How To Transfer Discord Ownership

Maybe it is time that you want to leave your Discord server. But before, you leave you want to transfer all your Discord ownership to another server account. So today, we are coming with this article about how to transfer Discord ownership. You read this article carefully, and you will learn about the process.

What is Needed to Transfer Ownership

Before you know how to transfer Discord ownership, first, you have to what you need to transfer the ownership. If you are a moderator on a Discord server or have the permission-packed role o the server, that does not mean that you have the permission to transfer the ownership from one server to another. Some extra facilities’ power does not mean that you are the owner of the server.

Thus, only if you are the owner of a server can you share the ownership with another server. And in each sever on Discord maximum of 4 owners can stay. In Discord, there is also an ‘ownerless’ server that exists. But remember, ‘ownerless’ servers do not stay for a long time. They eventually get deleted by the Discord service. If you want that your server exists for a long time, then make an owner of your server or transfer the ownership to another server or another member. 

You can transfer Discord ownership on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and also iOS or Android devices. And the rules for transferring the ownership are nearly similar for all the devices.

How to transfer Discord Ownership on Windows 10 and Mac OS

When the first time Discord came, it is mainly focused on the gamers. That’s why it is mainly used for Windows, as most gamers use Windows mostly to play games. However, this platform has grown gradually as communication, work, and other platforms, not only gamers’ communication purpose. So, now Discord can be used for many other communities for business purposes or other work-related. So, for that, now this app also available on apple. Also, along with this, the process to transfer ownership in Windows also in Mac is the same.

Now follow the method given below to know how you can transfer the ownership for Windows and Mac devices. Although, it is the easiest and quickest step.

  1. First, open the Discord app or open it into your browser. Then, log in to your account. 
  2. Next, on the left-hand side panel, go to the server list section.
  3. Then, right-click on the server icon which ownership you want to transfer.
  4. Now, click on the ‘server Settings.’
  5. Then click on the ‘Members’ on the side menu bar.
  6. Now, find the member with whom you want to share or transfer your ownership and give it to them.
  7. After that, click on the horizontal three dots on the right-hand side of the member name. 
  8. Then, click on the ‘Transfer Ownership’ option.
  9.  Confirm the ownership is transferring by pressing the ‘Trasfer Ownership’ button again.  

That’s it. You successfully transfer your discord ownership. 

Transfer Discord Ownership

How to transfer Discord Ownership on Chromebook

Unfortunately, in Chromebook, there is no Discord app available. But it is quite common for Chromebook to work with browser-based applications. So, same as for Discord, you dont have to worry. You can also access it in Chromebook with your browser. The login option in Discord is similar to any other app login process on Macbook.

But if you dont like to use the login process, there is another way. You can go through the login process by QR code option. The QR code type login process can be done by using the mobile Discord app. To know the process follow the steps given below. 

  1. At first, open your browser and go to webpage.
  2. Then press the ‘Open Discord in your browser’ button. 
  3. After doing that, you will see a QR code come out.
  4. So, to scan with your phone Discord app, open the Discord app on your phone.  
  5. Then, when the app is opened, clicked on your Discord icon on the bottom right corner.
  6. Now, click on the option ‘Scan QR Code.’
  7. Open your phone camera and perfectly scan the Chromebook QR code. 
  8. After that, you have to trust the computer question and click on the ‘Yes log me in’ option.
  9. Once you are successfully logged in to your Discord account, the other process to transfer the Discord is the same as Windows and Macbook. So, follow the steps given above, and you’ll successfully transfer your server ownership with a member.

How to transfer Discord Ownership on Android/iOS

Generally, there are few bit changes observed in Android and iOS apps. But for some apps, the process is the same for both devices. It is also the same for the Discord. If you use the iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device to transfer the discord ownership in each device is the same process. Also, the process is nearly similar to the Windows and Mac OS. Now let’s follow the steps. 

  1. Like all the methods, the first step is always to open your Discord app on your mobile device and log in to your account.
  2. On the left-hand side, the panel selects the server from which you want to transfer the ownership. 
  3. Now, swipe left to open the channel list.
  4. Then on the upper-left corner beside your server name, you can find the vertical three dots. Click on that.
  5. Then, select the ‘Settings’ option.
  6. Now, scroll down, and you will find the ‘User Management’ section. From there, click on the ‘Members’ option.
  7. When the member list is open, tap on the member you want to transfer the Discord owner.  
  8. Then, click on the ‘Transfer Ownership’ option.
  9. After that, confirm the transfer ownership and click on the ‘Transfer’ button.

What happens if there is no Owner on Discord Server

Commonly, you can not create a server without being an owner. When you create a server on Discord automatically, you’ll be the owner. However, sometimes when an owner on the Discord server deletes their account without transferring the ownership, the server remains with no owner for a while. It happens that if the owner wants to come back, they can still become the owner. At this time, the server members can able to do their work.

But for a while, if no owner is available on the server, it will be automatically deleted from discord by the Discord owner. And if a member who has all the special facilities on the server that is similar to the owner’s activities wants to become the owner by transferring the ownership, they can not do it.

If someone wants that server or wants the ownership, then the only thing they can do is to contact the Discord support team for help. Follow the methods given below to contact the Discord support team and ask them to transfer the ownership.

  1. Open the Discord app and go to the Discord support page.
  2. Then, under the ‘What can we help you with?’ section choose the ‘Help & Support’ option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, put your email address. Remember that you have to put the email address which is linked with your Discord account. If you have more than one Discord account, make sure that you put the mail address of that Discord account whose ownership you want to transfer.
  4. After that, under the ‘ Type of question?’ section click on the ‘Server Ownership Transfer Request’ option.
  5. Then, in the ‘Subject’ section, you need to write the “Server owner deleted their account, need assistance regarding server ownership transfer” line.
  6. Next, under the ‘Descriptions’ section, describe your problem properly with intense; that why you need the ownership of this server. Share all the relevant information here that you think is needed. Also, if you know the previous owner’s name, then also include that information.
  7. Under the ‘Server Member Count,’ select either ‘<100’ or ‘>100’ option depending on that server member count.
  8. The ‘Attachment’ section is optional if you need to attach anything with this problem related; attached that in this section.
  9. Lastly, finish the request by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button. 

However, most of this server transfer request is fulfilled by the Discord support team without any complication. But remember that if the server member is below 1000, then it is a little complicated. Although, the Discord server team always tries to help you with your problem with full intention.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. What does it mean to transfer ownership on discord?

You want to transfer the Discord ownership mainly when you delete your account or when you want to share the membership with another member for extra help. So when you transfer the Discord ownership with another member, that means you will handle the server’s important facilities on their hand. Now, they can handle the things on the server as a leader do. They are also able to delete the server or make changes to the server. Sometimes when you transfer the ownership, you can also limit the facilities if you want.

B. How do you return ownership of a discord server?

Actually, when you transfer ownership to your member, you can not return it without their permission. When you are given access to a member of the ownership access, you cannot kick them out. There is no possible way to do that. You have to request the owner to leave the ownership. And if they do, only then you can get return the ownership; otherwise, not.

C.  How do I change the owner of a group in discord?

It is only possible if you are the owner of that group. Then, you have to transfer the ownership to some other group member and delete your account. Then the ownership will be transfer to that member. Or either you can share your ownership with another member.

D. Can a discord server have two owners?

Yes, it can. There is a maximum of four members who can present on a Discord server.

However, transferring ownership to another member is an important decision, so when you transfer the ownership, make sure that you want it. So, hopefully, you understand our article on how to transfer discord ownership. Now, if you are thinking about deleting your server or want a partner in your ownership, do that without any problem with the help of our article.   


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