How To Spoiler On Discord To Hide Your Messages

Discord is an app that helps you to communicate with your friends, especially during gaming. So, sometimes there is some message that mistakenly sends or creates some problem for you. So, in that case, you need to hide them. For this purpose, Discord recently comes with their spoiler tag that helps you to hide the unimportant message from this app. So in this article, you know how to use spoiler on discord to use for hiding your messages.

You can use these spoiler tags on any device where you want. The browser of your computer or laptop also your android phone, iPhone, or iPad.

How To Spoiler On Discord To Hide Your Messages

How do I blackout text in Discord? 

To blackout or hide the text on Discord, you have used this Discord spoiler tag. By following the given steps below you can easily hide your text message from Discord on any device you want.

To hide a message by spoiler tag you have to write ‘/spoiler’ before your text message “/spoiler your text message”. Then when you send the message on Discord its shows as “/spoiler this is a spoiler message”. Thus, your message will be hidden or blacked out until any users want to see it.

Another way is you can use the two bars (||) before and after your message. You have to do it like this – “||this is a message||”. It also shows your message as a spoiler and hides it.

And if you want to show a spoiler message on discord you just need to click on that spoiler tag message and then it will show that the original message under a grey highlighted background.

How do you Spoiler an image in discord iOS?

Spoiler tags also help you to hide your images or any other attachment on this Discord app. But unfortunately, this is not applicable on your phone it is only can be used from a laptop or PC. Besides, it is not can be done by using the previous method that you use for the text.

To spoiler your image or attachment on the desktop you have to first open the Discord desktop app or in the browser. After that, you have to upload your image or the attachment. Then there is an option that shows ‘mark it as spam’. If you tick the box and mark it as spam then the image will send as a blurred image and as a spoiler.

To see that type of spoiler image, like the previous way you have to click on that, and then only the original image or the attachment pop-up to you.

How to hide spoilers in discord?

But from a brave mind if you want to hide all of your spoilers you also can do that. To do that you have to go to ‘User Settings’ at first. Then go to the ‘Text & Images’. From there as your choice, you can select an option from the given three. The options are ‘On Click: Never mind, I want to go back. Please hide all spoilers’ at first. The second one is the ‘On servers I moderate: I am the Law, therefore I cannot have spoiler tags slowing me down’. And the last option is the ‘Always: As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there’s nothing left to spoil’. So by selecting any of them you can successfully hide your spoilers on discord whenever you want.

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