How To Speed Up Android Device?- Some Basic Tips.

Running android is one of the greatest experience among the smartphone users. But what if it slows down? Yes, I know you all are suffering from this problem. This is a basic problem for all android users, by passing of time our device got slower. So here I am going to share some basic tips that will surely help you to speed up your Android device.  Best movie app for android

Basic Tips To Speed Up Your Android.

The below are the some best basic tips which will help you to speed up your Android device.

Uninstall/Disable unused App.

This is the first step toward speeding up android. Usually we install lots of apps for our smartphone, which lead to slow down our phone. These apps are eating down or use system memory which means a slower phone. So it is better to uninstall this app. Some apps are not uninstalled because these apps are coming pre-installed from the manufacturer. But we can disable this app for better performance of our smartphone. The uninstall/Disable app is very easy, just follow the steps-

  • Setting > Application Management
  • Tap on the App which you want to Disable/Uninstall.
  • Now Tap Uninstall to Uninstall that app or Tap On disable To Disable that App.

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Disable Auto-sync Data.

All your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and some other app who tries to use your mobile data on a regular basis to keep you update with new mail, tweets or notifications, which are actually not necessary. Because you can check them manually. So it is better to Disable Auto-sync because it not only eat your mobile data, but also eat up your mobile ram which alternatively slow down your android.
Follow the below step to Disable Auto-sync-

  • Go To Setting From App Drawer.
  • Tap On Data Usages, from the all options.
  • Now Tap On The Three Dots situated on the Top (On Samsung or LG) or Press option buttons from your phone.
  • Now un-select the Auto-sync option to disable Auto-sync.

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Clear App Cache.

Every app has a cache file and the amount of cache also increased by using any app frequently. This cache files not only eat up our storage, but also make our android device slower. You can remove that app cache to make your device faster. To remove app cache, follow the simple steps below-

  • Open setting From App Drwaer.
  • Then Application Management.
  • Now tap on the app which you want to remove app cache.
  • Here you can see “Clear Cache”. Tap on it to remove cache of that app.

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You need to remove all cache by tapping on all individual apps and also on a regular basis. Because all app build cache whenever you launch that app. So removing all app caches on a regular basis may prove a time consuming task for you. To make this task easier you can use any third party app like ‘App Cache Cleaner‘ or ‘Clean Master‘ which will remove your app cache at once. Free download Hotstar android app for PC

Remove App Shortcut and Widgets From Home.

Widgets are very useful for better access to our phone. But most of us use it to decorate the home screen of the phone. Widgets are staying ON always which also help to slower the phone. Use the important widgets or don’t use any widget if possible. App shortcut is also very useful for better access of your favorite app, but on the other side, it also a reason for your slower phone. Remove all unnecessary app shortcuts from the home screen and keep the home screen clean.
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Use a Third Party Launcher.

The stock launcher which comes with your phone is loaded with lots of features, UIs and customizations. Which help you to use the best of your smartphone, but on the other hand it can also slow down your phone. Use a simple and effective launcher which can help you to run your phone in a better way and can give you a relief from a slow phone. Use Nova Launcher” for better performances both on your Tab or Phone.
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Update Firmware

Updating your phone is a great idea, because each update comes with latest features and a lot of solution of bug, lag which increased our user experience. It is a simple solution for slower phone. To do so, follow the below instructions-

  • Open Setting From App Drawer.
  • Then System> About Phone>Software Update
  • If found any any update then install it.
If you don’t find any update here, then you can connect your phone to your PC and check for updates via your phone’s manufacturer PC suits. Best WhatsApp tips and tricks 2015
Note– Update Phone doesn’t need to backup your phone, but I suggest you to backup your phone because “Surety is Better Than Uncertainty“.

Free Up RAM

As we all know RAM plays an important role on both our PC and Phone. It’s a temporary memory where all running apps are stored. So it is better to free up RAM. You can also see which app takes more space on ram and then can uninstall or disable that app if not needed. Follow the below instruction for free up Your Phone’s RAM-
  • Close all App manually not by just pressing the home button.
  • Restart Your Phone. Although it is a temporary solution, but it works.
  • Check which app eat more space of your RAM.

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You can also use some third-party apps like NQ android Booster or Smart Booster to kill all your background apps. This app is very useful for making your mobile RAM free.

Root Your Android

This is an additional tip to make your android device faster. By rooting your device you will get the root access on your phone which will also make your android faster. This process installs custom ROM on your device which is lighter than before which mean a faster phone. Although it is a risky and difficult process so it is not recommended for everyone. Remove memory card password easily free

Note- Rooting android may void your phones warranty, so do it at your risk. For any further help regarding rooting you can visit XDA Developers Forums or Android Forums or follow our rooting section for latest rooting updates.

Final Word

This is in this post. I think I have covered up all major points which are very useful to keep an android device faster. But if i have left any point which you think may help other to speed up their android then mention it on the comment section below. Do share this post with your friends, family and any other android user to give a relief from slower phone. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and get all latest articles straight to your mail inbox.


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    Thanks for this wonderful post, I am currently a android user because am trying to work around the new Tecno Mobile Phone device “Tecno R7”. And to be sincere Android Rocks.

    All the tips you shared are great and when implement will definitely speedup a android device. “Clearing App Cache” is one great tips i see that will definitely improve the loading time of a android phone.

    Performing regular firmware updates is a strong tips all android users must not ignore… I love the way you structure this article, you give guide on where necessary and also add some visuals.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and hope add some if the information in this article to my TECNO DEVICE REVIEW.

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