How To Send Videos On Discord Mobile

Discord’s entire goal was to bring groups of like-minded individuals together to chat, exchange ideas, and also enjoy great times together. That is not just specific to conversing; you’ll also need to post messages, including video clips, at times.

So, whether this is a closely curated collection of your greatest gameplay experiences, a home video you would like to exchange on social media or maybe just a humorous clip someone forwarded you which you wanted to upload, we’ll walk you into how to send files through discord with both PC & smartphone, as well as the most common issues you’ll encounter. Here we have mentioned the steps for how to send videos on discord mobile

How To Send Videos On Discord Mobile

1: Discord PC Video Sending


2: Discord Mobile Video Sending 


3: How to Transmit Large Videos (Over 8MB) on Discord


4: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Discord Video Uploading


Discord Pc Video Sending


When utilizing a PC, sending videos to Discord is usually quite easy, and you can upload video to discord if the files are not too big.

To begin to upload video to discord, simply migrate to the stream / personal conversation to which you wish to transfer the clip. Simply look for the appropriate choice on your server team, or go to your message folder to identify people you would like to transfer it to personally.

Once you’ve found the correct location to upload video to discord, press the positive (+) button which is in the  left of the chat function at the base of the page which is where you’d usually type your post.

After that, all you have to do is locate the folder and double-click it. It will then open a pop-up window for the footage, in which you can leave a comment that will appear just above the video.

You also can label this like a spoiler, which is helpful if you’re exchanging a game trick but wouldn’t want to give anything away to someone who hasn’t finished the game yet.

Then it’s just a matter of pressing the upload key The videos will appear in the chat screen for everyone on the network to see, either for your buddy whether you’ve submitted it personally, until it’s ready. They can also download it by clicking the download key in the upper right corner of the clip.

It’s important to note that, while Discord can handle many video styles it can’t handle them all. If you attach a file in a form that Discord doesn’t support, the file would simply be uploaded without a video player. Others will also watch it on their own computers if they download it.

There’s also an 8MB file size max. It’s not a big file – though video file sizes differ depending on file format, quality, encoding, and other factors, it’s impossible to be much more over 60 seconds of film, and may be as little as a few milliseconds. Continue reading below to learn how to upload a video that is larger than 8MB.

Can You Share Video On Discord Mobile?

The method to send files through How To Send Videos On Discord MobilePhone is virtually identical on iOS & Android with a few minor variations. It will take you to the file management system on your tablet, in which you can locate the footage you’re looking for. After you’ve chosen your video, simply press the blue Submit button to send it to the conversation.

Discord Mobile Video Sending 

The method for how to send videos on discord mobile is virtually identical on iOS & Android with some minor variations.

To begin to send files through discord, you must first migrate to the website / mailbox where the video should be shared. Then, immediately to its left of a chat room, press a ‘Photo Selector’ key.

It will open the gallery on your device, but it will only search for pictures. Instead, look for File Selector, that appears as a word document including a folded-over section and is the third icon down.

When you select this, you’ll be given the option to import a video directly from your device’s Downloads directory Click the Extend arrow just at upper left on the screen to submit a video from another location. This will take you to the folder navigation system on your device, in which you can locate the video you’re looking for.

After you’ve chosen your video, simply press the blue Transfer icon to upload it to the conversation. Before you click upload, you may attach a comment as a description, however this period it will be in the regular message box instead of a separate comment field.

How Do You Send A Long Video On Discord Mobile?

As previously mentioned, by using a free Discord profile, you are limited to an 8MB file size limit, not that much. These are a several choices below, so select the one that appeals to you the most. There are 3 steps available they are,

  • Discord Nitro Must Have Now Updated To Allow For 100mb Uploads.
  • Filmora Video Editing can be used to delete unnecessary clips and compress files.
  • Upload to Google Drive/Vimeo/Dropbox/YouTube

Discord Nitro Must Have Now Updated To Allow For 100mb Uploads.

The first choice is to invest for a Discord Nitro upgrade, which is probably the easiest but certainly not really the least expensive.

The premium upgrade of Discord comes with a range of extra features, and one was a 100MB file upload limit. It charges $4.99 a month and $49.99 a year, but it may be worth it if you’re going to be posting videos that aren’t quite as long as this.

How Do I Send Files In Discord Ios?

You can send files through discord by the following steps,

  • Fill in the name of the server/channel to which you would like to transfer the file.
  • If you’d like to transfer the folder to a specific person, tap their initials to send a personal message to that person.
  • Two icons should appear at the end of the messaging list: the camera as well as a picture.

Filmora Video Editing Can Be Used To Delete Unnecessary Clips And Compress Files.

The second option is to split your video into smaller pieces and submit them one after a moment. This can seem time-consuming, and it’s actually very easy with Filmora’s Instantly Cutting Tool.

To use the Instantly Cutting Tool, simply launch a clip in Filmora and select ‘Import with Instantly Cutting Tool’ from the arrow beside Import.

This will bring up the Instantly Cutting screen, in which you can attach your video by clicking Open Folder You can cut & extract your files in multiple parts from here. There are many ways to do this, and although each is straightforward, there’s a few steps to take.

For more information, see this article, which includes a process guide on how to shorten discord embed video in Filmora.

Choice three really is to seek to reduce the size of your video, which can allow you to retain the entire video while sacrificing some quality. This is also easy to do with Filmora. But, once again, there are a variety of approaches.

Since the reduced display screen won’t be really wide a file, you can basically trim the clip to remove a few of the details. You may also lower the resolution and transform your video to a less data-intensive format. However, you should test it because switching to other video types can result in blurred videos.

Here  are also developed solutions available, such as reducing the frames level and bit rate.

It’s simpler to go to a forum related to these measures about compressing footage using Filmora and instead go over any of such choices in an elaborate post here.

Upload To Google Drive/Vimeo/Dropbox/Youtube

Finally, instead of making Discord support your video, you can upload it to an internet server / storage site & connect to it. YouTube & Vimeo were obvious choices, but Streamable, which offers a free subscription, is also a common alternative.

YouTube’s max file uploading size is 128GB, that is enormous, particularly considering that other sites, such as Streamable, limit free accounts to 500MB every video.

So, if you’d like to upload big files, you’ll have to pick between YouTube and paying for an enhanced membership somewhere else. Once your video is up and running, simply copy the path & paste into a Discord for discord video share.

The only disadvantage is that it prohibits other users from accessing the discord embed video directly, and if you’d like to transfer the actual file, you might have to use a file sharing option like Dropbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Discord Video Uploading

On Discord embed video, you can submit whatever discord video share to another person for them to download & watch on their personal computer. However, if you’d like to discord video share and also discord embed mp4 video and play it in the chat, you can only use mp4 & WebM file forms.

MOV files can also be used to discord embed mp4 video, but not all would be capable of playing them, & FLAC folders are only accessible on the desktop, not on phones.

How Do I Upload The Video Into Discord That I Have Saved?

You may utilize the download key on discord embed mp4 video that you’d like to post on another server and in a personal DM. Then, as mentioned above, upload the video in discord to the network or DM conversation window wherever you would like to upload it.

The video in Discord, for example, enables consumers to upload media files to a network and video recording directly from the phone app, but the video file size limit is just 8MB – The “Your data is too heavy!” pop-up is familiar to anybody who utilizes video in Discord on a regular basis.


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