How To Increase Vram On Laptop

The video ram is a specific ram which will work on the graphics, GPU and processing unit of a computer. The GPU is the name given to the chip that works on the graphics or video card of a computer.

How do I increase VRAM on my HP laptop? Increase Vram On Laptop

 Sometime, you may be concerned about how you can Vram of the computer so that games can be played without any error message.  You can use different methods available to do this, and there is no need of buying the new video card.

You can start with   BIOS available on window 10.  There are many ways you can use to do this.

  • Open the window 10 setting
  • Choose update with security and go to recovery
  • With advanced start up tab, go to restart now
  • You can click at Troubleshoot and you can choose advanced options
  • You can choose the UEFI firmware setting and click at restart

When you had finished with BIOS, you may change the level of Video memory usage for the PC.  To achieve this, you should do the following

  • Get to the tab of Advanced Features menu or look for a similar name, since it depends on the version you use.
  • Click at Graphic settings or use VGA Share Memory Size. The names used here can also be different.
  • You can then check the option of increasing the GPU memory.

You will only need to enter that results you want.  If you have integrated GPU, you may set the memory from 128 up to 256.  You may also go for 512 MB when the graphics card can support it.  All the PCs do have such option within their BIOS.

It is easy to see the RAM you are using, when you

  • Open setting menu and press at windows key plus one
  • Choose the entry to the system and then click at show at left sidebar
  • Scroll down so that you can click at the place that says Show adapter property
  • The panel is going to appear. You can choose to use the tab card under a section area named  map
  • You get to see a current RAM near the place where it shows dedicated video ram.

What are the tasks that may require the video RAM?

It is important to understand the aspects of the game or other graphics which will require the use of VRAM.  The important factor when it comes to consume VRAM is about resolution set on a monitor.  Video RAM will store a frame buffer and it contains the frame used before and which is used when the GPU is shown on a screen.  The right displays such as playing the games using 4K screen may take up enough of VRAM since the high resolution image will require the use of a number of pixels while displaying.

In addition of the display, the texture within the game, may affect the video ram which may be required.

Does increasing RAM increase VRAM?

When the computer cannot handle the game as it was before, you may need to perform some graphic card memory maintenance.   It is easy to improve with the performance of the machine in an easy manner.  You need to read the performance and the visual quality. You may play the game from the past using low medium setting over a cheaper card, however, if you like to use ultra or high quality videos; you will need a quality varm window 10 card.  RAM is an important component of windows 10 PC and it stores the data for a processor.

The reason behind the gpu memory,  is to help in running things smoother and faster.   You have to imagine that each bugger for the graphical intense app, each program that it is  launched from a hard driver and  each command given, it will be   loaded in a gpu ram.  However, when it comes to the graphic programs, they will not be processed in the same manner since they use too much resource. This is why there is a need to have system video memory.  The VRAM is used by graphics and GPU to t process the high resolution content with different complex textures.   It may be 4K video or complex textures.

In case you wish to increase dedicated video ram, you should start by understand the level of   VRAM you have already.  The right way you can start is to change the GPU so that you can get the powerful one. However, if it is not possible to do this, you may increase vram by the use of the Registry editor and BIOS.

When you increase vram window 10, by using Registry editor or BIOS, you will only upgrade the information at a certain level. However, if you wish to enjoy the real horsepower within the hood, it is advised getting special graphic card.   In case you rock the dedicated GPU, even it is an old one; it will be more satisfying when you get the new one.

The dedicated GPU will use enough of the VRAM with computer power in general. This will help in case you plan to play the game or to edit the video using the computer. However, when it comes to ram vs vram, you have to remember that when you add the system RAM, it cannot improve VRAM since the VRAM is not found on shared gpu memory, but on the discrete or dedicated GPU.   But there are some systems which will use the system RAM, like a part of the VRAM also.

Is it safe to increase VRAM?  

There is no problem, when it comes to increasing VRAM.  However, you have to check vram on regular basis, since if it does not have space, then it will affect RAM and it may affect the performance.  If you use the vram to play, then the game may slow down and you cannot play it if RAM is not enough.

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