above 2 methods or if your site is following the rule of Facebook TOS.
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The above 3 are the some best way to remove or share spam links on Facebook. But if you use Facebook in a right way, then your site will not come in the black list of Facebook. Now share your link on Facebook without having any tension. So what you think about this post, is it helpful? If yes then share this with your friends or have any doubt then comment below. Lastly, one thing want to say keep Facebook neat and clean, don’t speared spam on Facebook.


  1. bulandosroseann says

    If you abide by the rules of Facebook, then you wouldn’t even have any problems to start with,

    There are actually times when people would report a page for no reason, some because they see pages post links from time to time with repetition of the same content, this is referred to as spamming, and this can be irritating,

    Maybe it would be best if you would always serve a fresh catch, as likened to eating food you wouldn’t want to eat the same thing all the time.

    • RABIN MISTRI says

      Thanks buddy for dropping this valuable comment here. You are right that serving fresh contains is the best way to stay safe on Facebook.
      Keep Visiting 🙂

  2. I have tried contacting Facebook 3 times but no response to the date 🙁

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