Must have android apps 2014 and 2015 Free![Top Best]

In this smartphone world android devices are trending and most of the smartphone users use android smartphone. The reason behind android success is its simple and effective user interface, affordable price point and also its app store. You can find a number of android apps on its official app store (Google play store) from different category which you can download and use. Among them all apps there are some most useful app that every android user should install on their smartphone in order to get better access tothesedigitalworlds. Are you started searching for must have android apps? If yes, then just read this articlefullbecausei have searched over a few weeks and find out some must have androidappswhichi have listed below.

Must Have android apps for Android

The below are the best apps that a smartphone user should use for day to day life. There are a number of apps are developed and published each day, but i am sure the apps i am going to share here are will  best even for the upcoming year 2015. So here is a list of must have android apps 2014 and 2015 that you can get for free.

Top 10 Best Must Have Android apps for Android.

AVG antivirus

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day and most of cyber criminals are attacking smartphone as stealing or hacking a phone is easier than computer. So securing smartphones are also becoming essential like a computer. There are a number of security apps available on play store to protect your android device, but they are paid apps whether AVG antivirus provides a free and complete protection to android.

most popular android apps

Apart from scanning files and virus it can also use to track your lost or stolen android phone. There are also some premium features like App Backup, App lock but, to use them you need to pay some money.

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In this day to day life we usually come across  a number of new words and that time we need a dictionary to find out the meaning. But it is not possible to carry out a dictionary with us everywhere. Then what is the solution? The solution is a dictionary app that we can carry with us everywhere. Merriam-Webster is one of the trusted dictionary which is now available as an application.

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You can check the definition of a word, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences and much more. You can search word by voice which is very useful when you don’t know the spelling of a particular word. This app is available at Google play store for free.

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UC Browser

In this growing digital world we all depend on the internet, thus carrying a good browser is a most important thing to complete some important task while travelling. While coming about web browsers, then there are some good apps available on the web. UC browser is one of the most popular android apps because of its some wonderful features.

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UC browser is a smooth and easy to use browser with some extra features like QR code scanner, add blocker and much more. I personally use UC browser and also advise others to use. If you are searching for some more browser for android then read this article- Best web browser app for android 2014.

MX Player

MX player is a must have apps for android device. As a smartphone user, you must have some videos or movies stored on your device which you can play on MX player. MX player is much better than android default video player and also a most popular apps in media player category.

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MX player has some cool features like Multi core decoder, pinch to zoom in or Zoom out, subtitle gesture etc. Most of the device review maker use mx player to check the video playing ability of a device.

ES File explorer

Recently, one of my friends brought a Motorola moto G 2nd generation smartphone and I found that there is no file manager to access the SD card or even the phone storage. Then I started to search and got to know that most of android device doesn’t come with a pre install file manager app. In that case ES File Explorer may help you to access your SD card and phone storage data.

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ES File Explorer is not a simple file manager, its an advance file manager which comes with some extra features. Along with SD card and phone storage you can also manage your cloud storage file like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sky drive, sugar sync etc. ES File Explorer also comes with a built in app manager features where you can install, uninstall apps, can create backup and also can share your installed app with your friends.

Mobile Backup & Restore

As human we all make mistakes, and in this techy world deleting data mistakenly is a big problem. Though there are some tool that may get back your data, but it is better to backup them before. Mobile Backup and Restore app is a great app to backup your contacts, call history, text messages and also your files.
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top must have android apps

Mobile Backup and Restore is developed by Trend micro which is known for its trusted security service. This app is a free app which allows only 50MB storage to backup which is enough if you want to backup only your call history, contact and messages. If you want some more space then you can upgrade it to 5GB by paying a small fee of around $1.

Google Translate

Google translate is a great app that helps break language barriers and let everyone to communicate with everyone. Google translates supports around 80 languages from all over the world.

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With Google translate app you can translate words with over 80 languages. You can speak, type or even can take a picture to translate. Another great thing about this app is you can use this app without internet connection, this feature is great when you are out of your home.

WPS: #1 FREE Mobile Office App

We most of the time depends our computer or laptop to open or view office documents file like PDF, PowerPoint, Word or excel sheet. A desktop is good, but what if there is no computer around with you? There is an app called WPS mobile office app that can help you to view or create office documents from your smartphone.

top rated android apps

WPS is one of the top rated android apps with 300 million happy users. With the WPS mobile office app you can view or edit or can create PowerPoint presentation, word document and excel sheet from your mobile. PDF file also can view with this app.


Reading your favorite blog, news and all other online content have become a part of our daily schedule. This internet is filled up with such a great article and contents that are really matters to you. Feedly is a unique app that lets you to read your favorite blog, news and other online content on the move.
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Every site and blog has rss feed and Feedly use this rss feed to serve you the news or blog post to read. You just need to add the RSS feed of your favorite site and you are ready to read them anytime anywhere. Feedly also helps to find the YouTube channel for you according to your interest. You can also link your social profile like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and much more with this app to share what you read with your friends and family.


Facebook is a best social site to share and join peoples from all around the world. Here we can share our thoughts, photos, chat with others and much more. Facebook has its official Android app that allows user to use Facebook on android without loosing its quality experience.

Facebook Android apps APK

To chat with your friends on Facebook you need to install Facebook messenger app on your android. This is also a great app with great experience.


This is it, you have reached to the end section of this article regarding Must have android apps 2014 and 2015 Free! And I hope you liked it. The above mentioned app are really very helpful and honestly, I use most of them in my day to day life. SO what you think about these must have android apps ? Let me know about your most used apps in the comment section below.

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