How To Speed Up Android Tablet

How do I get my tablet to run faster?

If you watch your “tablet slow to respond`” try these fixes,

  • Delete > unwanted Apps, Music, Video, and Photos.
  • Delete > the Browser/App Cache memory
  • Backup and Factory Reset the Tablet
  • Disable > Background Processes.

How can I make my Android tablet run faster?

Speeding up android tablet have several methods to do, some of them are here,

  • Try Power OFF/ ON
  • Update the Android version
  • Save Battery power
  • Remove troublesome widgets
  • Reduce the animation time
  • Use Class-10 or higher version SD cards.
  • Try a third-party launcher.
  • Clean Cache memory
  • Rooting and custom ROMS
  • Factory Reset

What is slowing down my Android tablet?

“An android tablet running slow and freezing” is caused because of the Background process, Cache memories, or Hefty software might be the reason for performance degrades in Android tablet and make the tablet slow to respond.

How To Speed Up Android Tablet
How To Speed Up Android Tablet

How can I speed up my slow Android?

“Asus tablet running slow” was the issue I faced personally, and I tried these steps to recover it.

  • Reboot the tablet
  • Delete Junk files
  • Limit the Background processes
  • Disable animation

Why is my Samsung Galaxy tablet so slow?

Cache memory is making the tablet run slow. Likewise, the “Asus tablet running slow” cause of the issue is because of cache memory.

How to speed up android tablet

The main reason why the tablet is lagging is because of the cache memory. Besides that, many factors affect the tablet performance like the outdated Android version, Hefty App size, out of internal memory, and so on, which will make the slow tablet. Try these tricks to make your tablet run faster,

Trick#1 Try Power OFF/ ON

The easy method to “make android tablet faster” is by restarting your device. It will clear the cache data immediately without effort. But it is not permanent. If your tablet runs for a month without power OFF, this restart will boost up a tablet’s performance, and it will not make your tab a slow tablet.

Trick#2 Update the Android version

Always remember to Turn on the auto-update feature in a Tablet. It will let you use the latest Android version, and it will “make android tablet faster.” If you don’t want to enable the auto-update feature, then frequently check for android updates on a tablet. To check for Android updates` follow the step given below,

  • Setting > About > Software update

Trick#3 Save Battery power

You may wonder how the Battery saver is related to tablet performance? Some apps will consume more power and space in the background. That app is responsible for the processor heft work. So, uninstall that particular app then it will recover the tablet speed. Because of this “Lenovo tablet so slow” occurs. To check, follow this step.

  • Android setting > Battery > Usage

Trick#4 Remove troublesome widgets

The best thing about tablets is Widgets. Some of the widgets get frequent updates. These updates will use chunks of RAM on Tab. As a result, it will reduce the performance and make the tablet run slow. So, removing these widgets will make your tablet run faster.

Trick#5 Reduce the animation time

Every action on a tablet has animation effects. For instance, tapping on the Home button will have crossfade or zoom animation as default. The time taken for these animations to occur is the animation time in androids. Usually, it will be a 1x by default. Change the animation time to .5x in all menus to reduce the animation time and increase the response speed. By using this trick “Lenovo tablet so slow” issue will not occur. Follow these steps to reduce the animation speed,

  • Setting > About
  • Tap on > Build number seven times (It will enable the Developer mode)
  • Go back to the Settings.
  • Open > Developer Mode
  • Scroll Down > Window, transition and Animation scale
  • Select each one and set .5x.

Trick#6 Use Class-10 or higher version SD cards

If your tablet supports expandable storage, next use high-class SD cards because it has a quick response time, resulting in “speeding up android tablet.”

Trick#7 Try a third-party launcher

Every tablet has its launcher. Sometimes the default launcher may be faulty and cause the tablet to run slow. So, switching to the latest Nova and Google launcher will enhance tablet performance. It will avoid the “android tablet running slow and freezing” issue.

Trick#8 Clean Cache memory

Every app has a separate cache memory. These cache memories stores the temporary data’s from which will have a considerable size. Because of this hefty size, the processor struggles to perform the task. Even Octa-core processors strive to execute the task. So, clearing the cache memory will boost tablet performance. To clean the cache memory,

  • Select each app and choose a clear cache to clean the cache memory.

There are many apps available in the Google play store, like Clean Master, CCleaner, and App Cache Cleaner. Use these apps to clean the cache memory.

Trick#9 Rooting and custom ROMS

I won’t recommend this trick personally. Still, it enhances tablet performance. With rooting, it unlocks the hidden features in the tablet.

Trick#10 Factory Reset

If nothing works, try this dead end. A factory reset is the last option available. Reset the device and start the fresh one.




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