How To Increase Kindness Persona 5

Before you start increasing you social stats in this game, you should have a better understanding of what this game is all about. Persona 5 is a role-playing video game that was developed by Atlus. It is the sixth installment in the series of Persona video games which is just a part and parcel of the most renowned large franchise of Megami Tensei. This game was first released in Japan in 2016 and released worldwide in 2017.

The game’s story takes place in Tokyo in the modern day which tells us the life of a high school student known by the alias Joker who transfers to a new school because of issues from his bitter past of being accused of assault and was put on probation against his will. Over the course of a school year, he and his friends awaken a special power within them and become a group of secret vigilantes who call themselves as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

They try to discover the Metaverse, an unknown supernatural realm born from humanity’s subconscious desires and to steal evil intent from the hearts of adults. Like the previous games in the series, the group battles foes known as Shadows by using physical manifestations of their mind known as their Personas. This game allows role-playing and dungeon creeping elements with twists on scenarios involving social simulations. A character can gain New Personas from battles and through successful negotiations. There are also different types of Personas that are represented through different arcana connected to confidant links. The great thing about this game is how interesting it is to fuse or merge Personas or can also be furthered controlled in the Velvet Room. This room can be visited by the Joker as part of his adventure through the story.

Increase Kindness Persona 5

How do I increase my kindness in Persona 5?

Playing this game should teach you that there is a variety of social status that can make you interact with various systems in the realm while increasing your relationships with others. The most important thing to remember in increasing kindness is for the player to be patient and diligent at the same time. This might be troublesome for few at least on the beginning, since you will work your way up on increasing this stat. Kindness, apparently is used to advance you relationships with certain confidants that might help you in your future quests. As a head start, before you can raise you kindness stat, you have to clean your room and have access to your plant as soon as you start the game. With this, you can then start buying some nutrients from the flower shop at the underground mall and help your plant grow by checking on it everyday and be aware that there is enough nutrients on you. This might be a kind of chore, but doing this every couple of weeks will give you a raise in kindness. It definitely is a basic source.

How can I improve my kindness?

Aside from the plant, you have to spend time with Sojiro because he can be a source of raising kindness. You can either choose to work at the flower shop or the Crossroads bar because both will improve your kindness stat. In playing Persona, every moment counts so do not let any opportunities pass by–getting your kindness stat up early in the game is really significant because at some point, you will have a difficulty increasing your relationship with one of your earliest teammates in the game until you reach level two. This teammate by the way is Ann. Checking books is a good option as well in increasing your social status.another way to increase kindness is to visit Shinya at the arcade in Akihabara. One of the easiest too is to probably eat the steak at the diner specially made with love while studying at the diner–this sure has an extra kindness increase on your stat.

Investing in Kindness early in the game will eventually make these confidants hearty up to you. Other confidants such as Futaba and Ann also require a higher level in Kindness to advance (at least at level two). Futaba, to note, can give some useful support skills whenever the party’s in trouble, so make sure to increase your Kindness if you want to have a better chance of winning in battles.

What do you call a woman who has charm Persona 5?

Femme fatale literally translates to Fatal Woman. This is what you call a woman that has a charm that sometimes leads men to their doom. This question mostly comes up during school exams.

How do you increase your social stats in Persona 5?

There are countless ways on how to improve you social stats in Persona 5. by raising your stats, it will affect your interaction with other characters in the game. These social stats are:

– Knowledge

– Guts

– Proficiency

– Kindness / Charm

As mentioned before, a player must be diligent enough in pursuing and improving his Social links with each of the Confidants. Sometimes, the game requires you to increase a specific social stat to progress with the storyline. You cannot even deal or interact with some characters if you do not have the required social stat.

This is unlike any other EXP where you can easily increase it by fighting with the Shadows and discovering the corners of the dungeon. These social stats are somewhat challenging because you have to slowly increase each depending on which character you want to interact with. This also applies to food or the media you consume. With a higher social stat, this can greatly improve your effectiveness in battle as well.

               There are specific ways on how to improve your social stat, these includes:

– Studying at the library

– Spending time with the Confidants

– Playing video Games

– Access to DVDs

This game, with proper guidance and patience is sure to be entertaining.


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