How To Use Gamecube Controller On Steam

Intro Of Gamecube Controller

This console is the basic console for Nintendo’s GameCube household gaming console, which was released in 2001. It is a step forward in Nintendo’s design procedure in several respects as the predecessor to Nintendo 64 console. The controversial M-shaped configuration of its successor was substituted with a somewhat traditional handlebar type button form.

A second control switch was introduced, swapping the C keys with a C joystick; the X – Y facial keys, last used on the Super Nintendo console, were brought back; the shoulders keys were modified to analog sensors, and the shoulders keys were switched to hybrid analog stimuli. In 2002, the WaveBird, a wireless version of the Game-Cube console, was published.

The basic GameCube console has a wings grips model, and it was published along with the GameCube controller.

How To Use Gamecube Controller On Steam

How To Use Gamecube Controller On Steam?

Exactly do you know that almost every PC game that promotes an Xbox 360 console can be played with a GCN controller?

We’ve grouped together the steps to use Gamecube controller on PC as a simple guide to help you get there.

This applies to both official and unofficial Nintendo gamecube controller adapter pc that allows WUP-028 driver error.

Needn’t bother if you’re unfamiliar with this word; it’s used by the number of adapters, which include steam Mayflash adapter. With the Steam Mayflash adapter, you can use your standard Nintendo Gamecube console to enjoy your favorite Nintendo Wii and Console games.

The guide for how to use Gamecube controller on steam consists of 4 major steps which we have explained in detail below.

  1. Install the vJoy Driver for the Wii USB GCN Module.
  2. Install x360ce
  3. Customize x360ce / Allow Gamecube controller Driver
  4. Organize the required files in the Steam game directory.

How do I use a GameCube controller on steam?

First Step: Install the vJoy Gamecube Controller Driver for the Wii USB GCN Module

To begin to use gamecube controller steam, just go to Massive’s Game-cube Converter site and install the new Wii  USB GCN Converter edition.

After you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll be prompted to install it. Follow the directions below to get started:

  • Place it anywhere you want
  • Select your preferred shortcut.
  • Since we’ll be using the software later, you may want to make a desktop icon.
  • After you’ve completed these simple steps, you should have seen the following screen, which you should click to ins
  • The software will then go through a quick installation and show the window below.

The configuration for the vJoy Device will show up. Choose next.

  • Leave the elements ticked. Click Next
  • Then install.
  • There’s a chance you’ll get a Windows Security warning. If this is the case, press “Install” once more.
  • You’ll get another good installation prompt after that.

The first move is now done!  Make sure “WUP-028” is selected in the drop-down box. Else it will show WUP-028 driver error. Choose the Replace drive button if it shows again WUP-028 driver error.

The beginning step to use gamecube controller steam is this which was needed in order for your computer to “acknowledge” the Gamecube console and its parameters.

How Do I Use My Gamecube Controller On Dolphin?

It’s nothing different. Steam Mayflash adapters & Nintendo are known to function.

This is also what you should use a Gamecube Console with Dolphin in the first place. However, for Steam/PC video games, we’ll have to look quite far. To use GameCube controller on Pc mode close the dolphin emulator if it is opened.

Optional Extra Stage(suggested) 

After you’ve completed phase 1, you shall:

Download the most recent version of the Microsoft.NET platform from here (it’s a very easy installation, identical to the one above).

Before proceeding, restart your computer to verify that the program is completely acknowledged.

Second Step: Install x360ce

The x360ce Game-cube configuration can then be used to have your Controllers/adapters remembered as Xbox 360 Gamecube controllers. It can connect gamecube controller to PC.

As a result, Steam will add them to its vast catalog of 360-compatible gameplay.

Move to another x360ce website to learn more.

2021 Notification: x360ce has launched a new version (4 or greater) that supports both 32 & 64-bit gaming in a single.exe so it’s much simpler to use.

We strongly advise that you try downloading and using version 4+ initially, then continue with the instructions following, ignoring the need to install different 32 & 64-bit features and simply following the instructions for the standard 4+ edition install.

If you’re having trouble with edition 4+, update both the 32 and 64-bit editions and read the directions here.

  1. Install both 32 & 64-bit editions (depending on whether you’re playing a 32-bit or 64-bit game)
  2. We suggest unzipping the documents into two folders once they’ve been downloaded. There is one 64-bit edition and one for the 32-bit edition.

We will now install both editions independently after that. The procedure is common with every edition; we’ll show you how to do it for the 64-bit version below.

To begin, double-click the _x64 folder, and you’ll see the alert below.

When you click “Create,” the required file will be created and the alert will be closed.

Third Step: Customize x360ce / Allow Gamecube Controller Driver

Open the gamecube controller adapter pc while holding the x360ce opened (we’ll get back again later).

Simply press the desktop shortcut if you have one.

Otherwise then, simply click the windows button and enter “GCN” into the search box, and it will show.

You can also visualize the Xbox 360 console controls on their monitor react when you press a button mostly on the Gamecube controller steam and analog switch with your console connected through the input port on the “console 1″ section!

The only thing left to do is tweak the sensitivity levels for the analog sticks.

Adjust the Anti-Dead Zone parameters to 80 percent and the Dead Zone adjustments to 30 percent for every one of the remotes (1-4) under ” The left thumb” section (according to green boxes).

This will guarantee that your analog switch functions the same as it does on the Wii Nintendo Switch.

If you’re using the 32-bit version, remember to follow the same steps.

That’s all in step 3!

Fourth Step: Organize the required files in the Steam game directory

Update 2021: If you’re using the most current edition of x360ce, phase 4 shouldn’t be essential.

While playing games in version 4+, ensure x360ce is going on in the background.

If you’re having problems with edition 4+, follow the steps above to install the 32 & 64-bit editions, then proceed to step 4…

You’re almost there! Keeping the x360ce files into its game directory is the final step in playing Steam gaming with a Gamecube device.

Return to the x360ce directory (32 or 64-bit) after completing phase 3.

We’ll copy all files into the game’s Steam root folder.

“Local Disc C – >> Program Files – >> Steam ->> Steamapps – >> Common – >>Game Name“, for example.

Don’t worry if it’s not precisely that. You’ll notice it if you dig along in your documents.

That’s it!

After that, launch the game through Steam then you’ll have a functioning GCN console for Gameplay!

How do I use my controller on steam?

  • Connect your USB wireless recipient.
  • Switch to Big Picture Setting on Steam.
  • In the right corner, click the settings button.
  • Pick Controller options from the Controller drop-down menu.
  • Choose Attach the Steam Controller from the drop-down menu.
  • To finish pairing, obey the on-screen directions.

64-bit gaming vs. 32-bit games

64-bit applications will not run on the 32-bit operating system, whereas 32-bit apps will run on both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Older processors had 32-bit implementations, while modern computers have 64-bit implementations that are completely compatible with 32-bit implementations. …

32 bits is prepared to fulfill 4GB of memory at the same time.

If you’re unsure if a game is 32-bit or 64-bit, access the x360ce.exe folder after you’ve placed the three files with the in-game directory.

If the bit-type is incorrect, an alert message will appear, and you can simply fill the three files with the correct bit-type.

Can I use a GameCube controller on PC?

You ought to be capable of playing any game consistent with GC control systems as much as if you have another working controller.

With the use of gamecube controller adapter pc, this device can be used. You must be ready to play any game associated with GC devices as much unless you have a working controller. If you want to use Gamecube controller on PC the download the portable program zadig. Zadig can connect gamecube controller to PC. Select all the device lists in Zadig to connect gamecube controller to PC.

Is it not working for you?

If the steps above don’t work, I recommend trying the steps below.

  • Retrace your steps, making sure to finish the mandatory pieces.
  • For non-Steam gameplay, see our alternate choice below.

When none of the previous methods work and you’ve tried your GCN connector in several ports, your adapter might be defective. Attempt a different edition

How to Play Non-Steam Gaming with a Game-cube Controller

There are a few other choices if you choose to use a Games console for Gameplay apart from Steam.

Non-Steam plays that work on the Xbox 360

If the match you’re attempting to play actually accepts the 360 consoles, you can normally get it to work by following steps over or dropping the three 32 bit or 64-bits x360ce folders into the tournament’s root directory.

The only difference would be that the root game directory will be located somewhere other than “steam – >> steamapps – >> common,” but you should be able to find it in the Program Files.

Other games 

If you want to play a game that doesn’t support Xbox 360 consoles, you’ll need to use the console mapping tool.

This enables you to “align” the Game-cube keys to keyboard and mouse activities used by your game’s players (for example, “right-click” may be mapped to green “A switch”).

We suggest using Xpadder for this.

Antimicrob, on the other hand, is a fantastic free alternative.

This method needs a little more modification, or if we Google “Game-cube Xpadder configuration,” you’ll notice that some users already have figured out the console for common games.


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