How To Uninstall Nvidia Geforce Experience

In case you are the PC gamer and you use the Nvidia graphics card, there may be a strong chance that you may use Nvidia control panel and Nvidia Geforce experience.  The users may confuse these two programs and they may wonder which is the right tool, when it comes to control the graphic setting.

You may use the Nvidia control panel or Geforce experience so that you can control or modify the graphic settings   or you can update the drivers with other tweak in the performance.

Geforce Experience is the software which is used with the Nvidia GPUs.

The Geforce experience will feature a number of performance with configuration for game tweaks, automatic updates of the driver, the shadow play to use for live streaming with integrated game filters  that works as Instagram filters but this one is for the PC.

Uninstall Nvidia Geforce Experience

The GeForce Experience had carried the mixed reputation from the past.  Some thought about it as the unnecessary addition to the gaming PC while others think that it uses the additional system resource.  However, with the latest iteration, the Geforce experience had became an important tool for the GPU management for the owners of the Nvidia GPU.

Is it okay to uninstall Nvidia GeForce experience?

Geforce Experience is the application which comes with the graphic drivers of NVIDIA Geforce GTX graphics card.  This application is meant to check and to install available updated automatically for the GPU. It optimizes the graphics setting for the games which allow the optimum graphics performance. It allows the users in streaming and sharing of what they are doing with their computers to others. Geforce is designed in making the lives of the users easier and it will enrich the user experience.

However in some cases, it will end up doing just the opposite.  There are users of   this application who end up suffering outrage usage of their processor bandwidth usage and RAM and this causes many complains.  This lead to the question, should i uninstall geforce experience, for them.

Geforce Experience may cause the drop with the FPS with certain users, while with others, they do not like the way that with just one click, every game on their PC will be optimized and it will mess up with the settings that they configured for a long time. This is not something that will sit well with most gamers.

Geforce Experience was not something that gaming community agreed to easily. This is why many gamers of Geforce GTX would like the uninstall it.  The good news is that it is possible to uninstall geforce experience from the computer and the process used is the same as what you do in order to uninstall the program from a computer. However, it has to be noted that the Geforce Experience will keep the Geforce GTX graphic updated. When you remove geforce experience, you will be updating the software manually. You have to keep up with the official website of the NVIDIA and whenever there is any new update, you have to install it manually.

To make sure that the problem is not your notebook, laptop or computer, you need to use the repair apps which will scan repositories and it will replace the corrupt and the missing files.  This will work in many cases, if the issues are caused by the system corruption.

To uninstall nvidia geforce experience, you need

  • Open a start menu
  • Search for the remove or add program
  • Click at the result of add and remove programs
  • Look within a list of the programs which was installed on a computer and locate it before you right click at the Nvidia Geforce Experience.
  • You can then click at uninstall geforce at the resulting menu
  • Go to the uninstallation utility and follow the onscreen instructions. You have achieved tgo uninstall nvidia experience from the computer.
  • In case you can’t uninstall geforce experience using the control panel, you should go to uninstall.exe at the installation directory from Geforce Experience. You can open it so that it will uninstall the Geforce Experience.  It is possible to try out system restore so that you may revert the system up to a point where the Geforce Experience had not been installed yet if you want to remove games from geforce experience.

In case you are yet to get rid of the issues,

  • Open the file explorer on the computer and navigate it
  • you will find the folder which is labeled as the Geforce Experience
  • Download to install the newest version. You can then uninstall Geforce Experience by the use of the above method

In case you have tried all the above but you failed, then you should use the steps used to uninstall geforce experience windows 10.  You may then use other methods available, so that you may get rid of this program. When everything talked about fails, it will be better to call for help or check if the computer is not the problem.

What is Nvidia GeForce experience and do I need it?

 Nvidia GeForce experience does have different features and range which include

  • Optimization of the game, automatically
  • Recording and creating the automatic gameplay with the highlights that use Nvidia shadowplay
  • Broadcast of the gameplay live using Geforce Experience to the Twitch, YouTube and Facebook
  • To capture and to filter the screenshots
  • To update the Nvidia GPU driver at once
  • To stream the game into the Nvidia Shield device

Geforce Experience offers the right GPU management tool and it is used for the Nvidia user. The Geoforce Nvidia GeForce experience features are found integrated into the game recording with streaming option, the same as the in-game filters with other tweaks.

However many users of Nvidia do not like to use Geforce Experience. This is because in the past, the Geforce Experience was known to be clunky and not good software.  However, this perception   had changed and it is important to give the app another try and if you have already uninstalled it, you can try reinstall geforce experience.

Even if using Geforce Experience may improve with your gaming experience, you should know that it is just for convenience but it is not essential, so you do not need it to play.

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