How To Unban Someone On Discord From Your Device

Discord is the app coming 2015 mainly to communicate with the gamers. But in 2017 it also comes with features that it can also use for business purposes. There are many features you find on discord. From video calling to audio sharing and texting support free of cost. But on Discord, there is also some rules and regulation and ban for spamming. Also, you may fear that if Discord mistakenly bans you then what you’ll do. So today our article is all about how to unban someone on Discord or how to unban from yourself.

How Can You Unban Someone on Discord?

The general way to unban someone on Discord is by using the desktop. You can not do it on a mobile phone. Also, you can only unban someone on Discord if you are an administrator on the Discord server. Wherever you use a Mac or Chromebook or Windows the process remains the same for every operating system. Now let’s see the steps how you can unban someone from Discord.

At first, you have to open the Discord app or Discord from your browser. Then you have to log in to your account and go to the channel or server on where you want to unban someone.

Now, you can see the drop-down arrow there. Click on that. Then the menu will pop up. From there you have to select the ‘Server Settings’.

After that, you will find ‘Bans’ options on the bottom of the left-hand side menu bar. You have to click that.

Then you find the member list who is banned on the server. If you do not find the person you want to unban you can search his server name on the search bar. Next, you have to click on the person who you want to unban.

Then there will be a message pop-up that wants to know that you want to revoke the unban or not. You have to click on the ‘Revoke Ban’. Once you have done this the person is successfully unbanned and now gets access to your server account.

By following this method you can also unban someone on discord by MEE6. MEE6 is a Discord role bot.

Unban Someone On Discord From Your Device

How do You Unban Someone on Discord Dyno?

If you using Dyno as a Discord role bot then to unblock someone from Discord you should follow the steps given below.

At first, open the Discord app from your computer.

Go to the drop-down arrow present on the right-hand side of the server name.

There you will find the ‘Server Settings’. Click on that.

After that, go to the ‘Bans’ option.

On the right-hand side, you will find the list of the ban users. Click on the user’s account whom you want to unban.

Then there will be a pop-up. Select ‘Revoke Ban’. And now your user is successfully unbanned.

How do I unban an IP on Discord?

If you got an IP ban on Discord, then there is also a solution to unban your account. The best method to unban an IP on Discord is to tell them to use the VPN. By using a VPN you are gaining a new IP address and you are able to create a new user account. Only then you are able to use the Discord server again. And you can find any type of VPN access on the Internet. We recommended using NordVPN.

How do You Unban Anyone on Discord through PC?

It is also the same rule to unbanning someone on Discord through PC.

First, you have to open the discord app or on the browser.

Then choose the channel where you want to unban some at the left-hand side panel.

Then select the person who you want to unban.

After that, a pop-up comes to like the previous. You have to select ‘Revoke Ban’.

By doing this you have successfully unbanned anyone you want to.

How do You Unban Anyone on Discord through Android or iPhone?

If you are using your android phone or iPhone to run Discord and want to unban someone then you have to the following steps.

Open discord on your phone. Choose the channel or server at the left-hand side panel from where you want to unban someone.

Then click on the three-dot icon present on the top left corner. Next click on ‘Settings’.

Here you find the ‘Bans’ options. Click on it.

Search the person you want to unban and then click on them.

As, the pop-up comes, select the ‘Revoke Ban’.

Now you successfully unban your person from your mobile phone.

What Happens When You are Banned on a Discord Server?

Whenever you got banned on Discord then you are no longer able to access a particular server or any server. This is depending on the type of ban you are. If you are ban from a particular server then you are not accessing the server but have the ability to access another server. But if you got an IP ban, then you do not get permission to access any type of server.

Even if you using any other account and try to access the server you can not get access if your IP is banned from Discord. Because when your IP is a ban, whatever account you try to access the IP address will remain the same for your account. That’s why you are not able to get permission. The only way to use a VPN and then try to access it.

Who is able to ban you on Discord?

There are two types of bans on discord – Server ban and System-wise ban.

When a channel administrator bans you from a server on discord this is the server ban. In that case, you only unban yourself if the administer want you to unban. And in this case, you only unban from a server but you are able to do other things on Discord.

But if you got unban from the Discord itself then you are banned system-wise. In that case, you are ban from everything on Discord. You can not access anything.

Why does Discord want to ban you?

There are several reasons that why Discord or the administrator of the server wants to ban you. The reasons are as follows.

  • If you send spam messages or create spam accounts.
  • If you found to disturb anyone.
  • If send pornographic video.
  • If you send copyright containing violating media on Discord.
  • Self-hatred or blackmailing messages to someone.
  • Leaking private message to someone else.

Also, other extended illegal activities are the reasons that the administrator or the Discord will ban you from Discord.

Are Discord Bans Permanent?

The bans on Discord permanent or not it is depending on what type of ban they got. If they are banned by a moderator from a channel or server then this is not the permanent type. But when a moderator bans someone on discord they also ban their IP address. This means ban all the people coming from the same IP address. So if the moderator wants to unban them they can easily unban.

There is also system-wise present on Discord. If Discord bans a person for their rules or spamming or for violence act then the banned is permanent. And then they are not able to unban themself ever.

Can You unban yourself on Discord?

No, you are not able to unban yourself from Discord. The moderator who blocks you on the server is only able to unban you. So, you need to apologize and request them to unban you. Only if then the moderator unban you, you again able to do your job.

But if you are not able to message your moderator then it may possible that you are blocked by the Discord itself. In that case, you are permanently blocked from Discord and you need to apologize to the Discord help center and ask them for help.

Can You able to ban someone after you unban them? 

Yes, you can. If there is a possible reason to ban again that person. You just need to follow the previous steps that you use to ban someone.

How to check bans on discord?

By opening Discord if you are not able to perform any work on discord like messaging, joining live streaming games, or messaging on the server. That thing means that you are banned from Discord. The ban may either system-bans by Discord or the bans by the administrator.

What happens if you unban a person on Discord?

If you unban someone on Discord they are able to do every work on Discord. They are able to send messages on the server. Able to send private messages. Have the ability to play a role as administrator or moderators or others.

They are also can join the live streaming games. They can enter into a voice channel if they want. And the unban members can be visible by the other members present on the server or voice server.

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