6 Killer Tips to Drive Traffic From Facebook!

Facebook one of the best social networking site in the world, which let us to connect with our friends, family, colleagues and more across the world. We can share our thoughts, photos and also can chat all across the world. Facebook is one of the easiest way to meet people from all over the world and also let to live their life. Apart from meeting and making friends Facebook also let us to be successful in this blogging world. The perfect use of Facebook may help anyone to drive more and more traffic to their blog or website. Here are the 6 Killer tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook.


6 Killer tips To Drive Traffic From Facebook!

The below are the some important tips that can let you drive more and more traffic to your blog.

#1. Make sure That You have EYE catching content.

Content is King” this is a kind of word that every blogger are aware. A visitor opens your blog to read your content in order to learn something new or that they don’t know, so make sure that you have an interesting content that a reader will bound to read it fully. Also make your content title short and interesting that anyone can’t stop them to open your blog. Write something about that, you know very well or else it will not look professional.
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#2. Make it Easy To share your Content on Facebook.

When you have a unique content that can help other then people will try to share this with their friends, or with others. So make it easy to share your content on Facebook via different widgets or plugins. There are a number of social share widgets that you can find by searching on Google.

Also remind your readers to share this article on Facebook by adding some reference word at the end of your article like “Do share this article with your friends and family on Facebook by using the share button below“.

#3. Create a Facebook Page.

Creating a Facebook page is one of the best ways to keep your readers update. You can create a Facebook page for your blog/website and make your reader to like this page. Only creating a page is not enough for getting traffic, you have to update it regularly with latest feed’s and post that you have recently published on your blog. Also add a Facebook like box on your blog and let your reader to like your page from your blog directly.

You can also like others blog, Facebook page and can promote your blog there.
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#4. Join various Facebook Group or Create Your own one.

Joining or creating a group is one of the best feature of Facebook for the bloggers. You can find huge numbers of group on your niche,. Just search for your blog niche, like Blogging, Technology, Food, Health and can can join them.. Here you can solve others problem or also can share your latest article in order to drive traffic. You can also create your own group and can add people to that group. Doing proper use of group can drive massive traffic to your blog.

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#5. Optimize Your Facebook Post.

This is an important method to drive traffic to your blog. People love the things which are interesting, so always try to optimize your post to attract more and more readers. The below are the some important thing that you have to look before updating anything on Facebook.

  • Make Images Big– The post with image are getting more engaged than the post with no image. Always make your images bigger and one which reflects what you are going to share. Post with image are more chance of getting more like, comment and share than simple one.
  • Make Your Update Short– This is another trick of optimizing your post for driving traffic. Always try to use less text on Facebook while updating something. A little text can attract more I catch than a long status. Also make it clear about your article.

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  • Avoid Link or  use shortens Link– Always try to avoid link from your post to make your update clear and professional. Delete your link before posting because your image is still click-able. Check The example below-


If you want to add a big image to the post, then you can shorten your link, it looks clean and clear.

#6. Use Facebook Add.

Facebook ads are less expensive, but it can help you to drive traffic to your blog. By using Facebook adds you can get targeted visitors from different country. If you have budgets and can pay for Facebook adds then I suggest you to use this service to target your traffic.


Facebook has around 1.28 billion users, so proper use of this larger network can drive huge traffic to your blog. But one thing keep in your mind that Facebook is meant for human so make your status update real as human and don’t use it for only your promotion. So what you think about this post, was this helpful to you? Share your thoughts regarding this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends blogger on FACEBOOK.


  1. Sunday William says

    Hi Rabin,
    These tips are handy if one wants to drive traffic with Facebook. However, it is one thing to drive traffic from this social media platform, and it is another thing to drive convertible traffic. I urge Facebook marketers to always crave for “targeted” traffic so they can convert.

    On the killer tips shared here, I think they are on track. At least, for newbies, these are starting points. Thanks for sharing this piece!

    Found your post shared here on Kingged:


  2. Facebook is one of the x factor to drive traffic from social media..I share my posts dialy in fb groups and the result is massive post reach..as well as traffic

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