How To Stop Ccleaner Popups Alerts


CCleaner app is a free cleaning app for unwanted files on PC developed by Piriform. First launched in 2004, this app has the longest-established system cleanser.

This app is a known app used on most PCs to save a lot of hard-drive space. It can clean almost all of the unwanted junk files on your PC.

Also, it provides alerts & notification when PC contain more than 500GB of unwanted junk files.

Besides, this app contains default enabled active monitoring system. Although some alerts are essential for your PC, some are quite disturbing.

Most of these pop-up alerts are the advertised ones that most people hate, especially if there is the cost involved.

So, maybe you are reading this because you also get rid of these popo-ups.

Let’s continue to know how you can stop these CCleaner popups alert.

Stop Ccleaner Popups Alerts

How can you disable CCleaner popups? 

You can disable your CCleaner popups by following the way –

  1. Disable your CCleaner app updates.
  2. Get rid off of annoying pop-ups on Windows 10.
  3. Remove CCleaner Icon from the taskbar menu.
  4. Disable CCleaner monitoring system.
  5. Manage monitoring system on CCleaner Pro.


1.How do I disable CCleaner updates?

If you want to disable your CCleaner updates, just turning off the automatic update features is not enough. So you should follow the steps below to disable automatic updates –

Step 1

First, open the CCleaner app and then click the ‘Options’ tab on the left-hand side.

Step 2

Then go to ‘Updates’ under the ‘Options’ menu.

Step 3

Then under the ‘Updates’ menu, uncheck the ‘Keep CCleaner updated automatically.’

Step 4 

You can also uncheck ‘Send notifications when there is a new version of CCleaner’ for future unwanted notifications.  


2.How do I get rid of annoying CCleaner pop-ups on Windows 10?

You can stop unwanted notifications from CCleaner by configuring the windows setting. Follow the steps below.

Step 1

To stop the CCleaner popups through the Windows setting, open the Cortana button and then open the app’s search box on Windows 10.

Step 2

Search for ‘notification’ on the search box.

Step 3

Then select the ‘Notifications & Actions’ settings.

Step 4

And there, find the ‘Get notifications from apps and other senders’ and switch off the setting.

3.How do I remove CCleaner from my taskbar?

If you dont want that the CCleaner icon dont show to your taskbar, maybe it can distract you from doing the other things, then continue reading.

Step 1

First, you have to turn off the ‘Always show all icons in the notification area’ switch that present on the windows 10 system setting.

Step 2

After that, to stop CCleaner alerts temporarily, you have to right-click on the icon present on the taskbar and select ‘Exit’ or ‘Remove Icon’.

Then you can not see the icon on the taskbar again until you restart your PC.

4.How to disable the CCleaner monitoring system? 

Fade up with all days CCleaner monitoring system? Follow the steps to disable this.

Step 1

There is two monitoring system present on the free version of CCleaner. To disable these, first, open the CCleaner window, then select ‘Options.

Step 2

Then click on the ‘Monitoring’ present on the ‘Options’ menu.

Step 3

Then find the ‘Enable System Monitoring’ option and uncheck the small box.

Step 4

Additionally, from this menu, you can also stop the apps updates. For that, deselect the ‘Enable Active Monitoring’ present on there.

Step 5

And then there, a dialogue box is open. Select ‘yes’ for the confirmations that you dont need a notification.

5.How can I manage the monitoring system on CCleaner Pro? 

There is some different setting to manage monitoring system on CCleaner Pro than CCleaner Free. Here are the steps to monitor CCleaner Pro.

Step 1

Either you can set a higher value ‘If cleaning saves more than’ text box to reduce the number of pop-ups.

Step 2

Or, you can select ‘Automatically clean on closing without notification’ and from the drop-down menu, choose ‘remove the alerts but keep system monitoring on’.

Step 3

Also, there is an extra option present on the Pro version. That is ‘Enable browser monitoring’. You need to uncheck that to reduce the expanded software notifications.

Step 4

Otherwise, you can configure the setting by selecting ‘Automatically clean on closing without notification’ from drop-down menus. Then, CCleaner automatically removes the temporary browser files without any notifications.

What is a good replacement for CCleaner?

If you are tired of CCleaner notifications, or you may not be happy with this one. Then yes, other apps can find on google, which can be a good replacement for CCleaner. Here are some mentioned apps.

  1. Iolo System Mechanic.
  2. Advanced SystemCare (ASC).
  3. Advanced System Optimize.
  4. Avast cleanup.
  5. AVG PC Tuneup for PC, Mac, and Android.
  6. Glary Utilities.
  7. Privacy Eraser.

So, now we hope you can find your CCleaner’s problem answers. So stop the popups and enjoy cleaning the unwanted files on your PC without any distraction.


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