Fix Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working

If you are a specialist gamer or a professional gamer, or a gaming enthusiast, you know the value of the game’s sounds. Most of the time, you prefer to use the best gaming headsets. One of such best gaming headsets is Hyperx Cloud Stinger. This is an excellent gaming headset that offers excellent sounds without any lags. With this gaming headset, you can truly enjoy the gaming experience. Although it is the best gaming headset in the market, some users report their issues with the mic, like it is not working or the mic has stopped working. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you know the importance of the mic while playing games. If the mic is not working correctly, then there will be no communication with your teammates, mostly if you play multiplayer games.

Here we are presenting you some solutions for the mic not working problem on the Hyperx Cloud Stinger gaming headset. Let’s look into it.

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working

How do you fix a HyperX Cloud Stinger mic?

We have found some of the best ways to solve this problem. With these solutions, you can get rid of the Hyperx Cloud Stinger mic not working issue. The methods include:

  • Check your connections
  • Enable audio devices
  • Set Hyperx Cloud Stinger mic as the default device
  • Update your headset driver
  • Reset or Reinstall windows
  • Check your Microphone settings
  • Close other apps that have permission to your Microphone
  • Check your audio settings in the game application
  • Perform Windows Updates
  • Contact the Manufacturer for troubleshooting

Why does my headset work but not my mic?

Maybe your headset mic is not working correctly. Sometimes you may unknowingly disable the headset mic or set the headset mic as the default device on your personal computer or Laptop. Sometimes you might have put the microphone volume too low so that it cannot record the sound. Sometimes there will be loose connections or not appropriately connected with the ports to the computer or Laptop. These are the possible reasons that your headset is working correctly, but your mic is not.

Is the HyperX Cloud Stinger MIC good?

Hyperx makes mostly wired gaming headsets with the best microphones and excellent built quality. These headsets’ sounds are well balanced, and they are the best headsets for low latency gaming experiences. These wired gaming headsets are highly durable and can be used for a long time. With all these great features and build quality, they come at an affordable price compared to other gaming headsets in the market. With all these features, the Hyperx Cloud Stinger MIC is good.

How do I get my mic to work again?

These are the possible solutions to get your mic correctly. Let’s look into them:

  • Run Windows Troubleshooter – Windows comes with a lot of troubleshooting options. If any of the devices is not working, you can perform troubleshooting and make it work again. To troubleshoot, first, go to the settings and then type troubleshoot and select it. Now go to recording audio and select find and fix other problems. Click on it to open. Now choose to run the troubleshooter and follow the steps mentioned there. That’s all. Your mic will now start working again.
  • Enable Microphone – First, go to the settings and open privacy. In the privacy section, you will see the Microphone option. Click on it to open. Now enable Let apps use Microphone. Also, permit the app you want to use with the Microphone.
  • Set your Microphone as a default device – If an external microphone is connected to your Laptop or your computer, it does not work as it is not set as the default device. To do so, right-click on the Microphone or speaker icon in the taskbar and select the recording devices. Now select your Microphone and set it as a default device. If you do not find any microphone there, then click on the empty area and enable the option called show disconnected devices and show disabled devices. Then the Microphone will appear, and you can set it as a default device.
  • Make sure that your Microphone is not muted – To do this, click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and select recording devices. Now right click on the Microphone and open the properties option. Now go to the levels tab and increase the volume to a hundred percent if not. Now click on Apply to save.
  • Reinstall or Update microphone drivers – To reinstall the device drivers, type device manager or search for the control panel’s device manager. Now double click on the audio inputs and outputs. Now you will see the microphone option when it is expanded. Now click on uninstall the device and restart the computer. Once you open your computer, Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers. If, for some reason, Windows fails to reinstall the drivers, reinstall it by going to the device manager, selecting the computer name, and choosing a scan for hardware changes. Now the Windows will reinstall the missing drivers. If you want to update the driver without reinstalling them, choose update drivers to present above the uninstall device option.
  • Restart Windows Audio services – To restart Windows audio services, press the Windows button + R and type run there. Then click on that option to open the dialogue box. Now type services.msc and tap on OK. You will see a list of services. Here find Windows audio service and right-click on it. Select restart from the menu and check if this solves the problem for you. If it does not work for you, then select the properties option. There you will see the startup type. Select it to be automatic if it is not. Click on apply and restart your computer.
  • Restore your system using restore points – Perform this activity only if your Microphone stopped working recently. First, open the run box and type rstrui.exe and click OK. Click on next, and if any restore points are created, you will see a list there. Tick the show more restore points. This will show you more. Select the appropriate restore points and click on next. Do not select the one where the problem is present. Now confirm that restore point, and your computer will be restored to that version. If you are happy with this choice, then click on finish. This will restore that version for you.

These are the steps to be followed when your mic is not working.

Solutions to fix a HyperX Cloud Stinger mic

These are the potential solutions to fix a Hyperx Cloud Stinger mic. Let’s have a look at them:

Solution 1 – Check your connections.

Sometimes your mic did not work because it is not connected correctly. So first, you need to check whether you have connected your Microphone or headset properly. Make sure that they are not connected loosely. Also, check the volume knob on the headphone is not muted. If muted, then turn it on. If you are using a controller box, then make sure that your mute switch is not activated. I hope this will make the mic work well again. If not, go to the next step.

Solution 2 – Allow access to your headset

On Windows: Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working Windows 10

  • Tap on the start menu and navigate to the settings option.
  • Go to the privacy option.
  • Now select the microphone option.
  • Click on the change button and check if the Microphone for this device is enabled. If not, please enable it.
  • Now scroll down and enable apps to access your Microphone. Also, make sure that the app you use is turned on for the Microphone.
  • Now click on OK and check if your Microphone starts working again.

On MAC: Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Detected

  • First, open the Apple menu and choose preferences there.
  • Now open sound and then click on input.
  • Select your headphone there and adjust the volume to record your voice.
  • Now go to system preferences and select security and privacy.
  • There you will see four tabs. Open the privacy tab and select the Microphone there.
  • Now you will see the list of apps that have permission to access your Microphone. If the app you are using is not enabled, then try to enable it.
  • Now check to talk with Siri and if it works all happy.

Solution 3 – Check your Microphone Settings – Hyperx Stinger Mic Test

  • Press Windows key + R to begin the run box.
  • Type control, and now press enter.
  • Select the sound option.
  • Now select the recordings tab and right-click on it and mark show disconnected devices and show disabled devices.
  • Make sure your headphones are connected, and it is set as the default device. If not, try to set it as a default device.
  • Now right click on the headphones and go to the properties option.
  • Now go to the levels tab and increase the volume to a hundred percent.
  • Click on OK to apply these changes.

Solution 4 – Update your Audio Drivers – Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working Windows 10

If you need to update the audio drivers, you can do it manually. But it is a complex process and creates confusion. To check all these things then you need to install driver easy, which is an application that automatically installs the drivers for you. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Download it from here.
  • Now unplug your headset and run Driver Easy.
  • Click on Scan now button. Then Driver Easy will examine your computer and auto-detect any problems.
  • Click on the update next to your sound or your headset to update to the latest version.
  • You can also click on the update all button if you upgrade to the pro version.

Solution 5 – Close other apps that have access to your Microphone

If you use any third-party application software such as Realtek software or audio adapter, then disable all this software. Make sure your operating system has control over your headphones. Also, shut down all the applications that will use microphones like Discord, Skype, Zoom, etc. These apps will have control over your Microphone and play with them automatically and prevent it from working.

Solution 6 – Check your audio settings in the game application – Hyperx Stinger Mic Test

Sometimes the main culprit behind this is not your headphone or drivers or your control box. The main culprit will be the game you are playing. Sometimes you accidentally or unknowingly turned off the audio in your game. So check the audio in your game, and by chance, if it is turned off, turn it on.

Solution 7 – Perform Windows Update

  • Open the search bar and type updates.
  • Now click on check for updates.
  • If there are any updates, make sure to download and install them.

Solution 8 – Enable Audio Devices

Sometimes you haven’t enabled the Microphone on the audio settings. So go and check once. If it was disabled, enable it again. Also, make sure that the sound is set to a hundred percent. If it is not set, you will think that the Microphone is not working due to its low volume.

Solution 9 – Reset or Reinstall Windows

If the issue persists, then there are high chances that your operating system files are missing or corrupted. So these missing or corrupted files are preventing your Microphone from working. So you need to reset or reinstall the Windows. Before performing a reset, make sure that all your data has been backed up. Once the Windows is reinstalled or reset, then reinstall the headset and check if the issue persists. I hope this time the issue will not happen again.

If the issue persists, then it is not the system or drivers or software fault. It is probably the hardware of the headphone fault. Now the only way is to contact the support or Manufacturer of the headset.

Solution 10 – Contact Manufacturer or Support

If your Microphone is still not working even performing all these solutions, it is probably the hardware issue. So now it is time to contact the Manufacturer or the support of Hyperx Cloud Stinger.

Contact Kingston technical support (as Kingston makes Hyperx) and select your Hyperx Cloud Stinger product. You can also contact me directly by clicking this link. You can also email your query by choosing the email option provided there. If you have unspecified problems, you can contact the support at 800-810-1972 or 400-810-1972.

Why is my Hyperx Cloud Stinger mic quiet? Hyperx 7.1 Mic Quiet!

The Hyperx mic is quiet because you may have put your volume to a low level. So you didn’t hear any voices or sounds. To solve this issue, first, choose your Hyperx headphone from the bottom right of the menu and then adjust the pre amplifying level. If you notice any minus values, please bring them to the plus values, obviously to +30 decibels. This will fix the error.

Hyperx Cloud Mic not working PS4

When you are playing games on PS4, suddenly, your mic stops working. This will be a massive disappointment because you cannot hear the game sounds and cannot chat with your friends with whom you are playing the game. But don’t worry because we got the solution for this.

Solution 1 – Check your Headset – Hyperx Cloud Mic not working PS4.

The first and necessary step is to check your headset. First, check all the wires and ports are connected and working correctly. Also, make sure that you have connected to the correct port. Also, make sure that there are no obstacles inside the port.

Solution 2 – Check the Hardware – Hyperx 7.1 Mic Quiet

If this method doesn’t work, then try this. If your friends are unable to hear your voice and you can hear them clearly, then surely it will be a hardware problem. So try to solve his hardware problem by using troubleshooting methods.

Solution 3 – Check your mic boom – Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Detected.

Sometimes your headset does not work correctly due to boom issues. For this, you need to replace it with a new mic boom. You can also try an unofficial solution, but it works mostly. Follow these steps:

  • First, connect the mic or headset to your PS4.
  • Now remove the headset to the halfway and again try to insert them.
  • Repeat this step so many times until you hear a buzzing sound.
  • If you hear the buzz sound, then your mic will start working again.

If these solutions do not work for you, try updating your sound card or checking the PS4 settings, or checking your computer’s mic settings.


I hope all these solutions provided here work for you. But before finding the solution, you need to be patient and try the solution one by one starting from the first one. If the first one does not work, then go for the second and so on. If any of the solutions do not work for you, it will surely be a hardware problem in your headset, and contact the Manufacturer or support to fix this issue. We have also provided the contact details and link to the support page here, so you can directly contact them by clicking on the link provided here, or you can contact them by visiting the official website. I hope you liked this article.




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