How To Show Fps In Apex Legends Game: Some Tips

Apex Legends is one of the most famous action games developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is a battle game. Like any other action games here, you also need the fastest performance to play the game with full attention and need the quick action to do it. If your PC slow during this kind of action game, you may lose your chance. So, most f gamers want the FPS counter on the screen during Apex Legends gameplay because it is best to notice your computer’s speed performances when playing this game. So, today we are going to tell you about how to show fps in the Apex legends game. Also, along with it, how you can advance it and improve its overall system.

How do you set FPS in Apex legends?

When you set the FPS counter on your Apex Legends game, you can know the game’s frame for a second. And thus, also know how your gaming laptop performance with this FPS. The higher FPS counter number means your gaming is well performed, and it is going fastly & smoothly. But if the FPS counter number is low, your computer can not handle the game properly to slow your killing rate on the game. Like this, you are able to know your game and PC’s best FPS level performance during the game. Also, the FPAS depending on whether your gaming graphics quality high or low. Because of high graphics, it provides small FPS and vice versa. Now let’s see the method to show the FPS counter on your Apex Legends game.

  1. First, you have to open the Origin Launcher and log in to your account.
  2. Then, select the ‘Origin’ option from the top panel.
  3. Then select the ‘Application Settings.’
  4. Now select the ‘Origin In-Game’ option.
  5. After that, scroll down to the ‘During Gameplay’ option. And go to the drop-down settings from ‘Display FPS Counter.’
  6. Then, select the option where you want to show the FPS counter bar – Top Right or Top Left or Botton Right or Bottom Left. You can choose anywhere you want. And it is so tiny and grey a color bar that dont disturb during your gameplay. Only show FPS to help in your gaming experience.

Show Fps In Apex Legends Game

How to boost the FPS settings and Apex Legend performance?

To play the Apex Legends game, the recommended GPU is Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290, and the minimum GPU needed is NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7700. You have to tweak some settings to better the Apex Legends gaming performances and boost FPS settings. The suggestions are given as follows.

Tweak Number 1: Update your GPU

At first, look over that your PC contains the right type of GPU that you will be needed for specific updates of your Apex Legends game.

Tweak Number 2: Adjust the Resolution

Adjust the resolution depending on what you want and the aspect ratio to 16:9 to get better performances from your game. If you want more FPS, then you should need to lower the resolution.

Tweak Number 3: Play the game on fullscreen

Apex Legends game can be run on borderless and also full screen on a Window. If all the computer screens work fine, you can play this game on full screen. That will increase the FPS a little bit and enabling the maximum resources for your gaming. However, play your game with the window option is great because it gave you the ability to close the game during any troubleshooting problem. If any game errors stop the game and freeze your game, you will be able to cross the game button in the top right corner. And make your PC normal after refreshing and start playing your game again.

Tweak Number 4: Set up the Field of View

Apex suggests that you need to change the ‘Field of View’ (FOV) below 90 to give better performances for your gaming and increase the FPS. If you make your FOV level on 8, maybe you are not able to perfectly show your gone. So it is best to take a little bit small than 80 but for a better view on upper 80. It is best that you should try setting up the FOV on your own, and let’s see which is better for you.

Tweak Number 5: Turn off the V-Sync option

V-Sync stands for Virtual sync. So if it is on, the game only plays when the screen is on the virtual screen. So it delays the games every time. That’s why Apex suggests that you should turn off this V-Sync option.

Tweak Number 6: Turn off the Adaptive Supersampling option

Until you dont buy a new GPU card for your PC, you can turn off the ‘Adaptive Supersampling’ option. That will give you a higher FPS for your gaming as it also lowers your gaming performance. Although, it also turns off automatically spending on your computer GPU system.

Tweak Number 7: Set up Texture Streaming Budget option

The ‘Texture Streaming Budget’ option is needed for the texture resolution and texture performances. It is quite an experimental option. At first, you need to change it to ‘none’ or the lower value. You are only know how the option works when you start the game, until not. During playing the game, if you feel that you would balance the gaming performances with prettiness. Then you can think about increasing it gradually.

Tweak Number 8: Change Texture Filtering option

To get the maximum experience from your game, you have to change or set the ‘Texture Filtering Option’ to ‘Bilinear.’ It will increase the gaming performance approx. 5-6%.

Tweak Number 9: Change the Shadow settings

The shadow on the Apex Legends game is quite negligible. So you can turn off all the shadow options. You need to turn off ‘Sun Shadow Detail,’ ‘Sun Shadow Coverage,’ ‘Spot Shadow Detail’ also the ‘Dynamic Spot Shadows.’

Tweak Number 10: Disable Ambient Occlusion Quality

This option controls some of the shadow quality of the game. So it is best to disable this option. I can able to increase the gaming performances by nearly 15%.

Besides this, there are also some options by adjusting which you can able to boost your gaming performances and also the FPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. How do I show ping and FPS in Apex legends?

There is a way by which you can get the FPS settings without the help of any third party involved.

Number 1 

First, open the gameplay tab and then go to ‘Settings.’, Then from the first section of the drop-down menu, switch on the ‘Performance Display.’ Then, it will show the HUD element on the top right section of your PC. When it matches, it will display both the ping and FPS option and also others.

Number 2

While you are playing the game,  click the ‘Shift+F1’. It will pop up the Origin In-Gameplay.  Then, under the drop-down menu of the settings, you find the ‘Display FPS Counter.’ You are selecting this option where you can want to show your FPS the FPS counter is shown on your screen. You can also adjust the window size and transparency.’

B. How do I get my FPS to show?

While you dont play any game, open the stream. Then go to the settings and then Game-In. After that, select the position where you want to display the FPS. Now, while you start to play your game, you can see the FPS bar on your screen.

C. Does Apex have an FPS counter?

No, the Apex game itself cannot come with the FPS counter. But you are able to turn on the FPS while you are playing the FPS game through Origin Client by selecting proper options.

Lastly, enjoy your Apex Legends games with FPS proper performances.    

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