How To Remove Keyboard Keys  

As the time passes, you may find out that your laptop or PC has to be cleaned under the keyboard or you have to replace them. You may spill something over the keyboard or the keyboard may stop to work.  When you have to remove the keys, you need to do this in a proper manner so that you do not damage an entire keyboard.  You may need to get the key puller or you may use other tools from your home.

Using the keycap puller, to remove keys from keyboard, you should start by getting the keycap puller from online or repair shop. It is a small accessory that had been designed to wrap over the keys before removing them.  It will not cause the damage over them or the switch that the key is sitting at the top.   You can find it in a wire or plastic type.  You should put the prongs of a keycap puller under the edge of a key.  When you use the plastic keycap puller, you may hear a click.

Pull up the puller so that you can remove a key.  The key will slide off a switch which is being attached at.  If you want to remove more than one key, then you should repeat the process.

If you do not have the keycap puller, you may use butter knife or flathead screwdriver: the knife and the screwdriver should fit within the keys of the keyboard.  Use paper clips as a homemade keycap.  Put the alternative to the keycap puller and take it off.  Use the upward pressure over the chosen tool and the key will get off.

How To Remove Keyboard Keys  

How do you clean under the keys of a keyboard?

When you remove keyboard keys, you should clean under them.  Use a moist cotton swab with rubbing alcohol or water in order to clean up the key.  If you think that there anything that had been damaged within the key, you will need to take a keyboard to the computer technician so that he can do the inspection.

Clean the keys caps using water and soap.  Use warm water with dish detergent to clean the keys.  In case you want to wash the keys, you need to dry them well before you can return them over a keyboard.  In case you wish to replace the keys using new one, you may throw away these old keys. Before trying taking keys off keyboard, you should ensure that the laptop or PC you own allow the key removal. There are some keys which should not be removed one after the other. They should be removed together. In this case, you have to take it to a repair shop.  Before working on the laptop or the computer, you should turn it off.

How do you remove keys from keyboard without breaking them?

 If you want to clean the laptop or PC keyboard and you have tried everything and it does not work. Then you may try removing keys as the last resort.  Using the keycap puller or the flat head screwdriver, it can pull off the keys.   You can still use the small flathead screw driver or the car key to pull up the keycaps after pressing it down. When you have already place the tool under the keyboard, you should twist the flat object and push it under the key to pop off. In case you wish to remove different keys, you have to continue with this process, up to the time all the keys you want got removed.

When you take off keyboard keys, you should not remove the spacebar since it may have a retention spring which will be hard to put back, sometime it can be impossible.

When the keys get removed, you can see the food particles, dirt, dust and hair.  You can remove them using cotton swabs, damp cloth or compressed air.

How do you remove Keycap without a tool?  

The mechanical keyboards are the right choice of the gaming keyboard or the enhanced keyboard experience. They are the keyboard that have the key switched found under every key. The keys at the mechanical keyboard are found with the keyboard which has the symbol, letter or number.  If you want to pull of the keys, the right way is to use the keycap puller. However, if it is not possible, you may use other tools such as the credit card or paper clip.

  • Get the keyboard you want to remove keycaps from at a dry spot.
  • Use the credit card or the twisted paper clip off the keyboard.
  • Other things to use are knife or a house key. What you have to do is using the same pressure for the upward direction at the opposite side of a key to take off keyboard keys.  If you have extra or longer keys, they will need extra care since they have more help which may be broken while taking of the keys.

What can I use as a keycap puller?

If you want removing laptop keys but you do not have the key cap puller, then you can try the following. Use the paper clip in the U shape and it will remove anything you want to.  If you want to use the credit card, it will be better to use two at the two sides since using only one can cause a stem to break away and this will mean the end of the switch.  The right way of removing the keycaps: is wiggling and pulling up and not to just pull up.

If you want to clean the laptop but without removing laptop keys, you can try out the low adhesive tape.  You should not use the tap which has too much stickiness such as aviator tape or duct tape.  This can leave the residue behind.

Use a clear tape:  this is the type that you can find in an office or used to wrap the presents.   You can fold the tape so that non sticky sides will be facing off each other and pass the tap under the keys and edges so that they will rub back or forth for some time. When you pull out the tape, it will come with the dirty under the keys.


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