How To Make Your Headphones Louder

People who are music enthusiasts love to have a booming bass and hear a clear cut vocals but most importantly, they wanted a louder audio feedback. Interestingly, there are various reasons that people prefer having a louder headphones–one of the reasons might be, the hustle and bustle from your surrounding overpowers the sound on your headphones. Another thing is that for communication purposes. Headphone users can also use it in receiving calls or making one, so it is very important that they establish a clear line on the other end.

Make Your Headphones Louder

How can I increase my headphone volume?

These steps will enable you to increase your headphone volume whether you are using an in-ear headphones or over-the-ear headphones:

1.Have A Volume Booster (headphone amplifier)

A headphone amplifier is commonly seen as tiny devices that help bridge an audio gap between your headphones and the device to which it was connected to. It will definitely give another level kind of boost in your headphones. Headphone amplifiers have a higher volume limit as compared to your phone, computer or any devices. There are various headphones amplifiers that are affordable in the market yet very effective; all you need is to adjust the EQ settings and increase the volume according to your preference. Others who wanted a fuller audio experience will definitely opt for a bigger audio range with a higher power output by using this kind of amplifier.

2.iPhone volume limit

It is always worth checking that your iPhone volume settings is on point and not limited. To check your volume settings, click on your iPhone’s Settings in your home scree, find and select Music. You can then open up the Playback and check if the Volume Limit is turned off. If it is turned on, you can slide up the control volume to max. By following these steps, you can be assured that your volume settings is adjusted just the way you wanted without any restrictions. You are getting most out of you iPhone’s sound features and at the same time, helps you boost your headphones. This can be done in almost all of the Apple devices.

If this adjustment is too little for you and wanted a way significant change, you can go to the Control Center and drag the volume slider to max so you can enjoy loud music playback. Many are not familiar with the iPhone Control Center but it surely is a great volume adjustment tool on you phone.

3.Maintaining your headphones

With proper maintenance and cleaning of you headphones, not only you can be assure of its longevity, but also you can prevent its audio performance from being awfully displeasing to you ears. Dirty headphones can compromise the quality of sound and the playback volume will be surely affected. To do the cleaning, you should start off by brushing the metal sections of the earphones with a clean, soft dry tooth brush or cloth attached to a slender stick to remove any dust, molds, or solid particles that may be causing the sound issues. The rubber earbuds should then be removed and cleansed with a non-alcoholic cleanser and damp dry it to prevent any further damage. Take extra care when removing or trying to clean up the mesh–this is a sensitive part which you do not like to be wet by any liquids because this might directly damage the drivers inside the headphones. Maintaining and keeping you earphones or headphones clean will significantly improve the audio quality but also prolong its life.

4.Adjust your Equalizer Settings

An equalizer (EQ) is known to be a sound engineering tool that changes different frequencies’ output. This allows sound control over the cutting or boosting of specific frequency ranges. In a simpler sense, it allows the adjuster to process it to a frequency response suitable to its preference; it allows you to set the amplitude of audio signals at a certain frequency. By adjusting you EQ settings, it is a fun and easy way to mix and match the sound intensity without actually increasing the volume output but only to adjust your device’s EQ. Some mixers would prefer to alter the EQ to boost treble or even the bass. There are countless combinations and mixes that are available on the web which can guide you on properly adjusting your EQ.

5.Volume Booster Applications

There are applications that claim to help boos your audio volumes and change your device’s sound clearer and louder. This is far different from the headphone amplifier and might have a slight differences when it comes to improving your headphone sound boost. More so, this can be a great and cheap option that may even include setting up equalizers. But be wary of choosing an application because it might just be a waste of your time if it isn’t functional.

6.ALWAYS buy a good quality headphones

We cannot emphasize enough that quality should always be over quantity. You cannot say no to a high-quality manufactured headphones because the performance and sound calibre is incomparable as compared to cheap and sub-standard quality.

Why are my headphones so quiet?

There’s a maximum volume limit built into most current models of headphones’ hardware. This is of course in keeping with the provisions of international regulations regarding the safety of consumers and lowering risk of damages to their ear canals when using audio-phones. Always keep in mind that there is a risk of incurring damages to your ears when you desire in listening to a high volume music all the time.

If any other issue arises other than what is mentioned above, always remember that you might be experiencing a technical difficulty that might need the expertise of a technician or a professional. If your headphones are too quiet, you might want to have it checked and tested–you cannot risk having to solve it on your own, but later regret it.

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