How To Reset Crucible Valor Rank

In this article, I will tell you about “How to reset crucible valor bank”. Reddit is basically known as the front page of the internet. And it is one of the biggest and most used sites on the internet. As all other sites have user-generated content. But it is having its fair share of not that much appropriate content.

How do I block Subreddits in 2021?

As I am writing this article, Reddit’s default view is newly updated. And also, some addicted users who can easily be able to switch back to the old view that’s now moved to And all of the new posts are being posted there for some time. If you are going to register an account on the new site, then you’ll be easily able to use it on the old site, also.

And this old site is just the same as it was before redesigned. And also includes the filter subreddit search box on the “all” page. You can also test it and also type in the name of a subreddit which you would like to vanish from your feed. It will usually disappear from your old Reddit version feeds. Whereas, the subreddit which you want to block on the old site version can’t be blocked on the new one.

Now the free and easy way to perform this is to use an extension which is basically known as Reddit Enhancement Suite. And this seems to be the most popular extension. It can also be used to hide any type of subreddit of your choice.

Reset Crucible Valor Rank

And for doing this, you will also need to follow some steps:

  • First step, you will need to install the “Reddit enhancement Suite.”
  • When you are done with it, you will have to click on “settings.”
  • It usually comes with some exclusive options, so that from the left column, you will need to select subreddits.
  • After that, you will need to press the “FilteReddit option“.
  • After this panel you will need to scroll down towards the section which is needed.
  • After clicking, click “+add filter” to enter the name which you want to hide.

Now if you are trying to ignore such types of posts regarding a particular topic and do not want to block a whole subreddit. Then what you can also do is use some filter words to make sure that the specific post do not show up on all when they are going towards the top libraries.

It is of the unknown problem which it faces, an important event occurs. And it basically shows multiple posts on the same topic in different sections. Now they will get loaded at the front page so that it also displays something that can be more or less about the same issue.

This set is usually available for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and also internet explorer. If you want to have it from your desktop web browsers then do not need to be worried, you’re fully covered now.

If you are wishing of using a third application then you need to see whether it has a filtering option or not. Most of the time it is having the filtering option. Now you will have to keep in your mind that this can also suit not the only extension to have this feature. If you are still looking for something that is not more extensive, then you should be able to find one very quickly.

Buy Reddit Gold – Works every time

Here is the second option, also mentioned earlier, it is very easy but also requires users to invest some money in buying Reddit Gold. The premium Reddit option also has some additional features that will basically help you in hiding subreddits from all.

Now for most of the mobile users out there, an add-on or extension is not going to be a right option. But basically it does not mean that you will have to get some gold or make a different comment. That someone shall also appreciate and reward you with the gold.

Now most of the third-party plugins and apps can also be found in the market for ios and android both usually to fill the gap. They will usually come in free or may cost $5 or even less.

Can you ban yourself from a subreddit?

It is very easy to get banned from Reddit. And by posting too many links or breaking the rules in subreddit will almost make you get banned from subreddit or from the site completely. And this is how Reddit always fights the constant war of spammers and some over-jealous marketers.

So if you also have been banned from Reddit, do not need to feel bad. You can also make a correct return to the community and also reduce your chances of being banned again.

Types of Reddit Bans

  1. Subreddit Ban – You can also be banned from any subreddit by any regular user of subreddit. A subreddit ban can also be time-limited or indefinite as well. When you are going to be banned from a subreddit. You will be receiving a private message that shows exactly how long the ban will be in effect and also with the reason you were banned. When you are banned from a subreddit, you will not be able to submit any post or comment to the subreddit.
  1. Subreddit AutoModerator Ban – AutoModerator is known as a Reddit bot and these moderators use it to perform some tasks on their behalf. One quality which AutoModerator is having is to remove a post or comment from a particular user. So if you are banned by AutoModerator, you will still be easily able to submit any type of post and comment. And they will be instantly removed from the subreddit.
  1. Shadowban – A shadowban is a widely used site which will help in a ban that automatically happens. Especially when a user engages in an unknown activity. A shadowban is very tricky because it will always look like all of your content is really visible on the website. Whereas, some other users will not be able to see your content.

How To Unsubscribe From A Subreddit

Reddit is a very famous site on the internet. It is basically known as a huge forum where people are usually able to discuss many different issues.

We are going to show you a way of ending your subreddit subscription. So, now I am going to tell you two ways to end a subreddit subscription.

This is the first way to end and unsubscribe from your Reddit subscriptions.

First, log into your account before proceeding to these following steps.

When the Home screen of Reddit opens up on your screen then you will need to search for the My Subreddits drop-down menu in the top left corner of your screen. These options are actually available on any Reddit page. And by clicking on the same menu you should be able to watch all of the subreddits that you are still a part of showing up on your screen.

After that you will have to scroll down to the last of that drop-down menu, until you see the Edit Subscriptions button. And by clicking on that button you are going to expand the menu on your screen.

Now, you will also be able to see all of the subreddits that you are a part of on your screen. You will have to right next to their names, some buttons should be automatically displayed on your screen. Between all those buttons, the unsubscribe button should also be there. You are also able to unsubscribe from one subreddit at once, there is no other way to unsubscribe from all of them at once. So, you will need to just go ahead and find the subreddit from which you want to unsubscribe. And then you should click on the unsubscribe button which is basically located right next to their names.

You will also be asked, maybe or not, that you are sure that you want to unsubscribe and leave the subreddit. And you will need to confirm that by pressing the Yes button at the end of the pop-up message.

This is the second way to unsubscribing from Reddit subscriptions

If you already know about the drill. Then you will need to open Reddit in your

particular browser and then log into your account.

Then, you will have to repeat the first step from the previous paragraph.

When the drop-down menu has shown up on your screen, find the subreddit which you basically want to unsubscribe and then open it.

When you have entered in the subreddit, and you will be able to see the posts, members. And everything there, find the unsubscribe button at the top of the screen. You should be easily able to see it in the top right corner of your screen.

After that by clicking on that unsubscribe button you will be asked, maybe or not, that you are sure that you want to leave that subreddit. If you are sure about it, just click on the Continue button at the end of the same message.

Can You Block Users On Reddit

Reddit has recently launched a new blocking tool. That will basically be used to avoid abusive posts or comments on the platform. And then renowned for its extreme forms of free speech and controversial posts which prevents it from engaging with most of the other users.

Recently, in a Reddit post on Wednesday. Reddit cofounder Christopher Slowe explained. How the nature of Reddit’s open platform has led to it being much exploited by most of the users.

“But sometimes this too much frankness can also result in less amazing stuff like spam, trolling, and harassment,”.

“We usually need to work very hard to deal with these types of issues when they happen publicly. And, today, we’re happy to announce. That we have just launched a new feature to help you in filtering them from in your own inbox. And this tool is basically known by the name of user blocking.”

This tool will also allow Reddit users to block and can also mute some other users on their site. In order to block someone, a Reddit user only needs to click the “block user” button. While viewing the reply from the user in question in their own inbox. When you are done with it. The Reddit user will no longer be able to see any Reddit posts, comments, or messages from the person they have just blocked.

“You will have to believe it”, that they really added a new ‘block user’ feature in a very basic form for quite a moment. As we all know that after some time its utility basically focused to apply to only some private messages.

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