How To Install Alexa Widgets To Your Blog ?

Alexa is a popular Website rank checker after Google. It serves accurate rank of your website or blog. So today in this article I am going to teach you how to add Alexa Traffic Widget to your blog. Before proceeding to How To Add Alexa Traffic Widget? Lets know what important is Alexa For your blog and why we all should add the Alexa traffic widget to our blog. Best free Responsive Blogger Templates 2015

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Importance Of Alexa

As I told Alexa gives us an accurate page rank so all Advertiser prefer Alexa to check the blog rank to advertise on our blog. The Alexa traffic widget also helps in attracting new visitor because it shows accurate rank so it may create a positive intention for the new visitor to check your blog again and again. Here is another article which describes what is Alexa and how it works, here you might clear about the working style of Alexa. 6 Killer tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook

OK, I don’t want to waste your time anymore, let’s go to our main subject.

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How To Add Alexa Traffic Widgets To Your Blog?

  • First of all Go-To This Link
  • Now in the box Type Your Blog URL And click Build Widget Button.
  • Now Copy The HTML code Of your Desire Size.
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  • Now log in to Blogger, Go to Layout section, click  add gadgets, select HTML/JavaScript and then Paste the HTML code which one you copied from Alexa.
  • That’s All now your visitors can see your Alexa traffic.
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Now you can check that Alexa widget is installed on your blog. Now all of your visitors can see your blog rank while they visit your blog.


Alexa is a really very important site for checking a blog rank. All the advertiser now follows Alexa to guess the traffic stats of a blog. Thus, installing the Alexa widget is really something that you need to follow.

So this is in this post about how to install the Alexa widget to the blogger blog. Hope you liked this. If you have any doubt then please let us know in your comments.


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