How To Use Realtek Digital Output

What is Realtek digital output?

If you wonder how to use Realtek Digital Output before that, know Realtek digital output. Realtek is an audio driver, it allows the device to connect digitally, and it doesn’t use wired connections for your audio devices.

Should I use Realtek digital output?

Actually, Realtek Digital output is not a necessary thing. If you are using an old PC and audio device, you can use an analog connection for the speakers.

Which output is Realtek digital output?

Digital Output was Realtek digital output optical.

How do I activate Realtek digital output?

  • Navigate to your desktop screen
  • Locate the speaker icon on the bottom-right corner of the PC and right-click on it.
  • Now, Right-click on “Realtek Digital Output device.”
  • Next, choose “Enable.”
  • Click -> Set as default key and make Realtek DO as your default playback device and Hit -> Ok to save.

How To Use Realtek Digital Output


Realtek is one of the leading IT manufacturers in Taiwan. Its high-quality audio devices, computer hardware, consumer electronics, home appliances, and networking are known for their high-quality audio devices. Its wide range of products is excellent for any electronics application. Realtek Semiconductor Corp was established in September 1987 and then listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange within a year. Since that time, it has risen to become one of the world’s leading IT and communication companies.

The PC operating system Realtek produces is well known by many users around the world. The company produces several different PCs, including the Realtek x10 series, the Realtek Siera Plus, the Realtek QX10 Series, and the Realtek Minia series. Each of these series of PCs has its own unique operating systems. For example, the x10 series has an operating system based on Windows and offers a complete desktop replacement experience. The QX10 series, on the other hand, uses a Windows operating system along with Microsoft Office installed like the Microsoft Office XP. Users of the related mini-series can easily upgrade to the Windows 7 operating system when it becomes available.

When users encounter problems such as poor sound quality, slow performance, application failure, or the inability to connect to the internet, they should check to see if they have Realtek high-definition audio drivers. Errors related to Realtek drivers may result in a computer virus or an application error. These errors are often related to missing Windows updates. When they occur, they must be repaired to work again. In some cases, these errors can not be repaired and must be restarted.

A user can continue to use the operating system they currently have after they have performed the correct driver update using the Device Manager. The Device Manager allows users to select their devices such as speakers, mouse, keyboard, USB, network adapters, and printers. Once they have selected a device, a search automatically occurs, which helps locate the Realtek drivers for that specific device.

To access the Realtek high-definition audio manager, a search automatically begins. The search engine will permit the user to select “audio devices,” located on the right side of the Control Panel. Another option is to select “sound devices,” located on the left side of the Control Panel. A list of all the devices in the system will appear.

After the search has been completed, a window will appear where the user can select “select devices.” A list of all the speakers, keyboards, USB, and printers in the system will appear. A new window will appear where a “restore” button can be selected. A restore button will perform the task of restoring all the previously selected sound drivers. A “reinstall” button will be available, which can be used to reinstall all the previously selected sound drivers.

If there are any issues, such as a non-responsive audio manager, an update can be performed through “My Computer,” “Control Panel,” or through “My ISP.” The updates are usually performed automatically once a day, usually daily. The Realtek driver updater also includes a scheduler which can be used to schedule a scan of the entire system every day at a specific time. It will help in repairing any errors that occur after a specific time. This tool is very effective in repairing any issues that might arise due to the non-availability of the Realtek device drivers.

The user should be provided with a copy of the Realtek drivers installed on the system. After this process, the user can uninstall any other devices that were not correctly installed. If any updates are required after the uninstalling of the Realtek device drivers, a search bar can be used to find a similar version and install them, one by one.

How To Use Realtek Digital Output

The simplest way to use Realtek Digital Output is to go into Network settings > System in the Control Panel > Network and Internet Connection settings. Then select the properties, and it will say RWDN in small letters. Right-click on that and then select Properties.

Now click on the “OK” button. It will take you to Realtek Wizard, where you need to do some configuration. In the “Communication Setup” area, you have to click on the “ippers” tab. The last step is to click “OK.”

If you need further assistance with Realtek Digital Output no sound, you should first be aware of a few things. If this does not work, then probably your driver or the device is corrupted or unreadable. If you need further assistance with Realtek Digital Output, many websites offer technical support for this kind of device driver. You might also need to check out forums, blogs, or chat rooms that have this issue.

Remember, Realtek Digital Output is a dedicated sound card in this system. What’s more, this sound card is not installed with your operating system and must be configured before you use it. For proper operation of your RWDN setup, you need to use Realtek Installer, which Realtek provides. You can download this program from Realtek’s website.

It is always best to refer to documentation when working with devices that use the Realtek Digital Output driver. There are two kinds of outputs: Front port and rear port. The first kind of output serves as an input to your TV. The other kind of output serves as an output port to an audio device such as a microphone or guitar. These two kinds of output have different ways of forwarding their signal, so you need to ensure that you know how to use them depending on the function of each particular output port.

After installing and configuring the Realtek drivers, the next step is to access the device driver manager. It is a system utility software that displays all the devices that are installed on your computer. Double-clicking the drive icon will take you to a page where you can see the device details, including installation details and configuration.

From the Device Manager, click on the button “routed output” to access the basic configuration of your RWD scope. It helps adjust volume levels, monitoring input and output, and connecting external audio devices. Double-click on the” mixer base configuration” if you’d like to change the mixer base used with your device. You can adjust the volume and pan level of your sound source through this button.

Click “output” to open the Audio Mixer configuration utility. From here, you will able to select and use the output as necessary. Use the left & right arrows to move up and down the slider to change the balance of bass of your audio source. Use the left & right arrows to move up and down the equalizer slider so you can make fine adjustments.

Click “Mixer Base Frequency” to access the mixer’s frequency envelope controls. The mixer has five equalizer bands which help add different sound effects for your tracks. This slider adjusts the overall frequency of your sound output. Use the left & right arrows to move up and down the slope. When you are satisfied by the result, click “OK.”

Double-click “Digital Output Channel”, to open the channel’s configuration utility. Here, you’ll find helpful information about input and output options. If you are using a Universal serial bus (USB) device, this icon should be green. If it’s red, you’ll need a working computer and an active USB port. If you’re using a Firewire interface, the icon should be red. If it’s black, your computer does not have a port for this device.

Double-click “Digital Input Selector.” A strip of lines will appear on your computer screen. If you’re using a newer computer, a gray button or square will be displayed. If your computer is running beyond its current specification, you’ll see a message that says” Channel Selector Up.” Click on this option to increase the number of input channels.

Your mixer will then show up in the list of input/output options. Double-click the appropriate channel to enter into the mixer. Before finishing, double-click “Stop” to remove the mixer from the computer.

Fix your Audio issues by changing the default audio devices.

If you need further assistance with Realtek Digital Output no sound Windows 10, you should first be aware of a few things. If this does not work, then probably your driver or the device is corrupted or unreadable; at that time, switch to fix your speaker issue. Follow these steps to change default settings,

  • Click -> Start
  • Click -> Control panel
  • Click -> Hardware and Sound option; before that, change your view settings into a category to view this option.
  • Click -> Sound
  • Now, Click -> Playback tab
  • Now, You can view all the audio devices linked with the PC
  • Next, Right-click the Speakers -> Click -> Set as Default
  • Suppose you can’t view the default setting icon, then it means your speaker is already set as the default device.
  • For your satisfaction, click -> Enable.
  • Suppose you need to have HD audio, then follow the above-mentioned steps to enable Realtek Digital output as your default device.


Suppose you feel lazy to navigate to the control panel, then click on the speaker icon on the bottom-right of the screen (taskbar), click on it, and redirect to the sound configuration popup.

Update Audio Driver

If your audio device is not working correctly, it might be the cause of the audio driver crash.

These drivers are mainly built for PC hardware parts. Every laptop and PC hold their own type of drivers.

Sometimes it happens, when users accidentally delete the driver files. If it happens, your PC will not work properly and began to show some abnormalities.

Suppose you still encounter the issue even after changing the default settings, then you need to install the proper sound driver. It is an effortless process. Follow these bulleted steps to install audio drivers.

  • Press -> Winky + R simultaneously
  • Enter -> “devmgmt.msc” in-text box and press -> Enter
  • It will display entire devices linked to the PC.
  • Now, Pick -> Sound or Audio inputs and Outputs or Video and Game controllers depend on your OS.

Driver Update

Updating Driver is an effortless process, and you can do this manually too. Just right-click on the Driver manually and click Update. For Realtek drivers, follow the same procedure.

Uninstall & Reinstall Drivers

There is an ancient method, and this method will solve the issue for sure. If the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work, Uninstall the driver manually by right-clicking on the driver and clicking Uninstall. Trust me! It will solve the issue for sure.

If you wish to delete entire drivers from the list, then right-click and select uninstall all the drivers to uninstall completely.

Now, after uninstalling all the drivers, please navigate to the parent tab and right-click on it. Pick -> Scan for hardware changes.

This option will search for Windows updates and install the proper drivers for your hardware components. Plus Realtek driver too. It is a time-consuming process and stays remain until it’s completed. Lastly, after updating is completed, go for restart. Restarting the PC will reboot and make the PC work properly.


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