How To Unlock Android Forgotten Pattern Lock Without Formmating?

In this modern world, everyone wants maximum privacy in his/her smartphone and thus to maintain privacy, we always prefer Pattern Lock or PIN lock Or password. Pattern lock is one of them, which gives more security to our smartphone in order to prevent unauthorized use of our Phone. We always prefer Pattern Lock as it’s very difficult to crack, it is so effective that people using this method to lock their Laptop Or Computer. But one of main frustrating problem that you may have with your Android Phone is getting locked your Smart Phone because of  forgot Pattern. In this case we generally prefer  Factory reset to unlock our smart Phone but in this process, we lost all our documents, important apps which  may create  problem for you.

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If you one of them who want to unlock their Phone but don’t want to lose their data, then this article is for you because today through this article I am going to  tell you How To Unlock a Phone Without Factory Reset? Before Proceeding To the article, let me tell you what is Pattern lock and how it works.  Fix Playstore Error 927

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What Is Pattern Lock?

Pattern lock is the latest security system which allows user to lock their smartphone by drawing the pattern. You have to draw a pattern to unlock your phone to gain access of your phone again. You can find the pattern lock security system in all Android, Apple And Windows based smart phone because it is easy to remember as well as very difficult to crack. Best apps to Lock Apps, SMS, Gallery.

How To Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset?

The general process of unlocking a forgotten pattern lock resets by factory the phone. But in this process, we lost all our important call logs, messages, installed apps and also other some important files or data. Don’t worry, here I have the solution for your problem. Best Luncher App for Android

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#1. Unlock Pattern Manually without any application!

The first process is a basic way and i think most of you know about this trick. Here you just need to add the email address and password that is associated with your phone. Follow the below steps to unlock a forgotten pattern lock very easily.

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  • First of all Draw pattern as your choice for 5 times.
  • Now you will get a small message that “You have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern 5 times. Please try again in 30 Seconds”.
  • After 30 seconds, you will able to see a Forgot Pattern option in the bellow of your screen. Tap on this option.
  • After tapping that option you will able to see a screen, here you need to put the Email ID and password that is associated with your Android phone.
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  • After successfully entering your email address and password you will be taken to the security section of your phone.
  • Here choose the lock type and you are done.
  • Congratulation, your phone is now unlocked without factory reset.

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#2. Unlock Android Device With The Help Of an Application.

The above is not working for you? It is because google sometime don’t accept email ID and password for some accounts for several reasons. In this case we still can unlock our phone without formatting by the help of a small app. The app we are going to use here is Screen Lock By  Pass Pro. This is an Android application which allows you to unlock your device without losing your data. This application actually By pass Or Skips your pattern lock to give you the full access to your phone without loosing any of your data.

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How to use Screen Lock Bypass Pro?

  • First of all Visit This Link from your computer or laptop.
  • Login to play store with the account that is associated with your locked phone.
  • Install the app to your phone. (Make sure that your phone is unplugged to charger)
  • After successfully installed the app, connect your phone to a charger.
  • In this way the Screen Lock By Pass pro will get active.
  • Now a new screen will appear. Here tap on Active button.
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  • After clicking on the active button it will show another screen. Here select “Remove Lock Password”
  • Congratulation! You have successfully unlocked your device.
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Note– your Data Or WiFi should active on Your Device  to Use The Above Methods.


This is in this tutorial of Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock Without Formatting. Please make sure that your data or WiFi is enabled on your device to use the above two methods. So what you think about this article? Do share your view with us in the below comment section.


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