How To Screen Share On Discord And Why You Should

Discord is the recent most famous video and audio conferencing app. It can also use for video streaming purposes. But mostly this app is famous for using in gaming. So it is best that while you gaming you may want to share your screen for some purpose. So, for that case today our article is about how to screen share on discord for your purposes.

Other than gaming this can be also used for office work or other purposes like zoom or meet.

We assume that you know what Discord is. But still, we want to provide you detailed information about this. Let’s read to know more.

What is the Discord?

As you know Discord is a communication app to connect you with many people inside your home. When first the app is developed it is developed by a gamer. And from the first purpose of this app is to communicate with other gamers during the gameplay. But most recently it is updated in such a way that it can be used for business purposes also. Now it is used like any video communicating app present on the internet like the meet, zoom and skype.

The best thing about this app is almost free for any of your communication purposes. On Discord, you are available to chat freely, audio message to your friend, video message to your friend freely. Even, recently you are also available to share your screen for any purpose.

But there also an option to upgrade it to Discord Nitro to get much more advanced features with it like live steaming functions. But in most cases, these advanced functions do not require. Thus, you can freely enjoy many of its functions.

Another best feature of this Discord app you can get high-featured limits within it. It provides you up to 250,000 members and also meeting among up to 25,000 online connectors. Besides, each server gives you to access host up to 500 different channels. The numbers are huge and more than enough for use on business purposes, also gaming purposes, and any other purposes.

Other than this it is the safest platform and there is no chance to lick your public information. They don’t show your IP address or your server architecture. You can log in on Discord with a different IP address but it must be verified by your Gmail account. Also, the other users on this platform not can easily join your server until you are not sharing your link with them. Thus, in discord, you can get a safe and private chatting room in your favor.

Screen Share On Discord And Why You Should

What are the advantages of using the Screen Share on Discord?

On normal days when people just can not work outside instead, they need to work inside in this time video conferencing through Discord is very essential. Especially the screen share on Discord during a meeting or any other business purpose gives you many advantages. We discuss some of them here.

Improve Productivity

In this recent days, when meetings are done in your home wherever you want instead of going to the office, the discord screenshot comes with many disadvantages.

During a team meeting on your company when you have to give some presentations then the screen record come helpful. At this time instead of sending your ppt to every of your team member and your boss, you just only share your screen and successfully completed your presentations.

Better Technical Support

In the remote area if ever your software not working or you may face a problem with the device, that time you seek technical support. But as for remote area, there is some problem coming to going to an IT technician, especially at the immediate moment.

In that type of case to discuss your problems on phone or by message, it is best to share your screen through discord, so the technician clearly understands your problem and gives you a better result.

Strengthen Your Pitch

If you ever need to give some pitch about your product to your client, it is better to show them the product by screen sharing rather than give them the elaborate details of the product.

By screen sharing on Discord, you can show them how your products work, how its look like, how beneficial it is. So it provides more trust to your client for the products you want to sell. Ans especially it is important when you are working on remote area.

How to share screen on discord server?

The screen-sharing features of this Discord app are first coming in August 2017. This screen-sharing option helps you to engage with your server and pop up your screening to others clients. In Discord, you and your workers are able to conduct a live video, and also you are able able to share your screen with all of them during this video call if needed.

So, now we are going to discuss step by step how you can share your screen during a video or audio session on discord. But before knowing that process you also have to check your basic video and voice settings on discord. By this, you are getting the full discord features especially if want conversions during your screen sharing time, and also get the benefits of simultaneous screen sharing during a video call. So, first, you have to change your video and voice settings.

Enable Video and Voice Settings

To enable the voice and video settings of your Discord app, you first need to open your Discord desktop app or open Discord on your browser.

After that, on the bottom left-hand side, you find the cog icon (located at the slight right-hand side of your username). Click on that icon.

It will take you to the Discord ‘App Settings’. Now scroll the ‘App Setting and you will find the option ‘Voice and Video’. Select it.

Now under the ‘Voice and Video’ settings, you find the ‘Input Device’ options. It is the input device of your audio settings that you use, a headphone or a microphone. Depending on your audio device select the option under ‘Input Device’. And if you gonna use the PC or Laptop in-built mic then leave it as the default.

The same thing will go for the ‘Output Device’ the mic or headphone mic you use. And also make it default if you have the PC built-in mic.

Now, as you finish the setting of both the output and input devices you see there is a blue button of ‘Let’s check’. It is the best feature of Discord. By clicking on it you can check your audio and confirm that your setting and audio quality are working properly or not.

Then after completing the audio setting scrolling down you find the video settings where you have to select your video camera which you will gonna use during a video call. You have to choose an option depending on which device you are gonna use. If your PC or laptop has the in-built camera within it then you have to select the option ‘Integrated Camera’.

Also, like the testing of your audio settings you are also able to test the video settings. To do that, you have to click on the ‘Test Video’ blue button.

And especially remember if you are using Discord on your web browser then you have to give your browser permission to access your camera and also the mic. Either you will don’t see your face instead you see the black screen and also don’t get your sound.

Now, second, you need to know how you can create or join a server through Discord.

Create or Join Server

When you are going to share your screen with your co-workers or with your friend you have to either create a server or join one creating by your friend. A server’s presents on Discord coming with many channels. These channels including talking, texting, or video calling. Each channel is also set up by some sort of rules and mean of different purposes. This system helps your team to spilled based on the different work type and help you to access over them the most convenient way.

Thus now let’s know what to do to create or join a server. Firstly you have to click on the ‘+’ button you found upper left corner side of the app and below the blue Discord logo.

Then you will see a pop-up about ‘Creating a server’ or ‘Join a server’. If you want to join a server just click on the green button and you successfully join the server.

But if you want to create a server then click on the blue button. Then a box coming out with ‘Server Name’. You have to give a name to your server. And then click on the ‘Create’ button. Now you are successfully creating your server and you are able to share it with your clients.

Third, you have to know how you can connect with a voice channel.

Connect with Voice Channel 

When you are doing a video conference or sharing your screen, you have to connect with your ‘Voice channel’.

To connect with your voice channel click on the ‘General’ option coming before you are gonna starting a video or create or join a server.

After clicking on the ‘General’ you find two options there – ‘Video’ and ‘Screen’. If you want to do a live video session with your client, you need to click on the ‘Video’ button. It will give access to your web camera and give you access to do a live video steaming.

On the other hand, if you want to share your screen, you click on the ‘Screen’ button. And after clicking it you will find many options to give access that what you want to share on your screen.

If you are working within your Discord app, you have to select the app in which you want to share your screen. It will show the screening of only that window and excluding all. Or if you have the multiple screen option on your window you can select there which window you wanna show to your clients.

After selecting the application you want to screen share there are also several options for you. You are able to change the voice channel you are working on or the resolution or speed rate of the video streaming. Also, you can double-check that you open the right app or not.

Now, when everything is going right select the ‘Go Live’ option and now you are starting to share your screen.

Now to the client’s Discord will show the screen what you share and also on the corner your live video steaming side by side. And this screen or video streaming only can see those who are joining this server with the link you share.

How to Record Your Screen and Share it?

This option is also an important one along with sharing your screen with your clients. This will help you with many things like the create a tutorial video for need, or showing your complete work with your boss, or connect with your customers.

But unfortunately, Discord does not come up with this option. So this is what you can do with the many screen recording app on the internet. The CloudApp is one of the best screen recording apps that comes with many advantages. You can capture HD videos through screen recording, capture unlimited screenshots, etc.

Final Words

So, now simple your business work and also other work with the help of Discord screen share features.

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