iPad Air 3 – Bigger Display and Better Storage?

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When Apple released their iPad Air 2 last year, almost everything was near perfect and to every bit of the expectations. Now, Apple’s planning to release the latest variant of predecessor iPad Air 2, most likely to be following the same naming policy and arrive with the tag iPad Air 3. Apple’s plan to surprise their fans never fail, and probably it wouldn’t this time either. However, a generous from the iPad Air 2 to Air 3 isn’t expected by most of the Apple fans either because it’s only a generation upgrade – nothing much. Yet there few expectations from the fan’s end, to Apple’s R&D department.

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Rumors on the Air

Like every previous year, rumors are populating all over the internet regarding what may or may not be coming with the upcoming iPad Air 3. One fact is for sure – the iPad Air 3 will be running on the iOS 9. This should be called a universal Apple truth rather than a fact – a latest Apple device never launches with an older version of its operating system.

What changes might the iOS 9 bring with iPad Air 3? Apple fans would know; how the iOS is optimized to differentiate the experience between an iPhone and an iPad. Everything on the tablet is optimized for the bigger screen unlike most Android tablets, and the utilization of the bigger screen and higher scale processing package makes the whole package more desirable as a tablet over the Android counterparts. Not that the Android tablets are crap, yet most of them use the same smartphone OS and least amount of optimization used to be found. Android Lollipop and upcoming Android M changes that by the way.

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Bigger Display?

It’s been long since Apple uses 9.7 inch display for their iPads. The display size according to most of the users is perfect. It’s easy to hold, grip and carry and even work when you are on the move. The square shape may not be ideal for watching HD movies, but for anything else like reading a book, planning a to-do list or doing some brainstorming over its larger display – everything’s better done on a square display than rectangular.

Why does the concern of the bigger display arise then? Because of the Android counterparts. The primary counterpart – the Samsung Galaxy Tab and bigger Galaxy Notes are available in different dimensions from 7 inches to 12 inches while Apple only offers two different sizes in Apple iPad Mini and the Apple iPad generations. Since two different sized iPhones joined the market last year and earned a great applause, Apple may plan to release a bigger iPad Air 3 variant as a test run.

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Bigger and Better Storage

Tablets are mostly used for productivity, hence bigger storage options are necessary. The 16 GB variants shouldn’t exist anymore as this amount is relatively outdated now. Using SSD technology in a more widespread scale would allow the users to be blazing fast while utilizing the most of the processing power on the latest Apple A9X chip. We expect Apple to work on the memory end.


The iPad Air 3 specs are still uncertain, but like every previous year we may buckle up for a true surprise and a perfectly built Apple tablet.

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