How to Pick the Best Cloud Storage Service for Your Business

Cloud storage has marked its footprint to the ground as an indispensable tool in the world of technology today. Unlike the earlier days when cloud-storage vendors rolled out new features, and they passed storage limits, right now the market is saturated with strong cloud vendors offering storage services and storage options.

There are many cloud-storage services to choose from, but not all providers offer a one size fits all solution. To help you decide on the best cloud storage service, we are going to look at a few essential aspects that will guide you while making the investment.

Cloud Storage Features

First and foremost, you need to compare the costs and features of the storage options provided. If you just need basic features, a free offering might work for you, but if you want to go for some of the most advanced capabilities, you can go for paid plans. When you go for free offerings, you might find some vendors offering you a limited storage space while some may not offer any free storage space at all. If you want to compare the prices and specifications of some of the top cloud storage providers on the market, visit and check out the in-depth reviews for each service.

There are several reasons to purchase a cloud storage service instead of a free one:

  • Access to the file history: if an employee destroys a file without their knowledge, you can restore it to its original copy.
  • Upload of large files: this is a crucial necessity for graphic designers and filmmakers who store large files.
  • Customer service: you will have a peace of mind when you know that you can have customer support anytime something goes wrong, or when you have a question that requires your attention.

Level of Functionality

Another crucial aspect to look at is the level of functionality within the mobile apps of the cloud service. The Android and iOS versions of popular cloud solutions often offer different experiences that are frequently limited to their desktop options. For instance, you might have to select files for downloading to your device manually, and in most cases, you won’t download a complete folder without selecting the contents within. But in some cloud providers allow the use of third-party applications to manage folders on mobile devices.


If your business deals with the regular modification of files, you need to use a cloud service solution that keeps track of regularly modified files. A key feature that you will be looking for is “versioning.” Not all cloud providers offer file versioning, but if you find several vendors who support his capability, their functionalities vary.

For instance, Dropbox offers versioning for 30 days, unless a premium package is purchased that extends the version history switch to Dropbox Business. For Microsoft OneDrive, it only offers versioning for Office files that take space on your hard drive, but this capability is not available to other files.

Cloud Security

When you talk about the cloud, security is an important aspect to consider, and it gets even crucial as the risk of cybersecurity grows. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of cloud security. Cloud vendors place claims that your data is secure with strong data encryption, making you feel that your information is secure.

However, skilled hackers have the time and resources to crack storage devices because of their sheer size. In this kind of situation, whether your company encrypts data or not is irrelevant, because it is possible to find the storage of the decryption keys in the same cloud provider.

When you are going to purchase a cloud solution service, there is a possibility that you can decide to encrypt the data before uploading it; but this technique will limit the benefits you can get from cloud-storage. There are services offered by third-party apps like SpiderOak One, that can ease the process of automatically encrypting and decrypting data that is uploaded or downloaded so that the encryption and decryption keys are not on the cloud provider.

A great cloud provider can also give you access to details on the login attempts so that you can log the extent of a breach.

Additional Services offered by the Cloud Provider

If you are looking for a cloud service for your daily work, then you have to go for business-centric solutions. These solutions are more expensive because they are loaded with advanced options that allow the user to manage several cloud offerings from one admin console, as you monitor usage across the company and enforce and security settings depending with the structure of the company.

Some providers will also be able to provide collaboration capabilities that include folders that can be shared among teams, the ability to comment on files, and alerts for the modifications of files.


Lastly, keep in mind that when you choose a cloud storage service, you choose one that will allow your storage needs to scale depending on the growth of your business. You will save yourself the resource of moving data between different providers if you pick a solution that will offer you a wide range of options.

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