How To Make Fortnite Run Better

With new updates, Fortnite is getting heavier than it was before.  This is why,   you should learn how to use different computer to play it.  Some PC may be weak and you may have problems to run this game.  With the following tips, you can improve the performance of the game and you can optimize the performance on window program.

Fortnite is a phenomenon game from the time that Battle Royal Portion got launched by the Epic Games.  By now, it has become a popular game at the planet.  It can be played on MacOS, windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.  The game is not too heavy and it has been optimized to run for different devices.  You can still play Fortnite on older Mac and PC which are considered weak for other games.

Make Fortnite Run Better

Why is fortnite running so bad?

The minimum requirements for Fortnite:  there are users who report that their fortnite may run slow. This is why they look on how they can make the game run better on their PC. Before you do anything, you have to ensure that the computer you are using has the basic requirement needed to play Fortnite.   The direct X of 11.0, HDD space of 16GB, video card of intel HD 4000, memory of 4GB  RAM, processor core of  i3, 2.4 GHz and OS window of 10/8/7 of  64 bit and  Mac OSX Sierra.

If you are sure that the computer does meet the minimum system requirement, however you are not able to enjoy the right game experience, then you may try some tricks that will help the game to run on the PC as you wish.

Method 1: adjust the settings of the game

When it comes to how to make the game run smoothly, you may start by adjusting the Fortnite nvidia settings. You have to adjust the following part of the game.

  • Launch the game and go to  its main menu icon at the top  right corner of a screen
  • Go to the settings icon in order to continue. It will be looking as gear icon.
  • At the window of video settings, you can tweak all the settings as you wish.
  • To have the game run better, you can tweak the following settings, you can set the display resolution to match the computer screen, and quality should be medium or low while the frame rate limit should be set at unlimited.  Other areas that you may turn off to make fornite run better are; monitor, Vsync and anti-aliasing. The features that should be turned at low are post processing, effects and textures.

Display the replays

When replay mode was enabled while you are playing the fortnite, you may have to deal with FPS drops.  If you would like to improve with the game performance, you may disable the replays.

  • Open the Fortnite so that you can click at main menu icon at the top right corner of a screen.
  • You should go to  setting buttons
  • Scroll down so that you can find the replay option.
  • You can turn them off and then click on apply so that changes can be applied.

Disable the background programs

When it comes to improve with fortnite cpu usage you will need to disable any unnecessary program which run at the background because it will consume too much CPU resources.

  • You open the task manager
  • Within the window of the task manager, get to see what may be taking up the processing memory and power. Choose the program and click on it to end the task.

Put the Fortnite at a high priority

In addition of disabling any unnecessary program, you may also get extra performance when you set the fortnite at a high priority.

  • You should open the Task manager
  • Within a window of the task manager, you should go to detailed tab
  • Choose Fortnite process and click over it with the right button. You should then decide on the set priority and set it at high.
  • Within a pop up window, you should click at the change priority and you have to continue.

When you go back to the Fortnite launch options, see if the performance had improved.

If you want to increase the performance of the Fortnite, you may try to increase virtual memory for the   PCU.

  • View the advanced setting system and go to the search box for windows. You can choose the right options.
  • With the pop up window, you should navigate at Advanced Tab
  • When you click at setting button, go to performance section
  • Within the pop up window, choose advanced tab
  • You should then click at Change within the virtual memory option
  • Go to uncheck the option at once so that you can manage the paging of the files for the entire drives.
  • Choose the system drive and go to the custom size
  • Choose initial or maximum size of virtual memory.

Fortnite post processing may be increased by deleting all temp files.

When it comes to run the Fortnite smoothly, you should be having at least 8GB for RAM.  In case there is no enough or sufficient memory, then the PC can be out of space, mostly if it saves the temporary files when you play to avoid the fortnite using 100 gpu.

How do I make fortnite less laggy?  

There is nothing that will kill your mood for the game, than when you are enjoying the game and a lag kills it.   You can use the VPN so that you may by pass any congestion, to connect to fastest servers around the entire world.  If you want to ensure that you play without any fornite performance issues, then you will need to go for ExpressVPN.

Even if the VPN is the best way to deal with is fornite cpu intensive, you can try out other options.

  • You can set up best nvidia settings for fortnite,
  • You can use the Ethernet cable in the place of the wi-fi over the router
  • You can disconnect any other device that may use internet connection
  • You can reboot the router by unplugging it for 30 minutes
  • Close any process that may be working at the background.


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