How To Screen Share In Discord Server

How do I share my screen on discord?

If you wonder how to screen share in discord server, here are the steps to follow;

  • Open -> Discord App
  • Next, Enter into a Voice channel or Video call
  • Tap -> Screen Share icon (in Call controls)
  • Tap -> Try it out to start
  • Tap -> Start Now
  • Now, the screen will redirect to sharing UI, and you have an option to revert back too.
  • If you have done and want to stop the casting, Tap -> Stop sharing

How do I share screen on discord 2021?

  • Open -> Discord App
  • Next, Enter into a Voice channel or Video call
  • Tap -> Screen Share icon (in Call controls)
  • Tap -> Try it out to start
  • Tap -> Start Now
  • Now, the screen will redirect to sharing UI, and you have an option to revert back too.
  • If you have done and want to stop the casting, Tap -> Stop sharing

Why can’t I screen share on discord?

If you wonder about discord screen share not working, then follow this method. In the Discord settings menu, Choose Voice and Video. Ensure the latest version is enabled; if not, toggle the button. It will resolve the issue.

How to enable screen share on discord server?

  • Tap -> Screen Share
  • Pick your fullscreen
  • Click ->Share.

Screen Share In Discord Server


What is Discord? Discord is a free VoIP, internet instant messaging and virtual distribution platform based on a powerful community-based model. Users chat with voice messages, video messages, text messages, images, and other files within public chats or private servers called “communities” made up of extended communities.

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Today, most Internet marketers use Discord as their primary channel for chatting and conducting live discussions with their clients and customers. However, not all use the full features of Discord. Some only use the chat feature to communicate. In contrast, others use the full features of the platform to build a strong social media presence, promote websites, earn from advertisement revenue and run live events such as community tournaments and giveaways. The full potential of this free web-based application can be harnessed to promote websites, raise awareness, generate sales, and increase website traffic.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an innovative application that allows any website to have its dedicated community of users who can help promote the site through user-driven channels and private servers. Through this program, you will be able to communicate through channels and share files through servers without having to pay for each channel and maintaining your server. It is hosted by a paid service that manages the servers and channels for you. The more users you have used Discord for SMM, the more it can boost your online business.

There are certain disadvantages of using discord apps, though. One of these disadvantages is that it can become addictive. Once you download & install the app, you will find yourself constantly joining and leaving the chat room. Some social media sites have limited chat functions, and some of them even ban you for persistent violation of chat rules, so it is advised to choose a discrete channel to conduct business on.

Another disadvantage of Discord is its lack of parental controls. Though it boasts of having powerful filtering tools, there are still limitations in controlling what users are allowed to chat about. The only way to altogether avoid these restrictions is to allow only adults to use the app. However, since most people in this channel are usually teenagers, this might not be an option for many users. For parents who would want to use this app strictly they should also ensure that their children are off the channel while chatting.

Unlike other apps that allow only text channels for kids, Discord has voice channels as well. It means that any use of the app may expose children to inappropriate language, which can have severe consequences. To protect your child from exposure to foul language, you should turn off the text channels. On top of that, you can also set the app so that there are no special visual or audio notifications sent to your child when he or she begins talking to someone else in the chat room.

Despite the many advantages and features of Discord, it is still relatively new. It means that many bugs and glitches need to be worked on before being released to the public. Still, the good news is that the developers behind the project have published the code for anyone interested in using the chat app. So if you can compile the program yourself, you can download and try out the various features. There is also a 30 day trial period which allows new users to experience the features first-hand without any cost.

Even though there are many disadvantages, the advantages of using Discord far outweigh them. It is easier to use than other instant messaging programs such as Skype and Google Talk. Furthermore, it allows you to use special features such as custom music and a voice bot. These are just a few ideas why it is better to use Discord over other chat programs.

How to screen share in discord server

How to Discord screen share in discord server is a general question for people using this web-based application. When you install this program, you can see all your chats and conversations in a separate window. However, before you can start using the program, it would be helpful for you to learn how to use the key features you can find in this program. It will help you get the most out of using this program. If you want to know how to Discord screen share, then read on.

This application allows you to chat with other people in a chat room. It is like a traditional IM where you can click on various buttons to share a message or a video. You can also create a new message and send it to multiple users. The does discord have video that you can share will be saved on your desktop or your mobile device. It means you can share videos and still photos while you are on the go.

This program is elementary to install and run. It is free, so you do not have to worry about spending anything. There are no complicated installation processes that you need to follow. Aside from that, you can also open this application on the server if you are connected to the Internet. It means that you can access this application from anywhere.

You need to be aware of the security measures you can take to protect your computer using this application. To secure your computer from viruses and spyware, you can download reliable anti-virus software. You should also scan your computer each day to ensure that there are no malicious files inside it. A virus scan will also help you detect any threats to your computer when trying to run how to Discord share screen in the discord server video call. If there are threats detected, then they can be removed easily by updating the operating system.

When you share a video or a photo, you can also choose whether you want to do this privately or publicly. If you would like to do it in private, then the screen will be filled with icons to know who you are and what is going on. It is beneficial, especially if there are many people around when you are doing this activity. However, you will have a limited view of the other people in the same room. If there are also people around you that you don’t know well, it may not be enjoyable.

You can see everyone’s screen in the public server, but you cannot see the people around you. It is easy to follow where the person who sent you the message is. When you are using the private screen option, you can see the screen of everyone who is on your friend’s list or your direct friend’s list. It is handy if you plan to play games and don’t want to bother your friends. The screen can help you play better and learn from your mistakes.

How to Discord share screen in discord server is very easy. First, you want to download the application to your computer. Next, you need to install the program on your computer. You can also read the instructions on the website about how to do that. Now, you have a screen that you can use to communicate with your friends.

As you can see, there are things that you can use to get the ball rolling. Many people use this service to update their information about their live businesses and even keep in touch with their families. You can share your screen with your friends to make them jealous of what you see in front of the camera. Now, you can take a video of yourself or your friends without worrying about wasting your time because you are on a private server.

Setup for Screen share Discord & Video call

Discord’s screen sharing is not available for mobile devices. So you need to do it in the web version.

Camera/Video settings

  • Navigate -> Settings
  • Scroll -> App Settings
  • In-App settings choose -> Voice and video
  • Now, Scroll to Video settings
  • Next, Pick your video camera from the drop-down list.
  • You can use, Test video option to check the working condition of the camera.
  • In the Web browser, there are few changes you need to make.
  • Initially, the web browser will prompt access, so click on the allow button to permit the access.
  • This allow option will permit the Discord app to access your camera and Microphone.

Adding friends to the Call List

To begin a video call, you must be Friends on Discord with everyone in the calling group. Once everyone you need to put in the call is on your Friends list, it is time to get the call started!

Navigate to your Homepage by clicking on the Discord icon positioned at the top left corner of the screen.

  • Open -> Friend list by hitting of Friend’s.
  • Hover over your friend’s username or click on friends username to start a video call
  • Suppose you click on a friend’s username; you can see the DM option above that the Video call option will be available.

Suppose you are using an iOS or Android client; begin a video call by clicking the triple-dot icon and choose Start Video call.

Using The Video Call and Discord ScreenShare Features (Desktop)

If you begin the video call, there are many features you can customize to make your chatting environment as you wish. There are five parts to the video call screen, Expand down arrow,  Swapping video from screen share, Leave Call-button, Mute toggle and user settings, and toggle to full-screen mode.

1.     Expand Down Arrow

There will be an Expand Down arrow on the screen during a video call. By clicking on the arrow, it will expand your video screen to the maximum height and width fixed by Discord.

2.               Swapping video from screen share

The following two icons at the bottom of the screen will give you the choice of swapping from a video call to enable screen share. The screen share icon is the same as the video call icon.

You can swap among the two at any time during the call. If swapping to screen share, you can take which monitor screen to share or a particular app window. You can swap back and forth within monitor share and app by clicking the screen share icon during screen sharing.

3.               Leave Call-button

The next icon is the “Leave Call” button. It will let you drop the call during a conversation.

4.               Mute toggle and user settings

Next to the left button, you will notice a microphone icon. This icon is for mute and unmutes operations. Near to mute icon, you will see a gear icon, which is known for user settings. User settings allow you to modify the features.

5.               Toggle to full-screen mode

This last icon is for activating full-screen mode. To exit from full-screen mode, press the ESC key.


By clicking on a user’s DP while on the regular screen for a group video call, you pull their video within focus while gathering the others in a marquee to the right. To adjust the focus to a different user, click on another user from the marquee list.

If you swap to DM screen or a various server, your video call will pop-out to a picture-in-picture look. You can also freely move the window throughout the screen to a position that serves best for you. Video options will be available inside the window. Clicking the name at the top-left will return to the call in the progress window. You can click on the icons for screen share also video call at your support on the lower-right.

Share Sound during Screen sharing

While sharing the screen, you can still enable sound and disable sound during a video call. You need to toggle the sound button to enable sound during the call. You can toggle again to disable it.

Share your Screen

  • Tap -> Screen Share
  • Pick your fullscreen
  • Click ->Share.

Using The Video Call and Screen Share Features (Mobile device)

The UI for the mobile version of the Discord app is slightly different from the PC version. If you are using Discord on your Android or iPhone, here are the various options and features you will have access to in a call.

Audio i/o (For iOS device only)

It is located at the top-right corner of the screen beside the Switch Camera icon. This option will permit you to exchange the audio output between your iPhone’s speakers or a wireless headset. The icon is displayed as an iPhone with a speaker at the bottom.

Toggle Camera

You can toggle your rear and back camera by tapping on this switch camera icon. You can see this icon at the top of the screen, in which the camera icon holds a double-headed arrow.

Toggle Mute

You will see a microphone icon on the screen; it’s for the mute and unmutes option. You can toggle back during a call.

Will Discord charges for the Screen sharing feature?

No, Discord will never charge any penny for screen sharing. But, still; there is a subscription pack available with some more features.

Why can’t I screen share on discord?

If you wonder about discord screen share not working, then follow this method. In the Discord settings menu, Choose Voice and Video. Ensure the latest version is enabled; if not, toggle the button. It will resolve the issue.


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