How To Sign Up For WoW Classic Beta

Today “Games” is a big category as “Apps” and “Books”. It probably is getting bigger and bigger. Today technology has taken the gaming experience to another level, like before we played on arcade machines that had 2-D pixel-type games.

Compare them to now, such meticulous detailing simply blows our mind. Today’s world is more about multiplayer. The reason being that you’re against real players and your skill is going to help you win. One such popular online multiplayer game is World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft got its fame in 2004 when they released their 10th-anniversary pack. The online game is about character development. You can choose any character then, roam around completing quests, fighting other players or monsters, and getting to the top.

The more you play the more experience points you’ll get the more powerful your character will be. The best part is you can interact with other players or even engage in a fight (player vs player or PvP).

Sign Up For WoW Classic Beta

How Do I Sign Up For World Of Warcraft Beta?

There’s no doubt that people are taking an interest in such a game. For the ones who don’t know, World of Warcraft in 2014 got 100 million accounts registered. Just think how big the game has become by now.

Now, coming over to the main part, you want to get into the beta version? But first, you must register yourself for the standard edition of the game (alpha version). If you don’t have that, follow the steps below and get one.

  • Search “” on the internet and download its desktop version.
  • Log in with the credentials if you’re an existing user or make an account by signing up.
  • Search “World of Warcraft” or you may find it on the page itself, and head towards it.
  • Now navigate to the “account” and there will be a drop-down menu.
  • Choose your preferred region, and you’ll have your starter pack or edition.

If you want a standard pack, you’ll have to buy the “game time”, and you’re done. But, if you are someone who wants all the latest equipment or characters, etc. Head for the “Complete Edition”.

Now, towards the Beta. To get into the classic Beta of WoW, head towards the official website of World Of Warcraft. Next, sign in with your login credentials. Once you’re in your account, scroll down and find “Opt-in Now”. Click that and you’re registered for the Beta.

Remember, you’re just registered but not confirmed for getting access. WoW classic Beta will send invites, if you’re lucky, you’ll get one as well.

If you’re chosen for WoW Classic Beta Test, you’ll get an email regarding this from Blizzard Entertainment.

How Do I Opt-In For Beta?

To Opt-in in WoW Classic Beta, you’ll need to head towards their official website. Then, sign in with your credentials and get into your account. At the bottom, you’ll find “Opt-in Now”, click it and you’re done.

So, you can expect more for this Beta server of WoW Classic. Also, a recommendation that don’t use any other links to join the beta. Use only the ones provided on the official website. Some users have been scammed regarding this.

There are people who have been wrong information that “opt-in” isn’t the whole process to enter the World of Warcraft Vanilla Beta.

How Do I Know If I Am In WoW Beta?

Remember, the beta server of Classic WoW isn’t that huge to hold so many real players, it’s just for testing. So, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get an email that you’re selected for the testing. It was observed that there were tonnes of sign-ups for “Battle For Azeroth” Beta.

Once you get the email regarding this, follow the steps or complete the formalities to get access to the WoW Classic Beta server.

Also, keep checking your email as the invites aren’t send all at once. They are sent with waves, so chin-up, there are better chances of getting your name in the next wave as the Beta is meant for improving the experience. The more users play the more they’ll find the bugs.

This way, they’ll be able to prioritize which deserves to be fixed first.

Can I Try WoW Classic Without Subscription? 

Actually, No. To play the classic WoW, you’ll have to pay for the standard edition which involves most of the thing. But if you only want to try the game then, you can do it by creating your starter edition.

But there are certain limitations as well. As they are not asking for any credit card details, you can play only till level 20 whereas the standard edition will provide you till level 110. Also, you won’t be having access to the voice chats or any special content the expansion packs have.


In the end, we conclude that World of Warcraft has been a great online multiplayer game since its 10th anniversary in 2004. Till then, the game has been dominating others and has been upgrading itself. To get into the Beta of WoW Classic, you’ll need to have an account on the official website.

Remember, to sign up for the classic WoW Beta, follow the steps given only on the official website. If anyone else tells you that this isn’t the right way then, don’t fall for it, you can be scammed.

Also, if you’re an experienced player in WoW and haven’t applied for the test server, then sign-up for WoW classic Beta now. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your invitation through your email. After that, simply follow the steps to get access to the Beta server. These servers are believed to last for 4 months, taking the past as a reference.

Probably the highest sign-ups for WoW classic Beta were for the “Battle For Azeroth”. Also, the invitations are given in waves. So, don’t fret if you didn’t get the email in the first go, you may get it in the next ones.

If you want to try the game for free then, create a starter pack but remember, you’ll only get to level 20 with no voice chats or special content provided in the expansion packs.

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