How To Use Speedfan Computer

Here are the tips for you that how you can simply use SpeedFan on your computer or laptop.

Some people may think it is complicated, but actually, it is not. When you learn the proper and simple way of using it, it’s getting easier.

So let’s start. But before knowing the use of a SpeedFan, at first you have to know a SpeedFan.

Continue reading to know about SpeedFan and how you can use it in a simple way, or also you can get some answered to your question about the SpeedFan using.

What is a SpeedFan?

A SpeedFan actually is Microsoft Windows System or Microsoft Windows Program. It mainly controls the computer hardware system accurately.

It is also connected with a computer’s temperature sensor, and according to its increased speed, it can increase the computer temperature.

But at first, handling this compiled program look quite complicated. But don’t worry, we are here to solve this problem for you.

So let’s continuing reading to make this complicated thing more accessible for you.

How To Use Speedfan

How do I use SpeedFan software?

Before using SpeedFan software, you have to check on a thing. You have to open your motherboard and debug all the automated SpeedFan system. It is needed to prevent conflicts between the SpeedFan program and your computer’s system fan settings.

It is also important because if you forgot to do that, your computer can be hang-up and cause a problem for your computer.

Now follow the steps given below to use the software easily.

First Step

After doing the above step, you just need to download and install the SpeedFan software. Then, searches on Google for ‘’ or any other SpeedFan software you may like to use.

After launching the software, give it some time so it can scan the sensors of your computer.

After its scanning, when the program is opened, you can see a bunch of speed and temperature and other parameters on it.

Second Step

Now, you have to click the ‘configure’ button present on the right-hand side.

Then go to the ‘option’ tab and set the fan value 100% at the program location. And also, make sure to check the small box present on the left-hand side. Because if you forgot to check the box, it would follow the previous setting, not the new settings changes buy you. So remember it.

How do I control fan speed with SpeedFan? 

Now to control the speed of this installed SpeedFan, follow the steps given below.

Third Step

Now to set a maximum speed, i.e. 99 of the SpeedFan, you have to check and set the ‘Delta value for fan speeds’. It is the essential part as it is the change the previous speed settings.

Fourth Step

After that, move on to the ‘advanced’ tab.

Here you can find a chip selection tab—Set ‘motherboard’s superiOR chip’ from the drop-down menu.

Now look for the PMW mode and change it to manual PWM control.

Fifth Step

Now you are able to change the fan speed percentage by using the up or down key or just putting a value manually on the menu. But always remember you can not set a value below 30%. Because below 30%, the fan RPM may read incorrectly and stop the rotation; of course, that is not that what we want. So remember it.

Now you can go to the speed tab and change the minimum & maximum speed value as you want to run your program.

Sixth Step

Then make sure to check the ‘Automatically variated’ box. If you want to rename it, you can do it by clicking or pressing the F2 key.

How do I navigate temperature on SpeedFan?  

To navigate the temperature of the SpeedFan, follows the steps.

Seventh Step

Now move on to the ‘temperature’ tab.

You can navigate this temperature tab if you think your computer components are not as cool enough as you expected. Then you can experiment by selecting ‘Show-in-tray’. Here you can observe many components which you can monitor.

And it is also best to create a shortcut to the ‘SpeedFan to the Start-Up folder’ so you can launch the program any sudden time you want.

Now navigating this temperature feature, you can be the master of your computer cooling.

Can SpeedFan damage my computer? 

Basically, the SpeedFan doesn’t damage your computer if you are not following some important things to set its settings.

Firstly, you have to debug your automated SpeedFan from your motherboard to not conflict with the system fan settings. Either it can make your computer hang and may damage your computer function.

Secondly, remember to set the maximum speed as 99 but not 100. It is the essential part. If you dont follow this, your computer can face a risk.

And lastly, you can not set a fan speed percentage below 30% as it can stop the fan rotation and damage your computer.

All of this mentioned above earlier in this post.

How do I read SpeedFan?

To read SpeedFan of your computer, follow the icon present next to the temperature reading. If there is a Green mark check, that’s mean the computer components running at a safe temperature.

But if there is a blue down arrow means the cooler temperature is running or decreasing temperature.

Or the rising red arrow means the temperature of the components is increasing, so you need to fix it.

Finally, this is the simple SpeedFan guide you may also use to guide your laptop SpeedFan.

Hopefully, now you can control your computer and laptop SpeedFan more easily.


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