How To Remove A CPU

Can you remove CPU from motherboard?

Yes, it’s possible to “remove a CPU from motherboard.” Initially, remove the CPU cooler and wipe thermal paste entirely and be careful. Pull the safety lever to and fro and remove the CPU carefully from the edges.

Is it hard to replace a CPU?

Swapping the CPU is not hard as you think.  If you have appropriate tools and knowledge about CPU swapping, it’s easy to turn the pages.

Can you remove a CPU from a laptop?

Unlike PCs, most laptops don’t hold detachable processors. Usually, it is soldered with the motherboard; check for the BG code, if it is there; then it is soldered with the motherboard.

Can I just swap out my CPU?

You will need to check that the CPU fits in the socket of your motherboard. If it does, then yes, it just takes the one out, carefully putting the new one in and reinstalling a cooler.

How To Remove A CPU

How to remove a CPU/Processor from a motherboard

Few components in the PC is directly accessible if you open the PC layout. Such as video card and RAMs are easy to detach, and it is viewable if the layout is operated. These peripherals are easy to remove and change; those are detachable without a hitch.

By default, the CPU hides underneath the heatsink and fan. To remove a processor, you need to have the necessary tools.  So be prepared to hold the CPU carefully; both CPU and CPU socket are fragile. To handle those, you need to be more careful and remove the processor, if necessary.

Step #1 Get prepared

  • Turn OFF the PC
  • Turn OFF the power source
  • Check for power key in your CPU, if there Switch-OFF the CPU
  • Remove the Powercord from the computer

Step #2 Safety-First

  • Don’t forget to wear an antistatic wristband or work on the antistatic mat if you hold one.
  • If you don’t have both, take basic static precaution measures because there is a chance for frequent contact with the metal surface. So be prepared for the measures.
  • Disconnect and remove all cables from the PC and keep it on the table, where you will work on.

Step #3 Gret ready for replacing a processor on a motherboard

  • Open the PC
  • All cases open in different ways.
  • By default, there will be two thumbscrews that hold the panel firmly
  • There will be two thumbscrews in the left side panel; remove it and place the panel separately.
  • If it holds an in-built fan, then remove it from the motherboard and kept aside.

Step #4 Locate the Fan

  • Find the CPU’s fan
  • Unplug the power cord from the motherboard
  • This fan is usually connected to the motherboard directly.

Step #5 “Remove / replace CPU on motherboard.”

  • Turn the head of all “legs” surrounding the fan and heat sink to unhitch it from the motherboard,
  • Next, pull all leg straight up to disconnect them from the motherboard.
  • You may require a flat screwdriver to turn the legs.
  • If your processor holds screws rather than legs, unscrew them to detach.

Step #6 Wiggly and Shakey!

  • Wiggle the heatsink and fan gently
  • Pull both upward to obliterate them from the CPU

Step #7 Be careful!

  • Remove the latch securing the processor.
  • Lift the holding piece out of the way.

Step #8 Hold it perfectly

  • Elevate the processor out of the socket safely
  • Hold the corners to remove a processor
  • Do not slide or grip the edge to take out a CPU

Step #9 Spot matters!

  • “Removing CPU from motherboard” is slightly tricky; if you are not careful, it will reflect on your processor.
  • So after “removing CPU from motherboard,” place it in a safe place.
  • Take out a CPU, always prefer the original package, or choose an antistatic pack for safety.
  • If you are not replacing a processor on a motherboard, replace the plastic socket cover on the motherboard to protect it from dust.

Install a Processor

To install a processor to the motherboard, follow these steps

  1. Keep your CPU where it is.
  2. Ready your motherboard.
  3. Line up your CPU.
  4. Set the CPU into its socket.
  5. Close the retention arm.

“Replace CPU on motherboard.”

Replacing the CPU on a motherboard is easy but tricky. Be cautious while removing the CPU and replacing it with the new one.


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