How To Make A Sword

If you are going to survive in Minecraft survival mode, you must be ready with all the tools capable of slaying your enemies. There is no tool better than a sword in Minecraft. That’s why it’s among the first things you need to learn how to build. When the piglings have a sword pointed at you, you need to draw your sword too and fight back before losing all the items in your inventory.

How can you make your own sword? When was the last time you met the wandering trader in your village? Do you know you can obtain cool sword designs from him if you have an emerald? Alternatively, you can loot a Minecraft sword from a Minecraft chest hidden in Minecraft Dungeons and caves.

If you are also strong enough to launch a fight with husks, pillagers, zombies, Zombie Pigmen, or vindicators, then you can find swords without going through the effort of forging a sword. If you are new to the game, you must learn how to make a simple sword. Let’s find out how we can make different sword blade types in Minecraft.

How do you build a sword in Minecraft?

Swords were introduced in Minecraft in 2020 and with few improvements in the quality of various sword blade types. However, sword-making techniques have never changed except for the Netherite sword, requiring more effort and tools to craft. Before getting started, you should consider having the following items in your inventory.

What Items do I need to craft a Minecraft sword?

Logs: Oak, jungle, crimson, spruce, birch, acacia, dark oak, or warped logs are among the few items you can collect in Minecraft without requiring a special tool. Furthermore, the items you’ll use for forging a sword will depend on whether you have logs or not. When you have enough logs, you’ll make planks, sticks which will further prove to be useful in ensuring your cool sword designs.

Cobblestone, Diamond, Iron, or Ancient debris: if you are going to make more advanced Minecraft swords, you’ll need to go the extra mile and hunt for the listed item. They will help you to make cool sword designs with high attack damage and more uses.

Let’s look at a step-by-step guide on how to make different sword designs.

Once you’ve spotted a tree and punch it to obtain logs, you’ll open your inventory by pressing E, and on the 2×2 grid, place the logs in one box. One acacia log will give you 4 acacia planks, but you must move the planks to your inventory.

Once you have the acacia planks, fill the 2×2 Inventory grid by 4 planks, and you will get a crafting table. Also, from the same grid, place two planks horizontally on the 2×2 grid, and you’ll have your sticks. Now, let’s begin forging a sword with a wooden blade.

Forging a wooden sword

Put your crafting table on your working space and right-click while pointing at it. It will open a 3×3 crafting space to make a simple sword for your first night defense. Now add two acacia planks on the first column, first and second row. On the same column, put one stick on the third raw and have your Minecraft DIY sword.

However, Minecraft’s wooden sword causes 4 attack damage and durability, which can be ideal for fighting small battles. When you have to face a raid and defend your village, you’ll need a more powerful Diamond sword or Netherite sword.

Adding enchantment effects to these swords can increase the attack damage they can cause. So, how can you make other sword blade types in Minecraft?

How do you make a sword in Minecraft 2×2?

Crafting stone sword

Crafting a stone sword could be another way of ensuring your survival against the hostile creepers and skeletons. The stone sword causes 5 Attack damages and durability of 131, which means you can fight even zombie villagers. Cobblestone is one of the major items you’ll need to craft your stone sword.

Therefore, you’ll need to look for nearby caves, and with your wood pickaxe, you’ll be able to mine some cobblestone. When you have sticks and cobblestone, go to your 3X3 crafting table, activities in it by right-clicking. On the first column, row one, place one cobblestone, and on the same column, row 2, place another cobblestone.

Conclude by placing one stick directly below the two cobblestones. You’ll obtain a stone sword which you can move to your inventory.

Forging a sword with an Iron, gold, or diamond blade

The iron sword has many uses in Minecraft, and it’s effective and durable when you have to be on guard at night or when you want to mine some emerald or diamond in the depths of your world. But getting a metal sword requires iron ingots.

So, you’ll need a stone pickaxe to mine iron ores which you can later melt on your furnace to obtain the iron ingot. Use the procedure above for making a stone sword, except that you’ll place two iron ingots on the two slots of the crafting table in place of cobblestone.

Now when it comes to making gold or diamond swords, the process is similar. The only challenge you’ll have is finding gold or diamond ore. But if you’ve got dome emeralds in your inventory. You can trade it for gold ingot or iron ingot from villagers or wandering traders.

Forging Netherite Sword

The last sword blade type you can craft in Minecraft is the Netherite sword. However, you’ll need to pack yourself to the Nether world and mine the Ancient Debris and smelt to obtain Netherite scrap. Combining four Netherite scraps and four gold nuggets on a crafting table will give you a Netherite ingot. Lastly, use a smithing table to create your lats and most powerful sword in Minecraft.

How do you make a simple weapon in Minecraft?

When you first join a world, you’ll have nothing to call yours, and you’ll struggle from scratches to arm yourself. So, the simple sword you’ll be able to make is a wooden sword that needs only a crafting table, two wooden planks, and one stick. Success as you fight your way to meet the End Dragon.



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