How To Speed Up Bluestacks

If the Android emulator bluestacks running slow on Windows, it is not the best gameplay.

 However, it is pretty easy to speed up bluestacks running slow as well as we show you the solutions.

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 BlueStacks dpi is indeed an emulator which enables one’s users in Windows to perform Android games.

 The publisher of the software boasts also that the emulator is Earth’s quickest video game platform. BlueStacks 4 seems to be eight times speedier than the last release and operates a Galaxy Samsung S9 game six times quicker.

 However, some users in forums have stated that bluestacks laggy behind and run on desktops or laptops slowly.

 How Can I Make Bluestacks Run Faster?

 Have you wondered How can I make BlueStacks 3 run faster? Then here are steps for bluestacks laggy. 

1.    Verify whether Virtualization is available for bluestacks video lag.

2.              In BlueStacks Configurations, increase the amount of RAM & CPU cores.

3.              And in the Control Panel, modify the plan towards “High performance.”

4.              GPU modules (NVIDIA/AMD) should be updated.

5.              Close any programmes that are using a lot of memory which makes bluestacks running slow.

6.              Set up your antivirus defence.

How To Speed Up Bluestacks

How Do I Get 60 Fps On Bluestacks?


A “High FPS” choice can be found at the very base of the list If you turn this on, you’ll be able to alter your goal from 60 to 240 frames per second.

  • Determine the refresh rate of your computer.

  • Find out what the current frame rate is.

  • In Windows 10, allow Game Mode.

  • Make sure you’re using the most recent video driver.

  • Make adjustments to your game’s settings.

  • Reduce the size of your phone.

  • Invest in a better graphics card.


How To Speed Up Bluestacks For Pc

  • Update the driver of the card

  • BlueStacks update

  • Assign BlueStacks more RAM.

  • Close software for third parties

  • Switch off antivirus programmes

  • Set the display settings of BlueStacks


Update The Driver Of The Card

 Most recent card drivers could really improve Windows gaming noticeably. Naturally, it is mainly for visual performance but the gaming can also be optimised otherwise by new graphics processor drivers.

 If configured, Windows Update might well keep updating graphics drivers automatically. Windows Update does not, however, always maintain the latest updates to the Graphics Card which causes bluestacks video lag.

 Therefore it may be worth a look whether your bluestacks video lag because of less space so make your drive up to date.

 For Bluestacks audio lag the right approach to easily verify as well as modify the network card driver is through driver updater apps like DriverFix.

 Following installation, the tool would then instantly scan for updating drivers. If bluestacks runs slow you can then keep updating the software drivers.

 DriverFix recommends software that is consistent to your gadget only. It is fast, intuitive as well as extremely safe.

 List whatever drivers that are outdated.

 Beside each item, you can click the Update icon or you may update drivers in bulk.

 Why Does Bluestacks Run So Slow?

 Under “Engine Settings,” increase the amount of RAM & CPU cores. Make sure the graphics drivers are up to date. Whether you are running several applications at the same time and your device requirements are low, close the others. 

 Bluestacks Update

 The quickest version of the emulator is BlueStacks 4. Simply put, in the newest optimize bluestacks games are likely to be a little faster & more reactive than before.

 If bluestacks runs slow, the very first point that users use older software versions should do is update to the recent BS 4.

 Customers with BlueStacks dpi as well as larger can update an emulator by tapping the BlueStacks toggle on the software’s website without missing game data & in purchases.

 However, users with little than BlueStacks dpi older BS versions are unable to update software directly for bluestacks audio lag.

 Assign Bluestacks More Ram.

 Open the bluestack settings on your computer.

  • To enter a menu, press the Settings icon in the toolbar right corner of BlueStacks.

  • Pick Settings to bring up a window with additional device options.
  • Mostly on the left side of the Configuration panel, select the Engine section.

  • Then, to raise the volume of RAM assigned to BlueStacks, move the Storage bar to the right.

  • You may also choose to have BlueStacks running slow to use several CPU cores. (From its CPU Core drop-down list, choose the largest number.)

  • It’s possible that bluestacks runs slow because it requires a minimum of 2 gigabytes of RAM.

 Game engine bluestack settings are far more current BS versions allow users to optimize bluestacks ram size and certain other device resources available to the Android device for bluestacks audio lag also.


Close Software For Third Parties

  • Select Task Manager from the context menu that appears when you right click on the taskbar.

  • Then choose Processes from the drop-down menu.

  • Under applications, pick a programme (except BlueStacks) and press the End task key.

  • If bluestacks runs slow any background software may be used in background operations. So search for any non essential third party programme listed there and close it.

  • Third-party application providers will eat up device resources as well.


The System Setup utility can be used to override third-party utilities. Users can disable software services in this manner.

  • To use the Windows button Plus R keyboard, press Windows + R.
  • Press the OK icon after entering msconfig through Run.

  • On a System Config panel, go to the Services section

  • Select Mask all Microsoft functions from the drop-down menu.

  • Then uncheck any of the mentioned third-party providers.

  • Apply & OK are the keys to press.

  • To reload Windows, pick the Restart button.

 Closing programmes has the same impact as growing RAM distribution in that it frees up more machine capital for BlueStacks.

 Even if there are not many programme windows accessible mostly on taskbar, bear in mind that Windows may have some background applications running.

 Switch Off Antivirus Programmes


Third-party software antivirus features could also has a significant impact on BlueStacks’ Android gaming results

 So momentarily disabling certain functions, such as the antivirus packs, can help BlueStacks run faster.

 Some anti – viruses can be temporarily disabled or turned off by right-clicking its system tray icon as well as selecting the disable / turn off function. Likewise, also on the settings option in the antivirus facility’s main window, pick the disable choice.

Most antivirus software includes hardware-assisted software solutions, which can affect your BlueStacks emulator significantly.

So, if your antivirus programme has one, reassign that allow hardware-assisted virtual machines function.

Set The Display Settings Of Bluestacks

  • BlueStacks will launch a menu when you press the bluestack settings tab.

  • To access a Settings screen go to the menu and pick bluestack settings.

  • Then, if it isn’t already selected, press the Display button.

  • Reduce the resolution to a lower level. Users could, for example, opt to lower the app’s resolutions from 1,920 x 1,080 towards 1,600 x 900.

  • Pick the Lower (1600DPI) choice on the Monitor tab as well.


In most Windows games, the bluestack display settings have a significant effect on gameplay speed.

Lowering the resolution & DPI in the graphical settings also speeds up games by freeing up device resources.

As a result, changing the resolution & bluestacks dpi in the very same way can help Android games run faster within BlueStacks emulator.

There are some resolutions that can contribute to minimizing bluestacks laggy. After downloading them, Android games can speed up bluestacks a little quicker on Windows 10.



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