How to check your Blog Templates/Themes Responsive or Not?

The first headache for any blogger is to choose a perfect template for the blog. Because a template reflects the quality of a blog, as our dressing makes. If a blog has good and eye catching templates then a new visitor may become a permanent visitor. You need to look out for something while choosing a template for […]

Best Web Browser App For Android- Make Internet Experince Better.

Browsing the internet on android is one of the basic need. If you have an Android device then you might use the internet on it. We all love to browse the internet on our favorite android device. To run internet we need an app which we called as a browser. You can find a number of […]

Why Facebook Consider a Webste as Spam? And Its Solution!!

Facebook is one of the Best social networking sites in the world. Almost every internet user has a profile on Facebook, where we share our thoughts, status, upload photos, chat with new friends and much more. Currently Facebook has 1.28 billion users and the counts are increasing every hour. So this is very important for Facebook […]

Add Google+ Popup Followers Widget For Blogger[How To].

The social networking site is like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. has billions of users. Here we can share our stuffs, photos with others, make some new friends, chat with friends, and meeting new people all across the world. But now it is not just a social site for having fun and meeting friends, it becomes a huge […]

Top 5 Best Free Racing Games For Android.

Do you like to play racing game? I am sure many of you will say ‘YES’. It is because it gives us the real feel of riding the high end and expensive bikes/cars with awesome background location and also the thrilling which we can enjoy by sitting at one place. Now a day’s Android smartphone has […]

Top 3 Best Free Cloud Storage Service Providers.

Cloud storage is a web based storage service which allows user to backup their data in cloud to keep them safe. Nowadays the using of cloud storage is increasing day by day. You can store all your important data in web storage like audio, videos, photos, office documents and many more. There are a number of […]