How To Unlock All Characterson Risk Of Rain

Risk of rain how to unlock all characters

This is a 3D action multiplayer game which brings out the mysterious crash site for the Contact Light.  Each run will be different because the player will have to pass through randomized stages, items, bosses and monsters.  You may play solo or you can team up with friends to fight through hordes of the monsters and to find the way of how to escape that planet.

Risk of Rain is the action platform and it has a rogue like elements and risk of rain 2 classes.  Permanent death is a primary feature; the players have to try their best so that they can reach the furthest possible.

When you play, you will have to fight your way through the spawning of the bosses and enemies, it can be alone or you can be having 3 friends for the online co-op.  You will be having more than 100 items that you can use to fight off the enemies and to teleport home.

Unlock All Characterson Risk Of Rain

The goals of the game are

  • Design the game to look randomly generated on each play-through and keep replayability fresh and high
  • Time equals difficulty: when you play for a long time, the harder the game will became. Having the urgency sense, it will make this game too exciting.
  • Enjoy, regardless if you lose or win, there is no need to fuss with the non intuitive and complex gameplay pattern. You should not blame the game if you lose.

To enjoy the game, you should keep the following in mind:

  • You should engage yourself into the online or local multiplier with other players and friends around the globe
  • Play to risk of rain 2 character unlock the 12 characters of the game
  • Fight different bosses and enemies which are being chosen at random by the game and they have different powers and abilities.

How do you unlock everything in risk of rain 1?

When you start to play the Risk of Rain, you will get access to 11 risk of rain 2 characters that you can unlock.  At the beginning, at least 9 characters are available. When the part 2 comes, there are two characters that were added, they are loader and Chef.  Each character uses four different skills and has his own stat for growth.  At the beginning, you can only play with Commando character.

When you progress within the game, it is possible that you may risk of rain 2 unlock characters as you finish the objectives you were given and you complete the achievements.   You should learn about ror2 characters  and how you can get them.

  • Enforcer is unlocked when you kill colossus, wandering vagrant and magma worm
  • completing the stage 3 risk of rain 2 unlocks bandit character
  • Huntress is unlocked by getting 15 monster logs
  • Han-d is unlocked by getting the robot janitor within the storage cartage which is found in the 2 of the final level
  • Engineer: it is unlocked by getting 40 drones while fixing drones will also count.
  • Miner: you need to go to the Magma Barracks where you have to kill a monster named Direseeker in the tunnel
  • Sniper: you have to beat this game  as a single player or with others
  • Acrid is unlocked if you go at the top right of a Sunken Tomb and open a cage to kill a creature found inside
  • Mercenary is unlocked if you finish the game, five times
  • Loader is unlocked if you get 30 items within one game
  • Chef is unlocked when you find the sprouting egg, bustling fungus, foreign fruit and a bitter root within the same game.

While playing, you can also unlock the achievements

Besides risk of rain 2 character unlock guide, you have to learn how to unlock other items in the game. When you save some commands into the achievement section, it can have some effects over the game.

  • To unlock the gasoline, you should defeat 20 lemurians within one game
  • Unstable watch is gotten when you finish the first stage in  5 minutes
  • Soldier’s syringe will be unlocked by dodging 7 lethal attack
  • Lost doll is unlocked when you survive the boss with just 20percent health
  • The backup is unlocked when you get 4 drone helpers
  • Paul’s goat Hoof is gotten if you get the shrine 3 times within one row.


The values of the monsters are found in the order within the monster log appearance. The monsters will be unlocked in the same way that achievements are unlocked. The monsters  to unlock are 30 and they include the following mushrum, black imp, tiny imp, spitter, child, jelly fish, sand crab, greater wisp, rock golem, lemurian,  mechanical spider,  bighorn bison, clay man and whorl among others


The items will also be unlocked as the achievements are unlocked. Some of the items are headstompers, sprouting egg, lens maker’s glass, bustling fungus, fire shield risk of rain 2 power plant and meat nuggets.

How do you get all the characters in risk of rain 2?

Risk of Rain is a 3D translation of the original game. At the beginning, the risk of rain will open with  playtable characters which are Mercenary, Artificer, and Engineer, Huntress, Mul-T and commando. New characters are being listed under construction.  As you continue to play, you will unlock risk of rain 2 new characters.

  • Commando: he is the default character so you will have to play him for some time before you can get access to the new characters.
  • Mul-t is unlocked by passing the first stage five times
  • Huntress will be unlocked if you pass three levels without stopping
  • Engineer is unlocked by completing the first 30 levels
  • Artificer is unlocked by spending 20 lunar coins in order to get her from Newt shop. The enemies will be dropping the lunar coins as you play, you should keep them.
  • Unlock mercenary risk of rain 2 when you clear seven stages and get to Obelisk.

How do you get new characters in risk of rain?

The only way to get new characters is to unlock them by passing the challenges.

Can you unlock characters on easy risk of rain 2?

The easiest risk of rain 2 character challenges is the Mul-T when you clear five stages for five times.  Huntress is not also hard to get.

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