How To Report A Subreddit

Reddit is sometimes known as ‘the front page of the internet. It is such a known and authorized page that if something is not shown after searching on this, it signifies that it is not present anywhere on the web at all.

The material on Reddit is provided by the users, and the site’s employees compile it. There is also a possibility that with millions of visitors and articles every day on the website, unauthorized or offensive content can be found.

You should immediately report if you come across a Subreddit that goes against the site’s rules. In this article, you will know how to contact Reddit admins in case of any violations or suspicious activity.

House Rules

Although Reddit’s content policy is not as strict as other sites, Reddit still enforces all its policies in a well-enforced manner. It is found almost impossible for the administrators to pick and remove all the offensive subreddits. Therefore, it is expected from the aware users to report a Reddit user and his suspicious activity.

There is a list of contents that are considered prohibited. It is as mentioned below.

  • Involuntary pornography.
  • Content on threats, bullying, harassment.
  • Uplifting others to lift and harass people.
  • Provoking and suggestive content that involves persons under the age of 18.
  • Content that encourages violence.
  • Information that reveals someone’s confidential and personal information.
  • Imitating someone falsely or misleadingly.
  • Spamming.
  • Using Reddit for monetary transactions and procuring gifts.

Reddit allows pornography, nudity, and profanity. They should be marked as NSFW. In case no tag is there, the user will be punished.

Reddit’s methods to enforce the rules vary from telling the user to delete the offensive content to provoking the dreaded ban hammer. The offensive material may be removed, whereas the offender’s right could be suspended or revoked.

Report A Subreddit

How do I report a subreddit to admin?

Reporting on a Computer

Here is a list of methods you need to follow to report if you find any suspicious activity on Subreddit.

  • Launch the browser. Visit and sign in.
  • Search for the subreddit that needs to be reported.
  • As soon as you find the particular subreddit, click on the “Report” button underneath.
  • A message saying, “We’re sorry something’s wrong. How can we help”. Select the reason why you are reporting a subreddit.
  • In the next step, Reddit asks for further details. You will have to give the explanation depending on the reason chosen.
  • The next step is to click “Submit” to send the report to Reddit’s staff.

There is an alternative to report on Subreddit. Read the following steps-

  • On your computer, launch the browser and open Reddit.
  • Search for Content Policy page. Guidelines should be considered once more to make sure the report goes well.
  • Visit
  • Click on the “message the admins” option from the list and contact Reddit message admins.
  • Click on the “something else” option.
  • Select the “content breaks Reddit’s rules” option.
  • List of reasons is shown, choose from them.
  • You can see a list of steps you should perform. In the first action, click the “please give us a message” page. Click the [email protected] attachment if you aren’t a registered person.
  • You can write an email and submit it to report any fraudulent activity on Subreddit, including all relevant information.

Reporting on an Android device

If you want to report the Subreddit from an Android device’s web browser, you need to follow these steps-

  • Open your browser and visit Reddit’s site.
  • Search the Contact page or click on the link
  • Click on the “message the admins” option.
  • Select the “something else” option.
  • Choose the “content breaks Reddit’s rules” option.
  • A list of violations will appear; choose from them.
  • The next step shows you the list of actions you can take. In the case of a registered user, click on “please send us a message.” In case of an unregistered user, click on the [email protected] link.
  • Choose the subject of the message.
  • Fill in your report in the “message” field. The name of the Subreddit and a link to it should be mentioned.
  • Click on Send.

The report can also be done through the Reddit app.

Reporting on an IoS Device

The following steps need to be taken to report a violated Subreddit through the official Reddit app. It can also be done via browser instead of the app.

  • Open the Reddit app from the home screen.
  • Select the subreddit you want to report.
  • Towards the right of the subreddit’s name, click on three horizontal dots.
  • The menu will open; click on the “report” option.
  • Then select the reason why it is reported.
  • Click on the “report to moderators’ button.

How do I claim an abandoned Subreddit?

It’s likely that someone developed a subreddit with the name you like but then “forgot” about it (i.e., the moderator has been inactive on Reddit for 60 days). You may submit a claim submission for the subreddit at in this situation.

Can you report someone on Reddit?

The easiest way to report someone you believe is violating our Content Policy, report Reddit user, is to report individual tweets, remarks, or texts from them that represent the problem you’re talking about. When you report material, it includes the individual who posted it, the forum from which it came, and all other users who might have communicated with it.

How do I redirect a Subreddit?

Place Rcat shell|R from subreddit on the second newline after #REDIRECT [[Target page name]] to add a redirect to this category. Follow the links for more information. Never use a redirect design as a replacement or for a soft redirect.

Play by the rules

Reddit, as one of the most popular websites on the internet, has millions of regular users. Not everybody enjoys or desires to follow the rules. Since the mods can’t be aware of any objectionable Subreddit on their own, you should warn them when you see something that needs to be addressed.

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