How To Share Audio Discord Screen Share

The screen share without any audio, it is the issue that many players complain about.  If you are facing this problem, you may need to try out different available option to deal with this problem.  If you are concerned about Discord screen share without a voice, you have to make sure that you understand first about the problem behind it first.

 Can you screen share with audio on discord

screen share discord no sound is the issue which is the results of discord which may not be loading on the PC. The discord screen share may fail to load because of the inappropriate application, faulty drivers and feature problems.  Other problem may be antivirus issue and stream incompatibility.

Share Audio Discord Screen Share 

How can I share my screen with audio?

Discord screen share without any audio can be frustrating and tiring. In some cases, the audio share may be the results of the faulty audio driver.

Audio feature problem

The discord screen share audio can became a problem if your computer requires the massive update, and it will be easy to fix the discord screen share without any sound.  In case you may be using the old version, then you may face problem when it comes to sharing the screens.

Faulty derivers: you may fail to screen share with audio, in case you suffer some faulty discord with the audio drivers.  As it happens with other audio software, the discord will use the audio drivers to share the audio at discord.  When the audio drivers are faulty, you may have problems when it comes to discord screen share with audio.

Administrative entry: Because discord will use the full screen in order to display it, you will need to the administrative access on the PC.   When you get the administrative permission, it will solve the problem of streaming without any sound.
Wrong application: You can find that there is some software that will not match with the discord algorithm.  In these cases, you may see that there is a problem of discord screen share sound, but without any sound.  You need to check if there are some alternatives to ensure that you get rid of the issues.

Discord voice without the route error: The discord screen share will take place, when you do not have the route to transfer the voice. In such cases, you have to change the voice settings so that you can fix the problem of sharing without any audio.

Incompatibility in streaming: in case you are using Youtube and you would like to post the video there, then using Discord may not be the right option.  It is possible to deal with the problems such as discord stream without any audio or the discord stream game which will not be working.  When you use discord with your streaming, you may use the alternative apps in order to fix discord stream without any sound.

Problems caused by antivirus:  sometime discord files may suffer serious damage because of an antivirus.  When you try to log into the chrome, you may see the discord screen share without any audio on the chrome.  In such case, you will need to disable the antivirus in order to fix the discord without any error.

How do I stream internal audio on discord?  

Sharing the screen share in discord server is known to be a cool feature.  In addition of the video sharing, many people will share the sound also. This feature has brought the game to a new level.  It is easy to turn on the discord sound sharing.    However, if it is not working, you can try out the following options.

Restart the computer: when you restart the computer, it will be the easier way to deal with, discord screen share mobile.  When you do a reboot, it will fix any sound problem you may be getting when it comes to share issue.   There are programs which may run at the background and they may end up causing the conflict and this will lead to loss of audio while sharing discord screen.  When you finish with rebooting, you will relaunch the discord and you may check if the issue does persist.

Update a discord app: when you update the discord stream audio, you will be able to get access to the latest features which will not be including the discord problem.  When you update the discord app, you can fix the problems in the discord audio.

Let the app get administrative access:   if the share worked well before the discord share audio, then loss of audio may be the results of loading too much data. Discord screen share which refuses to share the audio problems, it will be a problem.

Avoid a full window:  when you turn the full screen on while using discord at the same time, it will lead to the problems with audio for discord video share.  To be able to share with audio, you should turn the window off and  play using a minimized format.

Add discord activity: Discord will detect the activity you perform and acts at it.  If you are playing a certain game and you did not add the discord activity, it will show no sound error.

Update the audio driver:  the discord audio driver will be caused by backdated and faulty audio driver.  You should keep the audio driver updated.

Reset the voice setting at discord:  when you cannot share the voice with discord, you can reset the voice setting at discord.

Clear discord roaming data and discord cache:  discord does use the roaming data and cache in order to save the user preference with temporary operations data. It is a useful and common component which had been used many times.  When there is a corrupted cache or temporary file, it will lead to problems with audio.  In such case, you should delete cache files and this will solve this problem.

Updating or reinstalling of discord:  the feature that combines the audio is like a beta feature.  There had not been enough of rigorous testing of this feature by developers and some cases had not been accounted for to be fixed.

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