How To Unblock Someone on Discord

If you want to maintain your Discord server efficiently, all you need to know is to manage and navigate the conversations on the platform and handling the negativity there. Although most people do not get involved with other’s lives, some people love ruining and spoiling others’ lives. Therefore, to shortlist people, you need to know how to block or unblock people on Discord.

Discord was launched with the intent of just being a gaming platform in competition to TeamSpeak. As a result, Discord won it. Gradually, Discord emerged more than a gaming platform. People worldwide use it for a range of activities starting from business to hobby.

It is prevalent that somebody on the Internet does not bother you in some way or the other. There are many ways by which they can ruin it, like by insults, sarcasm, rudeness, spamming, trash-talking, being offensive, or worse. No matter what the situation arises, you should know how to deal with it.

Discord provides you with ways to deal with it and manage the chat settings. It can be done by either blocking Discord or unblocking a person. A user can also be muted, kicked, or Discord blocked from the concerned channel as well.

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Blocking on Discord

The first step that should be taken is to block people in Discord. There are two way to discord block Someone on Discord-

Block from chat-

Right-click on the person’s username and select Block; if you want to discord, block Someone from chat.

Block Someone from their profile-

  • In the Direct Message part of Discord, click on the user’s name.
  • Click on the user’s profile picture.
  • At the top right corner, you will find three-dot menu icons. Click on it.
  • Select Block.

But, the drawback here is that blocking on Discord is restricted to just the chat server. The discord block user will be able to see what your status is and what you write. All he would not be able to do is to DM.

Another way could be to mute the person. In this way, they will be muted and no notification and sound even though they contact you.

How do I unblock a blocked?

If the person you have Discord blocked assures you of being good and adheres to their word, you may unblock discord them. The procedure for unblocking is the same as Discord blocking Someone as long as you can find their username from the chat list.

  • Select the Friends button from the DM list.
  • Look for the person whom you have blocked.
  • Click on the user’s profile picture.
  • On the upper right-hand corner, click on the three-dot menu icon and select Unblock.

What happens if you unblock Someone on Discord?

The person whom you have unblocked will now be able to interact with you on the chat server. But there is a point to be remembered.

Unblock Someone on Discord

Does blocking Someone on Discord unfriend them?

When you unblock Discord Someone, you need to send requests again, and after being accepted, you will be friends and connected again.

Mute Someone on Discord

Muting is a less permanent option than Discord blocking Someone, but it can rid the airwaves of unwanted noise, at least for you. For that session, you won’t be able to hear what they say on the server.

  • On the left, right-click on the person’s name in the user’s list.
  • Select Mute.

After muting a person, they will talk as much as they want, but you will not hear any sound of being notified. Therefore, even if you do not react or respond to any message, they will not be notified.

Aside from the options mentioned above, kicking and banning can also be considered as options. The options mentioned above were for those who obstruct individuals, but when people become problematic for the whole server, kicking and banning need to be taken hold of. These should be used but only in severe conditions.

Kicking Someone from chat in Discord

If a person has become a nuisance for all, kicking is the option to be considered. Kicking Someone in Discord is similar to kicking Someone in some other conversation. They’ve been kicked off the server and would rejoin if they can.

  • In the user list on the left, right-click on the person’s name.
  • Select Kick and mention the reason behind it.

Mentioning the reason for kicking the person out of the server is not mandatory. But it is essential as it will help the person to know the reason.

Banning Someone in Discord

The last action that could be taken is to ban Someone in Discord. When you mute, block or kick Someone, they will keep coming back to get added back. Therefore, banning is the perfect option which is similar to kicking except for being permanent.

  • In the user’s list on the left of the chat dashboard, right-click the person’s name.
  • Select Ban and mention the reason.

Mentioning the reason for the Ban is optional.


What happens when you block Someone on Discord?

Discord functions a little better from certain social media outlets when it comes to blocking. Since this is a group chat service, hiding the messages inside a shared forum makes no sense. Although Discord hides discord block message in the session, you can read them by clicking on them.

When you Block Someone on Discord, they will not be able to send any messages, mention you, and you will not appear in the friend’s list and will appear in the discord block list.

To run a successful chat server, Discord provides all the necessary tools and resources.

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