How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Discord Account

Discord is a free software that is a simple and easy tool of communication between friends and gamers, though it can be challenging to manage at times. If any user feels that they do not have use of their discord account, you have the option to delete it completely. But it is said that the other users are not made aware of the deletion of the account.

However, there is a way by which one can know that someone has deleted their account. There is also a chance that someone has unfriended you or might have blocked you.

Has an Account been deleted?

One can check the username of the person they want to check if they have deleted their account. This is a crucial indicator to it. The deletion of the account shows changes in the username.

As an essential fact, discord gives the option to disable the account in place of deleting the account. A discord deleted user as well as the disabled account user looks the same way. One should check the activity later when you need to look for a contact that appears to be deleted.

A user can modify and change interactions in a discord platform in a variety of ways.

  • Blocking users
  • Disabling an account
  • Unfriending people
  • Deleting accounts

How do you find someone deleted on discord?

The names of the deleted user discord changes to something along the lines of ‘DeletedUser#####’. The numbers that have ‘DeletedUser’ can be either all zeros or random numbers generated. So, it becomes easy to know when a friend has deleted their account as soon as you see their account name appears with this symbol.

The name will be visible in the same way in some previously posted messages, chatrooms, etc.

When an account is created, a unique identification number is attached to it. So, if an account is deleted, two of its essential identifications marks- username and identification numbers become null and void. After deletion of the account, the user cannot be traced back with the help of that username and identification numbers.

There is one more method to show and check if an account has been deleted. Any friend that is connected with two users will not show any mutual since an account among them has been deleted or disabled and the account thereby is inactive.

Apart from the user deleting his/her account, there can be chances when Discord itself deleted or disable a user’s account in case of some abuse or if it being used by an underaged user. Even in this case, the deleted account appears as DeletedUser#####’.

When a user wants to delete his account permanently, the user should ensure that even ‘DeletedUser#####’ should not appear on the platform. They have the option to contact the support team at [email protected]

Someone Deleted Their Discord Account

How do you know if someone deleted you on discord?

Blocked accounts

A deleted or a discord disabled account will be visible to the users. Whereas a blocked user will not appear at all and the discord member list gone. But if you are visible as ‘DeletedUser#####’, this signifies that the account has not been blocked.


If the username is shown active, it simply means that the account has neither been disabledd or been blocked. And if any of the information is not available, it means that the account has been unfriended as they get an option of discord remove friend.

What happens to a deleted discord account?

If the user deletes their account, the messages and pictures shared with the users stay in the chat boxes. This presence makes it difficult for other users to know whether the account has been deleted or if the user has taken a break.

Even though previous information is there, no current activity is seen and no response could be driven by sending any messages.

If a user wants that no previous messages be left after deleting the account, one should click on the three horizontal dots next to each message and click on delete before closing the account.

Can you reactivate a deleted discord account?

An account is not permanently deleted before 30 days. All the information is saved with the discord platform. If the user changes his mind and wants to reactivate it, it can be done as a discord accountdisabled recovery.

No matter what the reason had been for deleting the account, if it is under a 30 days window, it can be restored.

If 30 days are exceeded, the account and all of its related information gets permanently deleted from the server. This is in compliance with GDPR.

The steps to restore a discord deleted account are as follows-

  • Login to your deleted account to Discord with either the desktop or the application.
  • A pending “Account Scheduled For Deletion” window should appear, signalling that your account is on the verge of being permanently deleted.
  • Just below the “I am sure! Button,” you should see “Change your mind? Restore Account”.
  • To restore, click on Restore Account to have your account’s access once again.

If the dialog box does not appear which asks for restoration, then the account would not be available for restoration, and the only option left is to create a new account. Also keep in mind, that the IP address related to the deactivated account also would have been banned. Thus, a VPN needs to be used to overcome the ban and create a new account.

How long until the discord account is deleted?

A deletion takes around 14 to 30 days to fully complete. If not restored within this, it will be permanently deleted.


What is the difference between a discord account disabled and a deactivated account?

A disabled account is one which is not permanently closed and can be resumed after a certain period as per the need of the user. At the same time, a deactivated account is the one that needs to be shut entirely and will not want to have access again.

Can messages be sent to a disabled account?

Any user can send messages and friend requests to a disabled user, but the disabled user will not have any notifications until they log in and resume their account all over again.

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