How To Make Your Android Smart Phone Battery Last Longer?

If you ask any android smart Phone user that what you hate most in your phone, then most of them will replay the Poor battery Life. Android phone is very popular not only in India but also in the whole world. It has a lot of features which makes it  more attractive. But the main disadvantages are the battery backup. If you fully charged your mobile by charging it whole night, but still you can see the battery becomes empty before ending the day. You can find some people who carrying mobile charger with them for this reason only.

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Today I am going to tell you some tip that can reduce your this problem. By following the below tips, you can increase your battery life. So are you ready to know them, then let’s start.

10 Best Ways to Increase Battery Life and Performances

1. Reduce The Brightness

This is the basic way to increase the battery life. The Android phone display is bigger which need more energy to run, which decreases the battery charge. It is better to reduce the brightness when we are in our home or any outdoor area. Best android launcher 2015

2. Turn Off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed or out of range. If Wi-Fi is on then it always tries to search new Wi-Fi network, which also drains the battery charge. Turn off the GPS (Global Positioning System) when not needed. GPS is the awesome features of android smartphone, and also big reason for battery drain. So make ensure that GPS is off when not needed.

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3. Reduce The Screen Timeout

Screen Timeout means how much time needs to turn off display light when we don’t anything. Always set your screen timeout to a minimum which help the battery to last longer. Download hotstar live application for windows computer

4. Remove Livewallpaper

Livewallpaper are very attractive in look, but they drain your battery very quickly. Switch to a basic wallpaper which may reduce the style of the phone, but can help your battery to last long. Best video editing app for android

5. Close Application In Right Way

Never press the home button to close any running application. By pressing the home button you come to the home screen, but the application still runs in the background which also consumes the battery power. To close the application, press  the back button until you come to the home screen or press the exit/quit button (If available in the application).  Best WhatsApp tricks for Android 2015

6. Uninstall/Disable Unused Applications

Uninstall unused application or disable application which is not needed now. It has dual profit. 1. It frees the phone memory which can speed up your phone. 2. It increases the battery life. remove password from memory card

Note– Never Disable these apps which you didn’t understand, it may create problems with your phone.

7. Track Battery Usages

Always track battery usages in order to check which application use the most charge of the battery and try to uninstall or disable this app. To track battery usages go to Setting >>About Phone>>Battery Use.

8. Disable 3G/4G

Always tries to disable 3G or 4G network mode and select 2G mode when not needed. Because 3G and 4G need needs more power than 2G network, which also affect the performances of your battery. Must have android apps 2015

9. Remove Widgets From Home Screen

Never use auto updates widgets such as weather widgets, Facebook widgets, twitter widgets which consumes power.

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10. Never Set App To Auto update

The app update means a new version of the app which you had installed on your device. Auto update mean automatically updating applications whenever you connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. It drains the battery very quickly. To stop Auto Update follow the step Play Store >> Settings >> Auto Update Apps

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Apart from the above tips you can also use some application on your Android device. These apps will notify you when some unwanted application consumes more power, and also notify you when to plug into the charger. The below are the list of some good battery saving applications.

  • DU Battery Saver
  • Juice Defender
  • Best free android browser

That’s all friends in this article, if you have any other way or applications which can also increase the battery life then share with us. If you like this article then share with your friends and help us to grow.

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